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The earth won't move under Canberra's feet

The nineties will not be returning to Canberra this weekend because pop star Martika has cancelled her Australian tour.

The Toy Soldiers singer took to her official Facebook page over the weekend and again this morning to apologise to Australian fans for acting like Madonna and George Michael by abandoning her tour down under.

"To all of you in Australia: I will see you soon! It will take a bit longer but we will party and have fun soon. I feel so bad for my fans who were excited to come and have fun at my shows," she wrote.

"I really look forward to getting there next year!! I'm so sorry we aren't in the club having fun this coming week! In the immortal words of Michael Jackson...'I'll Be There' :):):)."

No official reason was provided for the cancellation.

Sluggish ticket sales were reportedly to blame for the earlier axing of her Perth and Adelaide shows and her online messages hinted at issues with the tour promoter.


"I can't even begin to tell you how upset and angry I am about what happened. I am NOT going to let this get in the way of my TOUR and I will be touring the world INCLUDING Australia (just not with this tour promoter)," she continued.  

While she was due to help Canberrans feel the earth move, under their feet on Saturday night at Vikings Erindale, events manager Joe Teiteira told the Canberra Times that while it is disappointing the Love Thy Will Be Done singer will not be appearing in Canberra she isn’t the first star to cancel on a (close to) Capital Hill cameo.

"We've had no formal notification from her tour manager that she won't be coming but we have seen on her official website this morning that she is cancelling the majority of her Australian tour," Mr Teiteira said.

"I had security staff booked and hospitality riders in place but they are easy to cancel.

"It's disappointing as I’m a big fan of hers," he said.