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Tony Abbott to introduce Australian Story for transgender friend Cate McGregor

Prime Minister Tony Abbott may have recently had some stern words for the ABC, but he will be in a friendlier mood next Monday, when he introduces the Australian Story for his friend Cate McGregor.

The ABC program will next week feature Lieutenant Colonel McGregor, an army officer and cricket expert who is also one of Australia's most high profile transgender people.

It is well known that Mr Abbott is a long-standing friend of Lieutenant Colonel McGregor, after the two met in their student days.

In December, the Prime Minister announced that he had asked his friend - who has been a cricket commentator and writer - to help him select the Prime Minister's XI.

At the time, Mr Abbott said that he and Lieutenant Colonel McGregor - who has also been a speech writer for army chief David Morrison - had been in a ''few scrapes together over the years''.

''She has, as you know, an interesting personal story.''


Last year, the army officer described Mr Abbott as one her her longest continuous friends.

She told the ABC that she withdrew for several months during 2012 when she transitioned from her old identity as Malcolm McGregor.

When she finally got back in contact with Mr Abbott and told him what was going on, he said: ''It changes nothing.''

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