New data shows record fall in carbon emissions

Gareth Hutchens   Environment Minister Greg Hunt has quietly published data showing the second year of operation of the carbon price was more successful at reducing emissions than the first.

'Wake-up call' for fish poisoning

Researcher Shauna Murray, from the University of Technology, Sydney, has detected marine microalgae gambierdiscus as far south as Merimbula for the first time.

Peter Hannam   The after effects of a meal of Spanish mackerel meant months of pain and persistent nerve damage in this extraordinary case of food poisoning.

Aid fellowships focus on sport and culture

ACT Meteors batter Kris Britt hooks the ball past Queensland Fire wicket keeper Bethany Mooney.

Peter Hannam   Fisheries and climate change, gender equality and even trade are not priority foreign affairs and development issues for the Abbott government if its latest round of Australia Awards Fellowships is any guide.

Forest-cutting can have an immediate effect on climate, Nature report finds

The climate-shaping Amazon region.

Dom Phillips   The critical role that vast tropical forests like Brazil's Amazon play in suppressing climate change is well-known: They store huge quantities of carbon, acting as "carbon sinks."

Rising seas wash away South Florida glitz

Miami's main beach, which is low-lying and flood prone.

Nick O'Malley   It's just past sunset and the strip at South Beach, Miami, is pumping. It is the biggest weekend of the year in America's glitziest city.

Warm oceans keep world on course for hottest year

Record warm oceans make it likely 2014 will be the hottest year.

Peter Hannam   Ongoing record warmth in the world’s oceans has increased the likelihood that 2014 will be declared the hottest year since reliable data began more than a century ago, US and Japanese agencies say.

Woodlands at risk as mercury climbs

Even eucalypts could be under threat from rising temperatures.

Peter Hannam   Trees - even Australia's hardy eucalypts - can take only so much heat.

As shepherds watched, it got hotter and hotter

While shepherds watched: NSW gets hotter and hotter.

Peter Hannam   Human health – and that of other animals and even plants – is likely to become an ever more pressing public issue as temperatures rise with global warming, cities grow and populations age.

Lima climate talks: tough decisions deferred as UN meeting winds up

Environmental activists perform representing leaders, including Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott, at climate talks in Lima.

Marcus Priest   Negotiators in Peru are struggling to reach agreement and Australia has been accused of "creative accounting" in the dying hours of the United Nations climate change talks.

When circumcision becomes an amputation: climate change talks in peril

Members of representative commissions of the countries participating in the climate change conferences, attend the seventh plenary meeting of the COP20 on December 13, 2014 in Lima, as they continue working on a final document draft. The UN 20th session of the Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP20) and the 10th session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (CMP10), which should have finished Friday, extended their negotiations Saturday.

Marcus Priest   Climate change talks in Lima are on the verge of collapse with claims that countries are being asked to swallow “dead rats” and that an already watered-down deal is now in danger of being turned from a “circumcision” into an “amputation”.

Lima climate talks at crossroads on ways to fight warming

Oxfam members hold a banner at the archaeological site of Huaca Pucllana in Lima.

About 190 nations were at a crossroads about how boldly to combat global warming on the final day of United Nations talks in Lima on Friday amid fears that low ambition could undermine a UN climate summit in Paris next year.

Abbott sniffs the wind on climate change

Peter Hartcher dinkus

Peter Hartcher   From absolute crap to absolutely positively must do something, Tony Abbott is slowly shifting on climate change

'Do the maths' on coal and oil, says Kerry

Plea for action: US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima.

Marcus Priest   Developed and developing countries must stop arguing about who has the responsibility for addressing climate change and act, US Secretary of State John Kerry says.

As Japan burns more coal, climate policies come under pressure

Japan's domestic energy woes have sparked international criticism.

Once at the forefront of the fight again global warming, Japan is now facing calls from other big economies such as China to set fresh emissions targets as Tokyo increases its use of dirty coal energy to replace nuclear.


Julie Bishop

Marcus Priest   Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has backed down on her demand that a new global climate change deal should be legally binding, but is now caught up in a new row at United Nations talks in Peru over the way in which Australia's national emission target is calculated.


