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Unpeopled space devoid of drama

Ben Pobjie dinkus

BEN POBJIE As a television critic, I am naturally extremely interested in the apocalypse, so Life After People (7Two, 11.40pm) intrigues me, being as it is an examination of the events subsequent to the destruction of life as we know it. It's an important program to watch if you're wondering how you will manage after you cease to exist.

Devil's Playground is a TV sequel to the memorable 1976 film

PAUL KALINA 10:32pm Prequels, sequels and remakes are all over TV at the moment; from nostalgia-themed reboots like 90210 and Dallas to Wentworth, a contemporary re-imagining of the iconic Australian soap Prisoner.

Black Jesus, Adult Swim's new comedy show, is sacrilegiously unfunny

God have mercy on us: Gerald

SCOTT ELLIS 10:56pm The second coming of Christ has, unfortunately, happened.


Downton Abbey season 5 trailer: steamy bedroom antics glimpsed

Downton Abbey season 5.

PAUL KALINA 11:51am According to a 60-second trailer for the new season which was quietly released on the weekend, 'Downton is catching up with the times that we live in'.

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Game of Thrones: Cersei Lannister's nude walk gets green light

Cersei Lannister will get nude after all.

11:04am Game Of Thrones bosses have been given permission after all, with one exception.

Venice festival

Lena Dunham's message to girls

Lena Dunham

10:36am The creator of one of the hippest shows on US television has a message for members of her 20-something generation: Do not be afraid to make a splash in the still male-dominated world of show business.


Neighbours unleashes twisted storyline

Ben Pobjie dinkus

BEN POBJIE It's one of the great aphorisms of television: when things are getting a little monotonous, bring in a tornado. Not that it's a particularly frequently acted on aphorism, but it's a very reliable one: nobody can be bored when there's a tornado around.

Lights, camera, Rachel: Australia's Hollywood darling now queen of the kids

Rachel Griffiths on set directing Nowhere Boys season 2.

CRAIG MATHIESON The oft-quoted W.C. Fields line that you should ''never work with children or animals'' obviously doesn't deter Rachel Griffiths.


Doctor Who recap: Season 8 goes into the Dalek

Peter Capaldi's darker Doctor.

NATALIE BOCHENSKI Two episodes in, and my current opinion of Capaldi's Doctor (aka "Dozen") can best be summed up as follows: I don't like him, but I think that I like that I don't like him, as opposed to not liking that I don't like him.

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Television networking news

Alex Dimitriades

MICHAEL IDATO Alex Dimitriades heads The Principal, Penny Win heads drama, Anderson Cooper comics, Ashton Kutcher does well, and more.

What's on

Melinda Houston's TV picks for Sunday August 31

Melinda Houston The Block's big reveal, the romcom charm of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the irreconcilable glory of Escape To The Country.

Melinda Houston's TV picks for Monday Sept 1

 Powerful friends: Barack Obama with Mythbusters  co-hosts Jamie Hyneman, centre, and Adam Savage in the  White House library.

Melinda Houston The good stuff on TV, Monday, September 1.

Melinda Houston's TV picks for Tuesday September 2

Fabulous: Josh Thomas brings his trademark point of view to Please Like Me.

Melinda Houston Bob's Burgers is an acquired taste, The War That Changed us is superb and Please Like Me is inspired.

Melinda Houston's TV picks for Wednesday Sept 2

Pawn stars: As with every genre there's the good, the bad and the ugly and this high-end romp certainly falls into the former category.


Melinda Houston's TV picks for Saturday Sept 5

Lost in space: Arthur (Martin  Freeman), Zaphod (Sam Rockwell), Trillian (Zooey Deschanel) and Ford Prefect (Mos Def) in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Melinda Houston What's good on TV, September 5.

Melinda Houston's TV picks

Frustrating: Diametrically opposed parties meet, but don't listen to each other in Living With The Enemy.

Melinda Houston Living With The Enemy is a fascinating study in human nature but as an exchange of ideas, it's a bust.

Melinda Houston's TV Pay for 31 August

Sci-fi drama: Character types may be broad, but they're deftly sketched in The 100.



Sleepy English town to take Game of Thrones name

Westeros may not be anyone's ideal place to live, but one town in rural England is giving it a shot. For one week at least.

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