Sleepy hollows' shortage big drama for cockatoos

Bridie Smith   If you think it's tough to break into the housing market in Melbourne, spare a thought for the state's Major Mitchell Cockatoos.

Tainted love: Australia's destructive relationship with the beach

Malcolm Black bought his beachfront home in the Greater Taree region 26 years ago, hoping he and his wife could enjoy their retirement by the sea. But his wife died eight months later of cancer and now her ashes - buried in their front yard - have gone too, swept away after coastal erosion.

Emma Young    Australians' love affair with the beach is legendary, but it's becoming the type of affair people beg their friends to end.

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Polar bears spotted eating dolphins for the first time as waters warm

A polar bear eats a white-beaked dolphin in Svalbard in the Norwegian Arctic.

Stefan Nicola   The dolphins were lured north by warming water and the polar bears were so skinny their ribs were visible through their fur.

Baby koala makes public debut at Taronga Zoo

Taking shelter: the joey peeks out from her mother's pouch.

Georgina Mitchell   A six-month-old koala has shown its face for the first time at Taronga Zoo.

Tourism operators buoyed by reef reprieve

Tourist operators are banking on UNESCO's decision not to put the Great Barrier Reef on its world heritage "in danger" list, to revitalise tourism.

Cameron Atfield   Queensland tourism operators are banking on UNESCO's decision not to put the Great Barrier Reef on its world heritage "in danger" list to revitalise tourism in the region.

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US bans Miami trainer-killer whale shows

Killer whale Lolita and a trainer perform during a show at the Miami Seaquarium in January.

US officials have ordered a Florida aquatic park to stop performances in which trainers swim with a killer whale, out of concern for their safety.

Disease hits last wild orange-bellied parrots

Threat: Evidence of beak and feather disease has been found in the breeding colony of orange-bellied parrots in South West Tasmania.

Andrew Darby   An attempt is being made by the Federal Government to speed action over a fatal disease in Australia's most critically endangered wild bird, the orange-bellied parrot.

Tasmanian wilderness is more than a name

Styx Valley: How the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is described has stirred up debate.

Andrew Darby   The World Heritage Committee is set to slap down an attempt by the Tasmanian Government to ditch wilderness zoning from most of the island's remote south-west.

Parramatta River catchment study reveals surprising biodiversity hotspots

Kayaks and canoes from the Parramatta River Catchment Group at Armory Wharf, Homebush.

Esther Han   A sprawling necropolis is among the most thriving and exciting habitats for native animals in the Parramatta River catchment area.

Minister delighted by Great Barrier Reef status

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07:  Greg Hunt poses for a portrait on May 7, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia.  (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Fairfax Media) *** Local Caption *** Greg Hunt

Amy Remeikis   The WHO's draft decision not to list the Great Barrier Reef as 'in danger' is the "strongest possible endorsement of what Queensland and Australia are doing."

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UNESCO decides not to list Great Barrier Reef as 'in danger'

Tourist operators are banking on UNESCO's decision not to put the Great Barrier Reef on its world heritage "in danger" list, to revitalise tourism.

Nick Miller   Federal and QLD governments convinced the committee they were making 'significant progress', but warns Australia still has more to do to stop continuing damage to this natural wonder.

First Australian shorebirds on critically endangered species list

A Curlew Sandpiper, a species that has declined enormously in southern Australia since the early 1980's. THE AGE . news . OCTOBER 21, 2008 . pic by Danny Rogers . story by Peter Ker .

Andrew Darby   The Australian bird list no-one wants to see has two new names.

Fears for rare pink iguanas after Galapagos eruption

The Galapagos rosy iguana is unique to the archipelago.

A volcano in the Galapagos Islands has erupted for the first time in more than 30 years, sending streams of lava flowing down its slopes and potentially threatening the world's only colony of pink iguanas.

Taronga Zoo baby gorilla revealed as a boy almost two weeks after its birth

After days of waiting and watching, Keepers are able to confirm Taronga Zoo'€™s new gorilla baby is a male.

Lucy Cormack   Taronga Zoo keepers were thrilled at the arrival of their newest baby gorilla almost two weeks ago. The question on everyone's lips? Girl or boy?