Australia may not sign up to Paris climate deal: Andrew Robb

Andrew Robb said anything agreed at the talks should not put Australia at a disadvantage.

Marcus Priest   Trade Minister Andrew Robb has told business leaders at climate change negotiations in Lima that Canberra may not sign up to a new global deal if major trade competitors are not pulling their weight, stating Australia will not "get it in the neck".

Julie Bishop denies backdown over Green Climate Fund

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop with Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

Lisa Cox, Marcus Priest   The Abbott government has denied international pressure forced its decision to commit $200 million to a global climate fund it had previously said it could not support.

Abbott government commits $200m to Green Climate Fund

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop is in Peru where the government will announce the funding on Wednesday.

Lisa Cox   The Abbott government has bowed to international pressure and will commit to a global fund to help developing nations deal with climate change.

Welcome to Queensland, Sydney

Sam de Brito dinkus

Sam de Brito   If you've entertained thoughts of moving north of the border don't bother. The tropics have relocated to us.

Still time to limit global warming, UN chief Ban Ki-moon says

UN chief Ban Ki-moon says time is running out to act on climate change.

The world still has a chance to limit global warming to safer levels but time is running out, UN chief Ban Ki-moon says.

Climate change fuels Victoria bushfire risk

Darren Gray   "Hard decisions" about the liveability of Victoria's fire-prone regions will have to be made, a new report on bushfires and climate change from the Climate Council warns, as parts of Victoria become more fire-prone and increasingly dangerous places to live.

Climate bromance links Canada, Australia

Shared concerns: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shakes Tony Abbott's hand in Brisbane last month.

Jeremy van Loon and James Paton   Canada and Australia's prime ministers have a shared interest in opposing climate-change policies that would cost their countries jobs.

Australia ranked worst-performing developed nation on climate performance

"You have to solve both [climate change and efficient energy supply] together. It doesn't mean you drastically move away from coal."

Peter Hannam   Australia is the worst-performing developed nation when it comes to climate-change action, a survey by European non-government organisations shows.

Bishop outflanks Abbott

Julie Bishop

Peter Hartcher   After the prime minister's office blocked Julie Bishop's proposal to travel to a global climate negotiation in Peru, she took the matter to a meeting of the full cabinet to get the decision reversed.

Abbott's dinosaur views on climate change must shift

Peter Hartcher dinkus

Peter Hartcher   Midjudged climate policy has been central to the downfall of the last three prime ministers. Now Tony Abbott is flirting with the danger of being the fourth.

Climate change to make European heatwaves 'commonplace' by 2040s, study finds

Moscow has one place hit by big European heatwaves.

David Jolly   In June 2003, a high-pressure weather system took hold over Western Europe and hovered there for weeks, bringing warm tropical air to the region and making that summer the hottest since at least 1540, the year King Henry VIII discarded his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

Climate change heats up around Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott

Mark Kenny   Six out of 10 of Australians think Tony Abbott's reluctance to take stronger action against climate change has left the country with an inadequate policy response to the problem, according to the latest Fairfax Ipsos poll.

Solar energy efficiency: UNSW sets latest world record

Solar power in China

Peter Hannam   Australian researchers have achieved world-beating levels of converting sunlight into electricity, potentially making large-scale solar plants more competitive with other energy sources such as coal.

Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations

Activists and indigenous people make a formation, reading "peoples rights, living forests", to mark climate talks in Peru.

Neela Banerjee   International climate talks in Lima, Peru, are entering their final week, with few hints of whether a newfound optimism that marked the start of negotiations will translate into an agreement that would rein in climate change.

Latin American countries announce plan to fight climate change

A worker plants seedlings at Huayquecha Biological Station near Paucartambo. Locals farming in areas of the Peruvian rainforest burn fields to improve soil quality, which creates carbon dioxide emissions. The seedlings – part of a reforestation initiative promoted by the Amazon Conservation Association – will mature into trees to fight global warming.

Marcelo Teixeira   Eight Latin American countries have announced an initiative to restore 20 million hectares of degraded forest and farmland, seeking to use this land to store carbon and cut greenhouse gas emissions.