Federal Politics

Hospitality penalty rates are to be cut.

Penalty rate ploy could bring 'chaos'

Reversal of the Fair Work Commission's decision to reduce Sunday penalty rates in industries including the hospitality and retail sectors could lead to industrial "chaos" and reduce wages to a political "plaything" experts warn.

PM and a warlord praise Australian military mission

John Howard described the so-called RAMSI mission as one of his greatest achievements.

Former prime minister, John Howard, has described Australia's leadership of the so-called RAMSI mission to stabilise the Solomon Islands, which come to an end this week after 14 years, as one of Australia's and his government's greatest foreign policy achievements.

More than 1600 people a week: Census reveals how we have grown

Census: Australia as a village

Melbourne is set to overtake Sydney as Australia's most populated city, for the first time in history the majority of Australians born overseas are from Asia not Europe and there has been a 39 per cent surge in the number of people declaring themselves in a same-sex relationship.

Liberal MPs' secret bid to legalise same-sex marriage

Liberal senator Dean Smith.

Two Liberal MPs have been secretly working on a plan to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia as soon as August, with a draft copy of the laws well advanced and consultation with advocates underway.