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Hackers from China waste little time in exploiting Heartbleed

Heartbleed is a programming flaw in Heartbeat, an extension for OpenSSL, itself an encryption tool to help make websites and online communication more secure.

Jordan Robertson   4:20 PM   For those who don't feel the urgency to install the latest security fixes for their computers or change passwords, take note: Just a day after Heartbleed was revealed, attacks from a computer in China were launched.


Dropbox claims Australian data safe despite hiring Condoleezza Rice

Dr Condoleezza Rice, seen here speaking at computer security conference RSA 2013, has been appointed to the Dropbox board.

Nate Cochrane   3:37 PM   Dropbox has parachuted one of its senior executives into Sydney to open an Asia-Pacific base as it battles to┬áreassure its Australian customers that their data is safe from US mass surveillance.

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Vein-scanning technology may trump fingerprint scanning for payments

Fujitsu's vein-recognition technology identifies a person by scanning the unique pattern of veins.

Ben Grubb   3:08 PM   Scanning veins in the human hand could become the biometric measure of choice for authentication when we pay for things or want to unlock devices, an Australian professor says.


Environment department sees Datacom contract as threat

The John Gorton Building in Parkes, ACT, where the Department of Environment is housed.

Mahesh Sharma   2:27 PM   Poor management of Datacom contract looms as one of the environment department's biggest threats, staff say.

Canberra IT firm Dataflex bought by VTS IT Group

Dataflex Founder and director Brian Evans.

Thomas McIlroy   1:39 PM   Canberra IT service provider and reseller Dataflex has been bought by VTS IT Group, just months after being placed into voluntary administration.


Keep Steve Jobs' personality out of trial: tech companies

The late Steve Jobs, former Apple CEO.

Dan Levine   12:21 PM   Witnesses at an upcoming trial over no-hire agreements in Silicon Valley should not be allowed to offer evidence that Steve Jobs was "a bully", four tech companies say.


Twitter buys social data provider Gnip

Twitter: The microblogging site has purchased social data provider Gnip.

Gerry Shih, Supantha Mukherjee   12:11 PM   Twitter says its purchase of Gnip will allow it to burrow more deeply into the 500 million tweets sent daily on its social network.


Push on for savings via shared services

Shared services: IT, payroll and other services could be brought together at one agency in a bid to save billions.

Noel Towell   11:42 AM   Calls are growing for a public service super department to put all the Commonwealth's back room functions under one massive roof.

Internet of Things

Microsoft launches into Internet of Things but fails to articulate it

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tries to make sense of big data by launching several new tools.

Lia Timson   8:43 AM   Microsoft is touting faster processing and new tools as a way to reason over big data.

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Internet of Things

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveils data-analysis tools


Olga Kharif, Peter Burrows   7:59 AM   Microsoft's new products promise to help companies plug into the Internet of Things.


Tech Hall of Fame proposal for Australian innovation

David Warren with an early prototype of the black box flight recorder.

Sylvia Pennington   Hands up who knows what Graeme Clark and David Warren did for Australia?

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Heartbleed bug timeline: who knew what and when

Who knew about Heatbleed first? We detail the timeline.

Ben Grubb   Ever since Heartbleed was made public there have been questions about who knew what and when.

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Coles Mastercard, Myer Visa Card and other GE websites stung by Heartbleed security bug

Credit cards.

Ben Grubb   GE Money is recommending customers change their passwords in the wake of the Heartbleed security bug, which appears to have made vulnerable a number of GE's Australian websites.

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NBN Co moves against 'cherry picking' TPG

NBN Co will bring forward its fibre-to-the-basement roll-out to compete with TPG and other ISPs.

Lia Timson   The company tasked with building faster internet for Australia has moved to protect its own turf when it comes to servicing apartment blocks and office buildings.


Australia's first bitcoin ATM launches

A Robocoin bitcoin ATM in Washington, DC.

Paddy Wood   Australia's first bitcoin ATM has gone live in Sydney, allowing passersby to buy and sell the digital currency and exchange it for cash.


NBN's new broom sweeps in hard and fast

Chief executive Bill Morrow has signalled NBN Co will go on the offence.

Tony Brown   In little more than two weeks new CEO Bill Morrow has made it quite clear NBN Co is going on the offence.

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Heartbleed hackers steal encryption keys in threat test

The Heartbleed bug can allows criminals to steal the private keys that websites use to decrypt passwords.

Jordan Robertson   Heartbleed can be exploited to allow criminals to steal the private keys that websites rely on to decrypt sensitive information, including passwords and banking details.


Small businesses unsure of NBN benefits

NBN benefits

Lia Timson   Australian small businesses are split about the NBN and unsure if faster internet speeds will improve their lot.


What do men think of women in leadership?

Gender diversity brings high performance teams and a high performing business, managing director for IBM Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Stevens.

Cynthia Karena   More confidence in the business, increase in share price, more collaboration. What's not to like about gender diversity?


Retail warning: competition blowing in on a cloud

Amazon's chief technology officer Werner Vogels says cloud increases competition.

