Storms like US blizzard may get stronger but less frequent, study finds

7:20 AM   Large storms like the blizzard that battered New England this week may become more severe but less frequent as the Earth's climate changes, scientists said on Thursday.

Gold Coast cyclones could become regular events, insurance forecaster says

Cyclones are likely to track further south more often in the future, one forecaster says.

More cyclones will hit the Gold Coast in coming decades as a result of climate change, an insurance forecaster says.

Climate models don't over-predict warming, Nature study shows

Sceptics can cherry-pick climate models but the long-run trends aren't over-stating climate change, new study finds.

Geoffrey Mohan   If you listen to climate change sceptics, Earth's surface hasn't warmed appreciably in the last 15 years, and any "record" set last year is just the result of the planet doing what the planet naturally does.

Universities flunk climate readiness test

Sydney University scored a "D" while most Australian universities collected an "X" for their carbon disclosure.

Peter Hannam   Australian universities are failing the climate readiness test, with few institutions factoring global warming risks into their investment portfolios, according to a new survey.

Mega glacier melting at critical rate

The 120km-long Totten Glacier is showing signs of melting from below.

Andrew Darby   Warming ocean water is said to be melting the largest glacier in East Antarctica, underscoring climate change's assault on the continent’s ice cover.

Warmer, mostly drier future predicted with climate change

Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns are likely to hit Australian farming hard.

Peter Hannam   Sydney’s climate can be expected to warm across all seasons, with less rainfall in winter but more intense rain events, according to the latest projections by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Warmer, drier climate locked in for Melbourne

Temperatures are on the rise across Australia for all seasons and all regions.

Peter Hannam   Melbourne's climate can be expected to warm across all seasons, with less rainfall in winter but more intense rain events, according to the latest projections by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Last year tied with 2010 as warmest on record, UK data shows

€‹Nine of 10 hottest years on record have been this century.

Last year tied with 2010 as the hottest on record, in a new sign of long-term global warming stoked by human activities, according to British data on Monday that back up US findings of record-breaking heat in 2014.

Extreme El Nino events to increase in a warming world, researchers say

Flooding in Bangladesh in 1998 during an extreme La Nina event.

Peter Hannam   The global climate is likely to become increasingly prone to extremes with super La Nina and El Nino events in the Pacific to almost double in frequency this century, according to Australian-led research.

Climate, nuclear issues atop Obama's agenda in India

Obama and Modi hold talks in India.

Peter Baker and Ellen Barry   US President Barack Obama swept aside past friction with India on Sunday to report progress on climate change and civilian nuclear power cooperation as he sought to transform a fraught relationship marked by suspicion into an enduring partnership linking the world's oldest and largest democracies.

Energy-hungry India doubles down on coal

India's coal demand shows no sign of retreating.

Annie Gowen   In the hilly Singrauli region of northern India, animals feed on ash-covered grass, smoke stings the eyes and burns the throat, and the reservoir is foul with toxins such as mercury and arsenic. Even the breakfast eggs are grey.

One Arctic ice cap's shockingly rapid slide into the sea

The Seawolf class submarine USS Connecticut after the boat surfaced through through Arctic sea ice in 2011.

Joby Warrick   For years, scientists have documented the rapid retreat of Arctic ice, from melting glaciers in Greenland to shrinking snow cover in far northern Eurasia. Now researchers have discovered one Arctic ice cap that appears to be literally sliding into the sea.

US Senate Democrats play offense on climate change ahead of 2016

Capitol restructuring: climate  likely to be a key issue this year and next for US politics.

Kathleen Hunter   US Senate Democrats made the opening move in their effort to portray Republicans as out of step with mainstream Americans on the question of whether humans cause climate change.

Climate change brings world closer to 'doomsday', scientists say

Doomsday Clock down to 3 minutes to midnight.

Jean-Louis Santini   Climate change and the danger of nuclear war pose an ever-growing threat to civilization and are bringing the world closer to doomsday, a group of prominent scientists and Nobel laureates said Thursday.

Doomsday ticks closer to midnight: 'the probability of global catastrophe is very high'

Climate scientist Richard Somerville, a member, Science and Security Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, unveils the new Doomsday Clock in Washington.

Doyle Rice   Citing unchecked climate change and the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons, scientists Thursday moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight.

