Diet and Fitness

Toothbrushing: you've been doing it wrong

A sparkling smile suggests more than just kissability and fresh breath.

Exercise your way to a better body clock

Boost your body clock: Run to the rhythm.

Sarah Berry   Moving gives us better rhythm in life, according to a new study.

Ten fruits and vegetables you're storing wrongly

Bananas for potassium: Whether it plays a direct role in better health, or encourages a focus on healthy foods, the survey indicated potassium is a positive.

Candy Sagon   You bring home fresh fruits and vegetables, stash them in the refrigerator and then wonder what the heck happened to make them shrivel, rot or go limp a few days later. Much of the time, the culprit is the way you're storing them. To keep your produce fresher longer, remember:

Perk up your sex life with coffee

Sexual stimulant.

A hit of caffeine could perk up more than just your energy levels.

Snacking secrets

Eating at night – should you fast or feast?

Snacking at night, even when one is not hungry, can become a bad habit.

Paula Goodyer   If we take cues from what happens in mice then eating junk food at night is a bad idea.

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Banishing bloat

How to avoid a bloated tummy

Certain foods make you feel ghastly and gassy.

Susie Burrell   Here are some foods to eat in order to escape feeling ghastly and gassy.

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Australia has a new food pyramid

New pyramid: Vegetables have taken their rightful place at No. 1.

Susie Burrell   Fats, sugar and "junk" foods have been eliminated from Nutrition Australia's pyramid.

Size matters

Healthy at any size or just politically correct?

Hosts of 'What Not To Wear' Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine encouraged women to ignore clothing sizes and make sensible fashion and lifestyle choices but came under fire for their controversial methods.

Paula Goodyer   The focus is turning on the notion of a "healthy size".

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Fat busters

The foods that prevent middle-age spread

Eggs are a handy dish to call on to ward off the middle-age spread.

Susie Burrell   How to beat being '40 and fat' using foods.

The unsexy truth about using food to cure disease

Kale: cancer-fighting claims are unsubstantiated.

Daisy Dumas   "Superfoods, pardon my French, are a load of crap."

Kilojoules labelling could lead to weight loss

Chow down: Kilojoule information on menus could help Australia win the battle against the bulge.

Esther Han   Paying attention to kilojoule labels on fast food could spare wise eaters 9 kilograms in a year.

Erin Molan breaks down as she interviews sister about cancer diagnosis

Emotional interview: Footy Show co-host Erin Molan.

Megan Levy   New mum Sarah Sutton was faced with a shattering scenario no person should have to endure: How do you say goodbye to the beautiful baby boy you had only just met?

Cooking with olive oil: some like it hot

Liquid gold: Searching for the good oil.

Sarah Berry   Not all olive oils are created equal, which helps to explain where the myth about cooking with oil comes from.

Beer in a jar

Vegemite fails the Fallon taste test

Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins road test Vegemite with obvious reservations.

Jenna Clarke   Jimmy Fallon reacted to our national delicacy like Pete Evans would to carbs.

Move lab

Paleo of fitness launches inside the gym


Sarah Berry   It's a survival of the fittest. And in an increasingly competitive field, gyms are looking for an edge.

The power of eating organically for just two weeks

A family of five managed to dramatically reduce the number of pesticides in their body by eating organically for two weeks.

A Swedish family has shown just how quickly an organic diet change can rid the body of pesticides.

Tall order

Tall people have healthier hearts: study

A study has shown that tall men have a lower risk of heart disease.

Mary Ward   The study found an association between height and a healthy heart.

You are what your friends eat: study

Woman holding plate of Boston creme doughnuts

Nicky Phillips   Researchers have observed for some time that the amount of food your dining companion consumes can influence on how much you eat. Now they've discovered just how powerful the effect of eating with others can be.

Junk indeed

Junk food kills bacteria that keep you thin: book

Junk food kills the gut bacteria that can help keep people thin, new book says.

Junk food kills the gut bacteria that can help keep people thin, while Belgian beer and coffee increase them, a new book by a leading academic claims.

Do 'gut feelings' really come from the gut?


Sarah Berry   Intuitively we know our feelings are linked with our guts.