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Infratech's floating solar panels hold promise for Australia's rural communities

The $12 million bank of floating solar panels installed by Infratech Industries near Jamestown in northern South Australia.

Claire Connelly 11:15 AM   An Australian start-up is helping rural communities get off the grid using floating solar rafts in that sit atop water reservoirs.

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iiNet CEO David Buckingham leaves company

David Buckingham.

Ben Grubb   CEO of Perth-based internet service provider iiNet, David Buckingham, has left the company, according to multiple sources.

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Uber hires car hacking engineers

An in-car screen of a Jeep Cherokee shows Chris Miller, left, and Chris Valasek, who are demonstrating their ability to remotely control the vehicle's computer system.

MIKE ISAAC and NICOLE PERLROTH   One remote hacking of an Uber vehicle could spell disaster for the ride-hailing company.

Kaspersky threatened to 'rub out' rival

Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

Joseph Menn, Gerry Shih and Alina Selyukh   Eugene Kaspersky told some of his lieutenants that they should attack rival anti-virus software maker AVG, email shows.

The NBN satellite Malcolm Turnbull never wanted prepares for liftoff

Another view of the NBN satellite being built.

Hannah Francis   In 34 days and counting down, Australia is set to blast a satellite weighing as much as an elephant one-tenth of the way to the moon.

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Did Tim Cook's 5am email break rules?

Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Brian X Chen   Apple's shares have been bolstered after its CEO Tim Cook sent a TV host an email about positive China performance, but did this breach disclosure rules?

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Myki scam costs Victoria $4.2 million

Julian Burnside QC says a pedestrian paid a myki fine on-the-spot even though he hadn't been using public transport.

Fraudsters have used stolen credit card details to top up myki travel passes before selling them on the black market in a scam that has cost Public Transport Victoria (PTV) $4.2 million.

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Malcolm Turnbull Abbott NBN promise

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended the government's backdown on a promise to contribute federal funding for a high speed internet cable connection to Birdsville and nearby outback towns.

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Aussie start-up Employme wants to kill the resume as we know it

Employme managing director Joseph Buccheri .

Beverley Head   Australian start-up Employme is offering the selfie generation a chance to spruik themselves to potential employers in the way they know best

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Warning over push to make web traffic 'neutral'

Timothy J. Brennan.

Andrew Colley   Australian consumers could suffer if regulators introduce rules to force carriers to provide access to internet content on an unbiased basis, a prominent US economist has warned.


Leaked presentation reveal Uber's plans for stellar growth

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick.

Shu Zhang and Gerry Shih   Uber Technologies Inc's global bookings are projected to rise nearly threefold to $US10.84 billion this year and reach $US26.12 billion the next.


Facebook dodged a bullet in not aquiring Snapchat

Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel.

Brian Fung   Evan Spiegel could have walked away with $3 billion for his start-up in 2013, instead he turned Facebook down and is now managing a struggling business hemorrhaging money.

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Halton smashed AFP's Israeli dreams

Jane Halton.

Noel Towell   Police walk away from deal with contractor, conceding numerous issues have put project beyond rescue.


In Google limelight, XYZ domain owner rules out sale

Daniel Negari, founder and CEO of XYZ.

Noor Zainab Hussain   ICANN's youngest registry operator, who owns the rights to the .xyz top level domain, has seen a huge uptick in business following Google's Alphabet announcement.

Bezos denies Amazon is a soulless, dystopian workplace

Responded to critical article ... Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jodi Kantor, David Streitfeld   Amazon boss responds to criticism of the online retailer's workplace culture.


Memo to Australia Post: Sendle has arrived

James Chin Moody, founder of Sendle, a delivery company that owns no vans.

Hannah Francis   From aspiring spaceship builder to CSIRO bigwig, James Chin Moody has taken an unlikely route to creating a parcel delivery start-up.

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Big flaw kept secret for two years

A Maserati Quattroporte GTS. The 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine has 523 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque.

Olivia Solon   Thousands of cars have spent years at risk of car-hacking, according to research that Volkswagen has spent two years trying to suppress in the courts.


Kaspersky faked malware to harm rivals, ex-employees claim

Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

Joseph Menn   Beginning more than a decade ago, one of the largest security companies in the world tried to damage rivals in the marketplace by tricking their antivirus software programs into classifying benign files as malicious, according to two former employees.

Office culture

Inside Amazon's brutal corporate culture

Chris Clare and his dog, Crosby, greet receptionist Andrea Kraus on Amazon's pet-friendly campus in Seattle.

JODI KANTOR and DAVID STREITFELD   The ever-expanding online retailer practises a uncompromising form of corporate Darwinism where only the tough survive.

