This ‘viral dress’ actually says a lot about what it’s like to be a female TV meteorologist

Angela Fritz 1:19 PM   You may have already seen it by now - the cheap Amazon dress that has "gone viral" among TV meteorologists.

Dorothy dress sells for $2 million

Not bad for an old pinafore with sweat stains.

AMA host Jennifer Lopez's 11 sexy wardrobe changes

Amy Croffey   As the hostess with the mostest at the 2015 American Music Awards, there was never any thought Jennifer Lopez would leave her diva antics at the door.


Harry Styles' unusual choice of suit at AMAs

Harry Styles' outfit at the American Music Awards has raised a few eyebrows, with some suggesting he was wearing something from his grandmother's wardrobe.

Parabens and breast cancer – a new piece in the puzzle?

Paula Goodyer   A study in cells, not humans, from the University of California Berkeley found that even at low levels parabens could stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells


Christie Brinkley uses Botox in neck and hair extensions to look young

Amy Croffey   The 61-year-old model admits being au natural is not how she maintains her Uptown Girl look.


Goodbye bootcamp, hello wearable tech: Top fitness trends for 2016

Sarah Berry   Pack up your war paint and turn the volume down on your shouty exercise instructor, because the days of bootcamp are thankfully behind us.

Yoga classes banned over 'cultural genocide'

Michael Koziol   The University of Ottawa Student Federation raised international eyebrows when it cancelled yoga classes because of concerns about "cultural genocide", colonialism and "western supremacy".

The best fun food hacks

Science says there's only one type of cheese for your toastie.

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Blake Lively shutting down her 'ridiculous' website Preserve

Barely a year after it began, Blake Lively is closing down her website, admitting "it's not making a difference in people's lives".

The unglamourous reality behind perfect Instagram photos

There's a running joke on Instagram that the selfie and the tagged picture tend to be chalk and cheese

The most common furniture stains will make you want to spew

You might want to get up from the couch. Those mysterious stains on the sofa have just been named.


Horrible life hacks

4:38 PM   Life hacks make life easier and they utilise what we have on hand.

Forget FOMO, FOTAL is the new thing and it affects two-thirds of you

Sarah Berry 8:09 AM   Fear Of Taking Annual Leave is a thing.

Why are we so scared of porn?

Matty Silver   Most adults who watch porn know it's not real; it's fantasy and entertainment. They watch it to get aroused; because it's not that easy getting aroused looking at a cooking show.