Baby gorilla keeps zoo staff guessing

A baby western lowland gorilla clings to his mother, Frala, at Taronga Zoo.

Rachel Browne   Taronga Zoo staff are still in the dark about the gender of a western lowland gorilla born in captivity last week.

Hunt on for 'Judas goats' of the Murray Sunset National Park

A 'Judas goat' wearing a tracking device.

Darren Gray   The "Judas goats" will be key players in the kill. The seven feral "Judas goats" wearing the tracking colourful collars will not know it, but they will be helping the shooters rather than the old goats when a landmark aerial shooting program commences in the Mallee next month.

Texas hunter shoots endangered rhino after winning auction

Corey Knowlton says his killing of the black rhinoceros has raised awareness of the critically endangered species.

Anna M. Tinsley   A US hunter who paid $442,170 to kill a black rhinoceros in Namibia says his actions will help protect the critically-endangered species.

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DNA detectives track covert Southern Ocean whaling


Andrew Darby   DNA detective work has tracked down meat on sale in Japan from endangered fin and sei whales.

Filmmaker's close encounter with great white shark

Close encounter: Dave Riggs found himself within inches of a great white shark.

Documentary filmmaker Dave Riggs unexpectedly found himself within inches of the open mouth of a female great white shark, but has walked away from the encounter with a deeper respect for these "magnificent" creatures.

Why dolphins' teeth put them at the greatest risk of slaughter

 Solomon Islands Dolphin Trade

Elahe Izadi   More than 15,000 dolphins have been killed by just one village in the Solomon Islands in the past 40 years, largely so that grooms can give necklaces to their wives-to-be.

Western quolls bounce back from near extinction

Rare breed: Zedora, a female Quoll is set for release.

Lucy Cormack   The western quoll, one of Australia's most endangered species, is finding a fresh start in South Australia.

Rare birds found inside water bottles in Indonesia

A policeman holds a water bottle with a yellow-crested cockatoo put inside for illegal trade, at the customs office of Tanjung Perak port in Surabaya, East Java province, Indonesia.

Indonesian police have arrested a suspected wildlife smuggler after discovering nearly two dozen rare live birds, mostly yellow-crested cockatoos, jammed inside plastic water bottles in his luggage.

Outrage after Spanish police shoot chimp

The chimpanzees escaped after breaking bars on their cage

Animal rights groups have slammed Spanish police for shooting dead a chimpanzee named Eve who escaped from a zoo on the holiday island of Mallorca with her companion Adam.

Sooty owl chick spreads his wings to raise funds for Taronga

Where am I? Lesser sooty owl chick Griffin, who has joined Taronga Zoo.

Steve Jacobs   Griffin, a lesser sooty owl chick, has recently arrived at Taronga Zoo.

This new translucent frog looks just like Kermit

A newly discovered glassfrog looks a lot like Kermit the Frog.

Nicky Phillips   Kermit the Frog is alive and living in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica.

Seismic shift for blue whales

Seismic testing by oil and gas companies is exposing the blue whale to toxic levels of  noise pollution.

Andrew Darby and Lisa Cox   Australia's largest animals, blue whales, are said to be at risk from "ships of deaf" run by the oil and gas industry.

Ricky Gervais shames giraffe killer

Rebecca Francis

An extreme hunter has become the target of a social media backlash after a photo of her posing beside a dead giraffe was tweeted by comedian Ricky Gervais. 

Japan’s plan to resume whaling not justified, IWC panel says

A minke whale is unloaded at a port  in Kushiro in 2013.

Andrew Darby   Japan’s plan to revive its outlawed Antarctic whaling has been dealt a blow with independent experts finding it failed to justify a new hunt.

Ambitious project to save Australia's biodiversity launches

Field Officer Brett Peden on the Murrumbidgee River at Scottsdale Reserve.

Bridie Smith   On Wednesday Scottsdale Reserve will be the launch site for an ambitious project to study Australia's biodiversity loss.

Polar bear Knut's baby brother christened Fiete

Knut's baby brother, Fiete, at the zoo in Rostock.

Eight years after Knut drew millions of visitors to the Berlin Zoo, the polar bear's baby brother has been christened at a zoo in the north-eastern German town of Rostock.