Great sounding micro-Hi-Fi systems on a budget

Rod Easdown 11:45 PM   Sony's new micro system offers clean, uncluttered lines and intuitive controls, complemented by a couple of speakers that look just as good.

Talking and driving just got easier

The Pioneer AVHX8750BT handles both Android and Apple phones.

Rod Easdown   In-dash unit that handles iPhone and Android systems is selling well.

Hard-wired whole-of-home audio

The Sonos multi-room system.

Rod Easdown   Hard wiring to get sound in every room? Not any more.

Singing the praises of Bluetooth audio

Focal XS Book Wireless: High-quality computer speakers with built-in Bluetooth apt-X.

Rod Easdown   When serious speaker brands such as Focal get into it, you have to accept that Bluetooth is becoming a legitimate audio participant.

Flying headphones: Is noise cancelling worth it?

Pendulumic Stance S1.

Rod Easdown   The answer is yes: It's not just engines and airconditioning – you hear the lot: conversations around you, the food trolley, the guy beside you ripping the tab off another can of VB.

High-definition audio comes to those who wait

A&K Junior.

Rod Easdown   The range and function of excellent audio and visual gear continue to improve and expand - so why can't they supply user guides?

Dali gives us music in living colour

The Dali Kubik One is a knock-out with its look-at-me colours and standout performance.

Rod Easdown   The Scandinavian speaker-makers have come up with a soundbar that's colourful, attractive and sounds great.

Sound reasons for choosing attractive Bluetooth speakers

The Nude Audio Super M.

Rod Easdown   What you hear and see with Bluetooth speakers may surprise you.

Give your car an easy music tune-up

Music aficionados would opt for one of the giants of car audio, Alpine - or Pioneer, like these speakers mounted in a Nissan 300Z.

Rod Easdown   The sound system in your car can be improved without a lot of hassle and for not a lot of money.

Sit down with a Cocktail and listen to the theory of evolution

Vinyl records may sound great, but they have their shortcomings.

Rod Easdown   As the CD displaced vinyl records, high-quality digital sound systems continue to change the way we listen to music.

Why buying vinyl makes sound sense

A record shop, where vinyl still reigns.

18 inside a.JPG

Rod Easdown   No matter how sophisticated sound equipment gets, there's always going to be something appealing about the vinyl record.

Big screens reviving fortunes for TV makers

Part of the attraction of big televisions is that a giant screen with UHD is usable in smaller spaces than a similarly sized screen with full-high definition.

Rod Easdown   Shoppers have bought into UHD televisions, even though there is little content available to show the technology at its best.

Fight back against MP3 sound sludge

Focal Spirit One

Rod Easdown   H-fi dealers see a lot of potential business in helping people discover the joys of good-sounding music.

Big sound in your pocket but with a big price too

The Sony ZX2 gives listeners 128GB of storage and 33 hours between charges.

Rod Easdown   Portable music players can sound great if they've got the capacity and enough memory to allow the use of high-definition formats.

Sound quality wherever you are

Bose earphones

Adam Turner   Two good options for upgrading from cheap earbuds to headphones.

Sometimes with headphones it's more important what you don't hear

Definitive Technology Symphony 1

Rod Easdown   Noise-cancelling headphones do their best work where there is constant, predictable noise.

Radios a mother could love

Panasonic SCHC49.

Rod Easdown   This Mother's Day, the big retailers are making a push on digital radios, but be sure to try before you buy.

Don't judge a speaker by its size

Clear as a bell: The new Axis Voice Box S speakers are about the size of a stack of books on your bedside table.

Rod Easdown   New small speakers from Axis produce remarkable sound – but there are two points to get past.

New systems fill your home with music

The Heos speaker system from Denon.

Rod Easdown   Think of your music reaching every room in your house so no matter where you are, you’re hearing it in full-bodied richness and detail rather than echoing down the hall.

TV soundbars move into ultra-premium quality bracket

Focal Dimension

Rod Easdown   Most buyers spend $500 or less on TV soundbars, but lately many people have been spending much more.