The El  Nino near its height at the end of 2015, with unusually warm surface temperatures in the central and eastern ...

El Nino officially comes to end

After a year of driving global temperatures to unprecedented warmth, the giant El Nino weather event in the Pacific is officially over, raising hopes that drought-hit regions may be in for some relief in Australia and elsewhere.

Unusual bear a victim of global warming: expert

Inuit hunter Didji Ishalook shot an unusual white bear with a dark nose in the north-east of Canada. The bear was ...

Dave Garshelis, a research scientist from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and one of the world's foremost bear experts, told the Canadian Broadcating Corporation (CBC)  that the bear is very likely a grizzly-polar bear hybrid, and not an albino grizzly bear.

'It just rocketed up there'

Sun-Herald editorial illustration from May 15.

A significant marker of rising global greenhouse gas emissions has been passed, with a key monitoring site on Tasmania's north-west tip recording atmospheric carbon-dioxide exceeding 400 parts per million for the first time.

'Thrown on the scrapheap'

John Church speaks to the media about proposed cuts to the CSIRO.

For John Church, a leading authority on sea-level rise caused by global warming, there was much that was fitting – and yet callous – about being sacked at sea.

California braces for unending drought

Sinking houseboats on Lake Oroville.

With California entering its fifth year of a statewide drought, Governor Jerry Brown has launched permanent water conservation measures and called on water suppliers to prepare for a future made forever drier by climate change.

CSIRO cuts to hit Antarctic research

Australia's Aurora Australis at work in the Antarctic.

CSIRO plans to close its ice lab and cease key Antarctic science activities, moves that scientists warn will damage Australia's international partnerships and run counter to a new $2 billion-plus government plan for the region.

Labor's missing renewables billion

The outlook for Australia's support for renewable energy remains unclear.

Labor faces 'a litmus test' of its support of renewable energy after it emerged that a Shorten government would book $1 billion of the savings cut from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency by the Coalition.