Julie Bishop joins Rebel Wilson at LA Fashion Week

Donna Demaio   The Foreign Minister showed off her fashion chops front row at LA Fashion Week at the weekend.

Can you spot this Victoria's Secret Photoshop fail?

Helena Horton   People have been quick to point out a grave error made by the lingerie company

The reason our style icons are getting older ​

Nedahl Stelio   Getting older is good for your style agenda.


'Misleading' Christina Hendricks' commercial banned

Mary Ward   The Mad Men actress' Nice 'n Easy hair dye ad has been pulled.

Cate Blanchett: selfies are 'pathetic'

Aspiring models and actors have become starlets from their Instagram selfies.

Science confirms we do really have a 'type'

Sarah Berry   New research indicates beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.


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Uncle Tobys cuts fat, salt, sugar in muesli bars

Esther Han 12:15 AM   Food companies are cutting salt, fat and sugar as consumers start to take more notice of health-star ratings.

How to sleep like Oprah

Mary Ward 4:19 PM   Hint: you don't do it a lot.

Home & Style

Blake Lively shutting down her 'ridiculous' website Preserve

Barely a year after it began, Blake Lively is closing down her website, admitting "it's not making a difference in people's lives".

The unglamourous reality behind perfect Instagram photos

There's a running joke on Instagram that the selfie and the tagged picture tend to be chalk and cheese

The most common furniture stains will make you want to spew

You might want to get up from the couch. Those mysterious stains on the sofa have just been named.


Condoms don't make men lose their erection

Matty Silver 7:18 PM   Thanks to some Aussie researchers condoms may become your favourite bedroom accessory.

The myth that condoms make men lose their erections

Matty Silver 12:39 PM   I​t's amazing how often men tell me they don't use a condom because they think it makes them lose their erection.

The paradox of health and healing

Sarah Berry 9:13 AM   Excuses we feed ourselves hold us back from being healthy and happy, leading "medical intuitive" says.