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SmoothFM confirms its status as a new powerhouse of Sydney radio

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee no longer have the highest FM Drive audience in Sydney.

It was no fluke, no flash-in-the-pan. SmoothFM has confirmed its status as a new powerhouse of Sydney radio, increasing its overall lead in the FM ratings fight and even delivering a belting to Drive legends Hamish and Andy - with a ratings share almost double that of the 2DayFM duo.

Senator roasted over government's handling of asylum seekers on Q&A

Senator Mitch Fifield, centre, copped criticism on behalf of colleague Peter Dutton on <i>Q&A</i>.

Somewhere, Peter Dutton's ears were burning. During Monday night's Q&A the Dutton name was invoked as if part of an incantation - recited no less than 13 times in the space of one 15-minute stretch, no mean feat - and it was often accompanied by a ripple of noise that encompassed murmurs, mumbles, grumbles, snorts, laughs, sighs and groans from an audience intent on casting judgement by whatever means it could muster.