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Parenting: Controlled crying may harm babies in later life

Dr Howard Chilton 12:00am Silencing the crying baby may not be responding to the child's needs – and may be harmful, says specialist Howard Chilton.

Parenting: Finding a work-life balance


JIL HOGAN 12:00am Children don't come with an instruction manual and no one tells you what to expect. Moreover, there is a flat ''no return'' policy. Jil Hogan talks to three sets of very different parents, about how the challenges of parenthood and how they manage their work-life balance.

A comprehensive guide

A comprehensive guide to YouTube's dumbest and most dangerous teen trends

YouTube challenge

Caitlin Dewey 10:07am It’s impossible to guess what “the kids” will dream up next — as long as they have cameras and underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, there’s really no saying.

Highlights of the week

This week we're obsessed with ...

Kylie on GQClick for more photos

12:16pm ... Kylie's backside on GQ, Target's collaboration with Missoni and Sandra Bullock's debaucherous 50th birthday party. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

What are the odds?

Indianapolis man scoops $1 million lottery jackpot for second time in three months

Robert Hamilton has won two $1 million lottery scratchcard jackpots

Mark Molloy A US lottery player has beaten the odds twice in three months by pocketing his second $1 million (£600,000) jackpot.

'They don't look good in selfies'

Are black cats being abandoned because they don't look good in selfies?

black cat

Edward Malnick Black cats are apparently facing a new existential challenge – the rise of the “selfie” in the age of social media.

Rise of the fistbump

Five reasons why fistbumps beat handshakes


Researchers have found that greeting people with a fistbump rather than a handshake can reduce the spread of bacteria by up to 90 per cent. But that's one of many reasons why we should all adopt the gesture.

Going green

Going green: the rise of the eco-funeral

A Kim Margin mushroom

CATHERINE RODIE Environmentally conscious souls are choosing 'greener' ways to farewell their loved ones. From the 'mushroom death suit' to a simple backyard burial, here are some of the weird and wonderful lengths people will go to for a 'greener' funeral.

Would you sign a social media pre-nup?

In this digital-happy, ‘share everything’ age, we’ve become used to playing out our relationships - and subsequent breakdowns - in public.

Claire Donnelly An increasing number of couples are entering into ‘social media pre-nups’, to stop their partners from posting embarrassing pictures in the event of a break-up.

Party people

party-thumbClick for more photos

From launch parties to last drinks, here is a rundown of last week's events in and around Sydney and Melbourne.

Puppy love or crazy cat lady? The risks and rewards of overattaching to your pet

LARISSA NICHOLSON Kathryn Walters does not go on holiday with her husband. Someone always needs to stay home with the pets.

Party parade: Sydney celebrity and social scene

Amy Cooper Catch up with the latest social and fashion happenings around Sydney.

Looking for love

Pheromone parties promote lust, not love, to smelly singles

A new dating experience which asks singles to smell old T-shirts of potential mates promotes lust not love, according to an Australian expert.

JENNA CLARKE Sex, not true love, is what you’ll get should you RSVP ‘yes’ to a Pheromone Party, according to a scent expert.

Party people: July 25

Hannah Saul at Clicquot at The Winery.

Mik Grigg & Amy Cooper From launch parties to last drinks, here is a rundown of last week's events in and around Sydney and Melbourne.

Work, money leading cause of stress


Money and work are still the biggest worries keeping us up at night.


What would you do if you found out your partner had a criminal past?

Gerard Baden-Clay and Allison Baden-Clay

Katherine Feeney Some people find themselves in relationships with people who have done terrible things, and it is the discovery of this horror that forces them to make a decision: should they stay, or should they go?

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This week we're obsessed with ...

NappingClick for more photos

Rod Stewart sans pants, people napping in Ikea Beijing and a hot chocolate revolution. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Creepy cat fact

What the Internet can see from your cat pictures

Pictures of cats, as cute or as grumpy as they can be, can offer clues to the location of their owners.

Derek Willis Your cat may never give up your secrets. But your cat photos might.

Trouble between the spreadsheets

Sex and trouble between the spreadsheets

no sex

Judith Woods A public cri de coeur revealing why your wife is refusing to have sex leaves much to be desired, says Judith Woods.

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Party people

Image 34 Party Parade ?Kerrie Hess and Cat O?Dea at Lancome Bastille Day Dinner at Rockpool CREDIT Esteban La Tessa

Lancome_14.7.14-75-KerrieHess, CatO'DeaCREDITEstebanLa TEssa.jpgClick for more photos

From launch parties to scouting for bachelors, here is a rundown of last week's events in and around Sydney and Melbourne.

Best of the week

This week we're obsessed with ...

ToastClick for more photos

A girl with no filter thanks to laughing gas, an incredibly awkward photo bomb and a toaster than burns a selfie onto your breakfast. By Simone Mitchell and Jenna Clarke.

Brazilian who turned 126 years old last week could be oldest living person


Matt Roper A Brazilian man whose parents were African slaves could be the oldest living person ever documented after receiving a birth certificate showing he turned 126 last week, it was reported on Tuesday.


Saying 'I don't' to 'I do': The case for abolishing the Marriage Act

Wedding rings

Katherine Feeney They say the time for marriage reform is now. But how about the idea that we should we just abolish the Marriage Act altogether?

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Party people

Bianca Martin and Tahli Greenwood at the CLEO Bachelor of the Year scouting event at The Emerson.

Mik Grigg and Amy Cooper From launch parties to scouting for bachelors, here is a rundown of last week's events in and around Sydney and Melbourne.

Best selfie ever?

Best selfie ever? Teen's snap with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet goes viral


Rachel Clun An American teenager has been catapaulted to worldwide fame after taking a selfie with Sir Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet.

UK court case

'Psychic' waiter gets his share of $1.8 million lottery win


RACHEL CLUN After a battle in court, a British waiter has won a fight for half of the winnings from a lottery draw worth more than $1.8 million.

The man who 'invented' the celebrity selfie


Daniel Miller The Hollywood cameraman who insists he invented the celebrity selfie in 1981.

New research

Research: Human friendships based on genetic similarities

Friends David Gyngell, left, and James Packer.

Joel Achenbach Friends often look alike. The tendency of people to forge friendships with people of a similar appearance has been noted since the time of Plato.

Gut instinct: harnessing the body's brain

Google goes in: Search inside yourself.

SARAH BERRY Intuition is often made out to be the airy fairy realm of those who carry incense sticks and see auras. But the body's intelligence is something to be taken seriously.

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No shame in acting 'like a girl'

little girl

Lauren Greenfield They are three words that are used to suggest someone is useless, weak, and even laughable but 'like a girl' is being reclaimed and redefined thanks to Lauren Greenfield's short video.


Capricorn horoscope

The world is in a warm, vibrant, creative mood today. Will you join in the fun or hold yourself apart? Hint: It's better to choose fun!

...find out more here