You can buy everything in Vogue Australia for the price of a house

JENNA CLARKE 12:00am It is a truth universally acknowledged that lifestyles portrayed in glossy magazines are more aspirational than obtainable, however the total cost of items featured in some Australian publications cost more than a house.

The Rules ... I told you so!

Maggie Alderson Four words I make a point never to use. No, not "Oh, you shouldn't have …'', ''Shall we go Dutch?'', or "Can I bring anything?'' but the properly annoying '‘I told you so.''

Street Seen

Joanne Brookfield Senior policy officer Arlene Barcikowski works in a corporate environment but likes to show her personality.


The Queen and Camilla loosen up on the lippy at Commonwealth Games

JENNA CLARKE The royal family’s quest to be perceived as down-to-earth folk continued when both the Queen and Camilla were photographed touching up their make-up in public last week.

Woman who uncontrollably ripped her hair out becomes internet sensation

JENNA CLARKE A video of women pulling out her hair has attracted more than 5 million views on YouTube in just over a month.

Old Spice 'mandroid' is the new height of masculinity

LUCY CORMACK Old Spice has replaced their resident, all-American hunk with a robot in their latest ad campaign.


Is coconut water all it's cracked up to be?

Michael Moss 12:00am Since taking the world by storm as a miracle drink, marketers of coconut water have now scaled back their claims.

If you can run for five minutes a day, you may add years to your life

Rebecca Smith 1:16pm A few five minute jogs a week can add three years of life.

How healthy is your relationship with food?

Paula Goodyer According to an expert who specialises in eating disorders, tuning into your body's inner appetite signals is more useful than observing external food 'rules'.

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Home & Style

Furniture that looks, feels and smells like skin

RACHEL CLUN 10:36pm The naked body has always been a topic of interest for English artist Gigi Barker.

Princess Paris: At home with Paris Hilton

Helena De Bertodano She might have a room full of Jimmy Choos and a palace for her dogs, but socialite Paris Hilton insists she's a 'down-to-earth' girl.

Ikea lets customers make their house a home by adopting a dog

Colin Gorenstein In May, a Singapore-based Ikea partnered with two animal shelters to form "Home For Hope," a charitable initiative that places life-size cardboard cut-outs of dogs in various Ikea display rooms.


Five reasons why fistbumps beat handshakes

11:20am Researchers have found that greeting people with a fistbump rather than a handshake can reduce the spread of bacteria by up to 90 per cent. But that's one of many reasons why we should all adopt the gesture.

Going green: the rise of the eco-funeral

CATHERINE RODIE 12:00am Environmentally conscious souls are choosing 'greener' ways to farewell their loved ones. From the 'mushroom death suit' to a simple backyard burial, here are some of the weird and wonderful lengths ...

Would you sign a social media pre-nup?

Claire Donnelly 12:00am An increasing number of couples are entering into ‘social media pre-nups’, to stop their partners from posting embarrassing pictures in the event of a break-up.