35: The age of milestone madness for women

Bryony Gordon 9:43 AM   Milestone madness that says you have failed as a woman.

Aussie trainer teaches dogs yoga


Mary Ward 3:27 PM   Alas, their yoga education has not extended to the "downward dog".

Crybaby or just a highly sensitive person?

Emotional? It's not all bad.

Sarah Berry 1:36 PM   It feels like the filter between you and the rest of the world has been removed.

Radioactive 'bullets' offer a shot at beating bowel cancer

Radioactive microspheres delivered directly to tumours in the liver offer new hope to those failed by conventional treatments.

Laura Donnelly   New treatment seeing medics injecting microscopic resin balls into bowel cancer patients to target disease has produced “very impressive" findings

These two things can make you instantly happier

An injection of joy: it's in the detail.

Sarah Berry   A meaningful but painful existence might be more valuable to us than simple happiness.

Self pleasure

Discovering the art of masturdation

Dining alone sex and the city style

Sarah Berry   I masturdated for the first time a couple of years ago.

Dire diets

Obesity poised to overtake smoking as key cause of cancer

Obesity is set to become the biggest cause of cancer.

Laura Donnelly in Chicago   A middle-aged cancer epidemic is being blamed on the West's poor diet and overly generous portions.

New Scrabble word list: age-old game embraces text-speak

Twerk it out ... A wide selection of slang and tech terms has been included in the latest Scrabble dictionary. It won't stop all the arguments though.

Liam Mannix   Australia's Scrabble players are shuffling their tiles in anticipation of the long-awaited release of a new 'modern' word list – which is set to be heavy on the text speak.


How to fall asleep in one minute

Breathe easy: Soothe yourself to sleep.

Sarah Berry   Falling asleep is as simple as 4-7-8.

Earn more by being optimistic

A bonus: Look on the bright side.

Sarah Knapton   Accentuate the positive and eliminate your personal deficit.


Cheating? It's complicated

Love someone but still stray: What's the story?

Katherine Feeney   Why is it that some people can lie in bed at night, next to their long term partner, and smile, stroke their hair, say 'goodnight, I love you,' then roll over and peacefully reflect on the sex they had earlier that day. The sex they had not with their loving spouse, but with someone else.

Why is getting help 'weak'?

Chad Bennett: making a strong admission.

Sarah Berry   Champion boxer Chad "Hollywood" Bennett said he grew up thinking that seeking help for anger or depression was "weak".

The seven most common sleep problems

Double trouble? Sleeping together might be preventing a good night's sleep.

Cherrill Hicks   What type of sleeper are you? Could the way you sleep be affecting your health?

Let it go

Why you need to shake off your sex shame

Couples need to feel comfortable not shamed in the bedroom.

Matty Silver   Nothing kills the mood in the bedroom more than shame, unnecessary shame.

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About last night

Maureen Matthews.

Maureen Matthews   Reproaching a partner is a poor way to win attention.

Sharing is caring

The Facebook breast photo raising cancer awareness

Lisa Royle posted a photo of her breast on Facebook in a bid to raise awareness of cancer.

A widely-shared Facebook photograph of a British woman's breast has raised awareness of a more subtle breast cancer symptom.

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The paleo diet's other red meat: people

Cannibalism in Brazil in 1557 as described by Hans Staden.

Darren Curnoe   Are we really willing to eat the ‘real’ paleo diet, even if it means munching on grandma when she passes away?

Birthday party outsourcing: worth celebrating?

Indoor trampoline venue Bounce hosts up to 350 birthday parties every weekend around Australia.

Lucy Battersby   If you have a school-aged child, chances are it will be invited to a dozen birthday parties a year. If you have more than one school aged child, double it. At some point, you may be attending a children's birthday party every weekend and hosting several yourself.

Click bait

The most embarrassing masturbation stories

Betsey: 'You're welcome'.

May is masturbation month. To celebrate, Refinery 29 asked several brave women to reveal their most humiliating self sex stories.