Award just the Beginning for West End boutique

Joseph Ogilvie   After being crowned the state's hottest new business, a West End fashion boutique sets its sight on offices in Hong Kong and LA within five years.

Instagram account encourages paleo backlash

Nedahl Stelio    It was the backlash that had to happen ... a breakout faction of women who had perhaps tried all the super healthy diets and then decided eating carbs was actually … really good.

Jane Birkin withdraws support for the Hermes Birkin

Jake Cleland   The iconic Hermes Birkin bag may be debaptised after Jane Birkin stepped in over the Birkin Croco.


Sephora is coming to Melbourne

Mary Ward   The beauty giant will open up in Melbourne's CBD before Christmas.

Aussie model on stage with Taylor Swift

Mary Ward   First a national beauty campaign, then on stage with Taylor Swift; it's been a big week for Andreja.

Is the world ready for #KimNoFilter?

Kim Kardashian appears au naturel on the new cover of Spanish Vogue.


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Elora Harre heading to US for surgery after 55kg weight loss

Sophie Boot 9:03 AM   Over the course of two years, Elora Harre underwent a massive weight-loss regime, documenting her meals and workouts on her Facebook page The Shrinking Violet.

We are stretching for all the wrong reasons

Sarah Berry 6:10 AM   Stretching can create injuries rather than prevent them, researchers say.

Home & Style

How to grow an edible vertical garden this winter

Loren Smith   Horizontally challenged? Grow vertically.

What diseases can you catch from a toilet seat?

Donald McNeil   People really do fear toilet seats. One 1991 British survey of 528 women at an OB/GYN clinic found that 85 per cent said they crouched over public toilets while urinating, and 12 per cent papered the seat. Only 2 per cent sat all the way down.

In defence of hot showers

Jennifer Lopez once declared she washes her hair in ice water in a bid to ward off split ends and encourage a smooth mane.


Same-self marriage takes the maybe out of 'I do'

Katherine Feeney   They say you find happiness in marriage.

Gwyneth was right, conscious uncoupling works

Michael Coulter   "Conscious uncoupling", the phrase, washed up on the shore of the English language last year with all the style and subtlety of a rotting whale. 

Flannos v ballgowns: a Bachelor debate

Mary Ward   Is Tessa onto something?