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Canbrrrr! Our coldest morning this year

Canberrans have shivered through the city’s coldest morning this year as the temperature dropped to minus 6 degrees.

It was the coldest morning in the capital for more than 12 months, according to the Bureau of Meteorology, following a low of minus 6.1 degrees on July 4, 2012.

The temperature broke out of negative figures shortly before 9am, when it reached 0.5C. But the windchill meant the apparent temperature was still -1.5C. It was up to 2.3C at 9.30am, on its way to a forecast top of 14C today.

Meteorologist Sean Carson said a recent cold front combined with a lack of wind saw the temperature plummet.

“We had a cold front over the weekend, so there was some very cold air hanging over the ACT,” he said.


“We usually see a cold night a few days after a cold front moves through.”

The mercury first dropped below zero to minus 0.3 degrees at 11pm, before falling to an apparent temperature of minus 9.3 degrees at 5.30am.

Despite the chill, Canberra was still several degrees off its coldest night on record. The capital dropped to minus 10 degrees on July 11, 1971.

Mr Carson said warmer nights were predicted for Canberra over the coming days.

“We’ve got some cloud cover coming across, so that’ll warm it up to minus 1, minus 2 degrees,” he said.

Patchy fog also caused a few delays for airlines flying in and out of Canberra Airport.

Qantas cancelled two flights, due to arrive from Sydney at 8.15am and depart for Sydney at 8.55am, while both the airline and Virgin reported delays of up to two hours for some flights.

More information on arrivals at Canberra airport is available here. And information on departures is here.

Forecasters are predicting a top of 14 degrees for the capital today, before dropping to a low of minus 2 degrees overnight.


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