Shoppers show liking for wide-screen wonders

Rod Easdown   There is a continuing shift towards premium televisions, and super large screens are experiencing strong sales, according to industry analysts.

In tune with retro radios

Sounds supreme: A Bush Heritage radio has all the features a music lover could hope for.

Rod Easdown   A big radio can deliver better sound because it's got room for a big speaker, and having AM along with FM and DAB is also a plus.

Basic systems for good sound

Focal Chorus speakers

Rod Easdown   The music delivery medium may have changed but a good basic hi-fi set-up still revolves around a good amp and speakers.

Release the squeeze

If you want higher quality or more flexibility, take a look at Denon's DA300USB.

Rod Easdown   People have been storing music on iPods, computers and phones for years but it’s only in recent times that DACs have taken off as we go looking for better sound.

Curved screens the latest cure for flat sales

Sales pitch: The LG curved-screen OLED will offer an 'immersive' experience, or so we are told.

Rod Easdown   We replace our TV sets more quickly than ever, if only to stay up with the latest marketing ploys.

Sight and sound

Flush-mount speakers look good, sound OK

Spot the speaker: Flush-mount speakers disappear into the wall.

Rod Easdown   Correct installation is a vital factor when considering speakers built into walls and ceilings.

Sight and sound

Relief from the sound of silence

Sound advice: The Phillips wireless headphones are a good basic unit.

Rod Easdown   Deafness is more than just a matter of not hearing, it’s also about losing detail.

Sight and sound

Wall brackets put TVs in their place

The Vogel cable column allows you to hide messy wires and move the TV against the wall when it's not in use.

Rod Easdown   The solution to finding the right place to put the TV might be to hang it on a wall using one of many clever brackets available.

Home Tech

Weighty demand on TV soundbars

Sony's HTXT1.

Rod Easdown   Soundbars sit unobtrusively below the screen and and pump out a quality sound.

Home Tech

How digital turntables revolutionised the DJ's art

Solid grounding: The Philips M1X-DJ in action.

Rod Easdown   Digital turntables - CD players with special features - changed the DJ business in more ways than one.

Home tech

Home theatres to benefit from new Dolby sound

Surrounded: Dolby says Atmos makes you feel like you’re in the movie, rather than just looking.

Rod Easdown   Originally developed for commercial cinemas, Atmos is centred on having speakers encircling you and they’re also above your head.

Before you buy, pump up the volume

Feel the noise: When testing one of these entry-level systems, turn up the volume to see how they perform.

Rod Easdown   Getting good sound from an integrated music player for less than $100 is a challenge but far from impossible.

It's music to someone's ears

U2: Classical, apparently.

Rod Easdown   Speakers are the most important part of a hi-fi system, and the most personal.

$700 is magic mark for home theatre systems

Easy on the ear: There are home theatres that do a pretty good job with music – certainly not as good as a stereo at the same price but then not bad either.

Rod Easdown   Not all home theatre sound systems are much good for playing music but there are some that do a pretty good job.

Pictures tell the story in giant TVs

Brands count: Like top quality cars television attracts snob value.

Rod Easdown   Before there were LCD televisions, and 106-centimetre plasmas cost $10,000, a retailer told me the reason people paid so much for them. It wasn’t just about size, picture quality and viewing experience – having a plasma was like having a BMW. Plasmas, he said, were BMWs you hung on the wall.


Get the most out of your UHD TV with the right disc player

Most UHD televisions have video upscaling.

Rod Easdown   There isn't a lot of bespoke material for UHD TVs but you can get more enjoyment from your movie collection if you've got the right accompanying hardware.


Crank up the bass to give your party some oomph

For a successful dance party, get your guests grooving with big bass speakers.

Rod Easdown   The neighbours might not approve but these booming music systems prove their mettle on the dance floor.


Review: Ultra-high definition TV the next big thing in home entertainment


Rod Easdown   Ultra-high definition (UHD) may be on its way to becoming the default specification for Australian televisions, even though there’s no software for it and no UHD broadcasts.


Desk power: outboard speaker systems for computers

If you are chained to your desk and want great-quality music in the background all day, we would suggest spending at least $150.

Rod Easdown   Why do so many retailers seem to be ignoring the market for good quality outboard speaker systems for computers?

Three-way shootout: portable speakers for travelling

TDK A26 Trek

Rod Easdown   Plug your smartphone or tablet into one of these portable speakers.