Sharing economy

Jacob's Airbnb horror story

Jacob Lopez, who says he was sexually assaulted by his Airbnb host while staying in Madrid.

RON LIEBER   Just how much responsibility is Airbnb willing to assume for the safety of its customers?

'Public servants should get off social media' after Islamic State hack

Chinese black hat hacking group Threat Group 3390 have infiltrated over 100 organisations worldwide in the past two years.

Markus Mannheim   Terrorists and criminals are looking for people to blackmail or seduce into stealing data.

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SEQ poised to be digital leader: Cisco

PromisePay's clients include Flippa, which trades website names, and My Jobstream, an IT freelancer jobs site.

Cameron Atfield   30,000 new jobs, $10 billion economy boost could be heading for SEQ.

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Backlash over Oracle exec's 'nutty' rant

Oracle's chief information security officer Mary Ann Davidson.

Liam Tung   She criticised customers in an online rant for finding flaws in her company's vulnerable software. Now she's facing a backlash.

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Top questions facing Google's Alphabet

Alphabet Inc will replace Google Inc as the publicly-traded entity and all shares of Google will automatically convert into the same number of shares of Alphabet, with all of the same rights.

Brian Womack   As Google reorganies into Alphabet, investors are working on wish lists of the kind of info they want to see.


Mysterious US money manager orchestrated cyber insider trading

Korchevsky is implicated in a ring of hackers and stock traders which is accused of making more than $US100 million in illegal profits.

Keri Geiger   Vitaly Korchevsky went from Russia to Wall Street to managing his own hedge fund, but now he's accused of innovating a new kind of financial cyber-crime.


Press release breach made hackers, traders millions

United States Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and SEC Commissioner Mary Jo White at a news conference on the hacking ring.

Noeleen Walder, Jonathan Stempel   US-based traders gave Russian hackers 'shopping lists' of statements to steal before their official release, sharing the profits made from the resulting trades.

Hidden joke in Google's Alphabet letter

Nelson "Big Head" Bighetti in HBO's Silicon Valley.

Stephen Pulvirent   He's just restructured his entire company, but Google founder Larry Page hasn't lost his sense of humour.

'They're in denial': MyGov users vent anger

Canberra police will have to continue using its "clunky" crime-fighting software for a few more years after the AFP walked away from the $145m deal.

Noel Towell   "Trying to log into MyGov sent me to drink," says one frustrated user.

A helpdesk that's unable to help

"In many cases I felt I could not provide real solutions to callers' problems."

Over the past few weeks I have been answering calls for the myGov helpdesk.

Why Dr Alex is smiling

Marathon Targets chief executive Alex Brooks with robot XG.

Beverley Head   Aussie inventor has sold hundreds of his $250,000 war machines. But there's one thing he won't do.

200 staff await delayed decision on NICTA and CSIRO merger

 CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall said even more people would lose their jobs if the merger did not go ahead.

Henry Belot   The job prospects of up to 200 employees at the nation's leading IT body remain uncertain as a merger between NICTA and CSIRO continues to be debated.


These are the world's richest tech moguls

Microsoft founder and world's richest man Bill Gates.

Andrea Chang   Of the top 100 richest tech moguls in the world, more than half are American, a third are Asian and only seven are women.

MyGov lockout comes weeks after warning

Users of MyGov online have been reporting problems.

Noel Towell   Users allege massive problems, department says everything is fine.

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Hackers exploit 'Flash' vulnerability in Yahoo ads


Dino Grandoni   For seven days, hackers used Yahoo's ad network to send malicious bits of code to computers that visit Yahoo's collection of heavily trafficked websites.

Government IT

Outdated Windows leave gov't a big bill

Microsoft discontinued support for the popular Windows XP operating system in April 2014.

Hannah Francis   Federal government departments pay Microsoft millions to continue to support their use of outdated operating systems.

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Windows 10: Is this Microsoft's cunning enterprise plan?

No regrets: Windows 10 has been an entirely positive experience so far.

Peter Wells   Comment: Windows 10 is attractive for home users. Will this pressure enterprises to upgrade?

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Square lines up bite of Australian contactless payments

Square has enjoyed success with its free smartphone-based magnetic stripe credit card reader.

Adam Turner   Mobile payments challenger Square has a plan to win over small business owners in Australia.


Toll error punishes motorists

Transurban's result shows other parts of the economy are responding to measures that are easing the resources boom hangover.

Andrew Colley   Some Sydney drivers may be paying road tolls for strangers after botched billing system upgrade.

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Start-up builds iPhone-powered 3D laser scanner

eora 3D scanner. To accompany Adam Turner story.

Adam Turner   Faced with a $20,000 bill for a decent 3D scanner, three young Australian entrepreneurs decided to focus on building their own iPhone-powered scanner which sells for a fraction of the price.

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