Nate Cochrane   Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services are bringing the days of cozy competition to an end.

US President's IT security flaw guidance seen as hard to implement

The NSA allegedly "co-opted" more than 140,000 computers since August 2007 for the purpose of injecting them with spyware.

Michael Riley and Jordan Robertson   The White House's directive to limit the use of software flaws by US intelligence agencies could require the disclosure of thousands of precious exploits now in the hands of elite spying units, intelligence professionals say.


Microsoft sued over browser miscue that led to $731 million EU fine

Microsoft was fined a record-breaking amount in 2009 when it didn't give Europeans a choice of web browser.

Bill Rigby   Microsoft's board faces lawsuit over the way it handled an error with its IE browser that ended up costing $US731m.


Executive assistants the weak spot in corporate security

Programmed to help, personal assistants and media contacts are soft targets for cyber criminals.

Stuart Corner   Cyber criminals are finding PAs are a softer target to conquer on the way to stealing corporate data.


Heartbleed Fixes Taking Longer as Websites Work to Plug Gaps

Heartbleed is taking longer than expected to patch for many.

Jordan Robertson   Websites afflicted by the Heartbleed security flaw are finding that it's taking longer than anticipated to recover from the fallout.


Blackberry plans Heartbleed patches as mobile threat scrutinized

BlackBerry is updating its messenger software in light of the Heartbleed flaw.

Jim Finkle   Company will issue security updates for its messenger software for Android and iOS by the end of the week.


Who is Robin Seggelmann and did he break the internet?

Heartbleed is a programming flaw in Heartbeat, an extension for OpenSSL, itself an encryption tool to help make websites and online communication more secure.

Lia Timson   German computer programmer Robin Seggelman is the man whose coding mistake, now known as Heartbleed, has left millions of internet users and thousands of websites vulnerable to hackers.


Heartbleed security flaw could reach beyond websites to digital devices, experts say

Heartbleed: The flaw could extend beyond the web to digital devices.

Nicole Perlroth, Quentin Hardy   The potential for harm from the Heartbleed security bug could extend to the guts of the internet and the many devices that connect to it, experts say.


'Heartbleed' heartache a risk after bug exposes internet

Heartbleed is a serious flaw causing a lot of heartache for IT admins this week.

Ben Grubb   What is the Heartbleed security flaw, how does it affect you and what can you do to avoid it?


Heartbleed security bug: what can you do?

Heartbleed: You should only change your password to websites that are no longer vulnerable.

Brian Krebs   You should only change your password once you have checked that a website is no longer vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.


Zero likes for Silicon Valley


Sanjiv Bhattacharya   With their displays of excess and arrogance, the tech industry's "masters of the universe" are now battling pickets, protests and bricks through the window.


Programmer denies deliberately inserting 'Heartbleed' security flaw

Researchers have disclosed a serious vulnerability in standard web encryption software OpenSSL.

Ben Grubb   The software developer who introduced a security flaw into an encryption protocol used by millions of websites globally says he did not insert it deliberately as some have suggested.


French IT staff win the right to unplug

Unplug: French IT workers have gained the right to switch off.

French IT staff at Google, Facebook and other companies have won new protections against burnout: the right to unplug.

Digital currency

NAB severs ties with bitcoin vendors

Bitcoin: NAB says digital currencies are too risky.

Paddy Wood   National Australia Bank is severing ties to digital currencies, saying they're too risky.


Queensland government signs Microsoft Office 365 deal to save $13.7 million


Sylvia Pennington   Queensland's 149,000 public servants will move to the cloud after a $26.5 million global contract was signed.


'You might want to stay away from the internet entirely': web security in doubt after discovery of 'Heartbleed' flaw

Researchers have disclosed a serious vulnerability in standard web encryption software OpenSSL.

Ben Grubb   If you're reading this you might want to jump off the internet if you like your privacy, security experts say.


Malcolm Turnbull locks in multi-technology NBN

Malcolm Turnbull has finally indicated his preference for a mixed-technology NBN to NBN Co, which is building it.

Ben Grubb   Government gives new instructions to network builder without waiting for the results of key reviews.


The mainframe turns 50 and still wants to run the world


Matthew Hall   It is usual for 50th birthday parties to be big events and the golden anniversary of the IBM mainframe in New York overnight was no different.


UNSW taps Ori Allon, Mike Cannon-Brookes to nurture start-up culture

Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, left, and Ori Allon, right.

Heath Gilmore   Australian entrepreneurs Ori Allon and Mike Cannon-Brookes can add an academic appointment to their CVs courtesy of UNSW.


Atlassian valued at $3.5 billion

Atlassian co-founders Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes.

Mahesh Sharma   A $160 million investment in Australian-founded software company Atlassian has valued the software business at $3.5 billion.


Have smartphone, will pay - but cashless society still two years away

The Westpac mobile payment app on the Galaxy S4.

Nate Cochrane   If you think the time has come to wave your phone to pay at the checkout, you'll need to adjust your expectations.