Are 'beard gardens' a sign that we've reached peak hipster?

NEDAHL STELIO They’re so wrong, but so meticulously well done that you can’t help but appreciate them.

Miranda Kerr drinks beer during bizarre Jimmy Fallon interview

JENNA CLARKE Miranda Kerr has appeared on The Tonight Show, drank beer and given her most relaxed interview yet.

Jeweller Sarah Gittoes' style advice

GEORGINA SAFE Sarah Gittoes knows what she wants when buying clothes, rarely impulse buys and keeps well away from trends.


Woman who uncontrollably ripped her hair out becomes internet sensation

JENNA CLARKE A video of women pulling out her hair has attracted more than 5 million views on YouTube in just over a month.

Old Spice 'mandroid' is the new height of masculinity

LUCY CORMACK Old Spice has replaced their resident, all-American hunk with a robot in their latest ad campaign.

One in five women are interested in having 'designer vagina' surgery

LIVIA GAMBLE A recent study suggests a worrying trend among women to change the appearance of their vagina with surgery.


Lose weight for better sex

MATTY SILVER 12:00am With obesity rates on the rise, the effects of being overweight have attracted increasing attention, but one aspect of this problem is too often overlooked - the impact on male sexual dysfunction.

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Want to ditch your junk food habit? There’s an app for that

RACHEL CLUN Exercising self-control can be hard, especially when it comes resisting your favourite guilty pleasures.

Ice: The drug that’s hard on the head – and hard on families

Paula Goodyer It’s never easy when someone you love becomes dependent on a drug – but in the case of ice, you also have to cope with their chaotic behaviour.

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Home & Style

Ikea lets customers make their house a home by adopting a dog

Colin Gorenstein In May, a Singapore-based Ikea partnered with two animal shelters to form "Home For Hope," a charitable initiative that places life-size cardboard cut-outs of dogs in various Ikea display rooms.

Princess Paris: At home with Paris Hiton

Helena De Bertodano She might have a room full of Jimmy Choos and a palace for her dogs, but socialite Paris Hilton insists she's a 'down-to-earth' girl.

DIY: Stamped brass keychain tutorial

LIVIA GAMBLE The Etsy Blog has shared this DIY: Stamped brass keychain tutorial, which is the perfect introduction into working with a metal stamp set.


Brazilian who turned 126 years old last week could be oldest living person

Matt Roper A Brazilian man whose parents were African slaves could be the oldest living person ever documented after receiving a birth certificate showing he turned 126 last week, it was reported on Tuesday.

Saying 'I don't' to 'I do': The case for abolishing the Marriage Act

Katherine Feeney They say the time for marriage reform is now. But how about the idea that we should we just abolish the Marriage Act altogether?

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Party people

Mik Grigg and Amy Cooper From launch parties to scouting for bachelors, here is a rundown of last week's events in and around Sydney and Melbourne.