Almost famous

<i>Meal Tickets</i> is as much about young men finding their place in the world and male friendship as it is about the ...

Mat de Koning spent 12 years of his life trying to make Meal Tickets, his documentary about a Perth rock band.

Sunset Song is an exquisitely constructed saga

Painterly landscapes: Peter Mullan as John Guthrie in Terence Davies' Sunset Song.

Terence Davies, who made his name with a poetic recollection of his own violent childhood in Distant Voices, Still Lives, returns to the subject of patriarchal violence in this adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon's 1932 novel.

Hed pls

Actor Ben Chisholm with crew on set of the film Red Billabong.

If Ben Chisholm looks a little apprehensive, you can't blame him. He's preparing to encounter an enormous, terrifying creature while strapped into "the weirdest rig I've ever been in".

What's worth seeing at MIFF

Jerry Lewis in The Ladies Man.

Pass the popcorn ... our film reviewers call the shots on what's worth seeing at the Melbourne International Festival.