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce Live Earth climate concert will include Sydney

Former US vice-president Al Gore and <i>Happy</i> singer Pharrell Williams announce the concert at Davos.

Richard Ingham   More than 100 artists will perform on every continent - including Australia - to raise awareness of climate change.

Solar industry gets $33.3m boost to fuel commercial take-up

Commercial buyers are seen as the solar PV growth market in Australia.

Peter Hannam   The flagging Australian solar industry will get a $33.3 million boost as the government's green investment bank combines with a Chinese partner to spur companies to take up more photovoltaic panels.

China cuts energy intensity almost 5 per cent in 2014

Pollution is regularly at harmful levels to health in big Chinese cities.

China beat a key energy efficiency target in 2014, cutting its energy intensity by 4.8 per cent from a year earlier, the State Council said on Tuesday, as it tries to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Global climate fund on US Republicans' budget hit list

US President Barack Obama faces a budget battle over climate fund.

Elizabeth Douglass   The yearly battle over the US budget officially begins on February 2, when the president plans to send his fiscal 2016 funding proposal to Congress, where it will be torn to shreds or ignored entirely.

Mercury may near 50 degrees in parts of Australia this week

Red hot: parts of WA are heading for days in the high-40s.

Peter Hannam and Matthew Burgess   An intense heat trough over the country’s north-west may bring Australia’s first observation of 50-degree temperatures in 17 years, forecasters say.

Warm oceans drive hottest year on record

Warmest: Ocean surface temperatures were at a record high in 2014.

Peter Hannam   Unusually warm seas helped drive annual global temperatures to a record level in 2014 and are likely to ensure this year has a similarly hot start, climate experts say.

Tibooburra broils as hottest town in NSW in 2014

Heat wave: Tibooburra was the state's hottest place in 2014.

Pallavi Singhal   Destination NSW's promise of a "warm country welcome" for visitors to Tibooburra has rarely rung as true, with the outback town ranked as the state's hottest place in what was the warmest year globally on record.

It's official: 2014 was hottest year on record

Amanda Ouellet wipes her face with a cold wet towel to cool off in Las Vegas on July 1, 2014.

Justin Gillis and Kerry Sheridan   Last year was the hottest in earth's recorded history, scientists reported on Friday, underscoring scientific warnings about the risks of runaway emissions and undermining claims by climate-change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped.

Human activity has pushed Earth beyond four of nine 'planetary boundaries'

Human activities are "destabilising the global environment", scientists are warning.

Joel Achenbach   At the rate things are going, the Earth in the coming decades could cease to be a "safe operating space" for human beings.

Adani's Galilee coal mine faces fresh legal challenge

Reef risks should have been considered in new coal mine approval, green group says.

A central Queensland green group has initiated a legal challenge to the largest coal mine in Queensland.

Warm weather melts Europe's emissions-market plans

Unusual warmth has set back Europe's carbon market repair efforts.

Mathew Carr   Europe's attempt to revive its carbon market is being thwarted by a lack of pollution.

Time to turn the tide to save threatened ocean life, new study finds

Climate change and other human impacts are raising the risks of mass extinctions in the world's oceans.

Carl Zimmer   For thousands of years, since the invention of the first spears and ploughs, humans have been driving animal and plant species toward extinction. But it wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that mankind gained the technology to cause environmental havoc on a grand scale.

'Man has gone too far': Pope Francis says we are primarily responsible for climate change

Pope Francis waves to the crowd with Philippine President Benigno Aquino with upon his arrival at Villamor airbase in Manila.

Lindsay Murdoch   Pope Francis has flown to the Philippines, an island nation frequently hit by natural disasters, declaring that man is primarily responsible for climate change.

Australian Catholics step up climate change campaign

Pope Francis during a visit this week to the Sri Lankan capital Colombo.

Peter Hannam   Australia’s Catholics are preparing to step up campaigns to address climate change ahead of an expected call to action by Pope Francis.

China orders more regions to cut coal consumption to curb pollution

Air pollution is a major issue in many Chinese cities.

China's state planning agency has ordered the city of Shanghai and the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong to draw up plans to reduce coal consumption in a bid to improve air quality, according to a policy document released on Wednesday.