Shopper honours stranger who died after paying for her groceries

Teri Figueroa 4:42 PM   Jamie-Lynne Knighten wants the world to know the legacy of Matthew Jackson, a man she barely knew.

Reddit lights up with insights from people struggling with mental illness

When you wish the sound would stop: People with mental illness describe the experience.

Sarah Berry 1:57 PM   Amidst the mountain of detritus on the internet, there are insightful gems that help to create understanding.

The idea of sex repels me

Asexual: Robin Dibben.

In an increasingly sexualised world, what is it like 'coming out' as someone who has no interest in sex? Here, Robin Dibben explains.

Ten things no one ever tells you about married life...

Idiosyncratic quirks can lose their sheen.

Judith Woods   As Will Smith reveals his marital secrets, Judith Woods lets slip a few more.

Does leading a parallel life online mean we are more likely to cheat?

Alarm clock

Katherine Feeney   Here's the bad news: According to some experts, you're more likely to find yourself with a cheating partner these days.  

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Horrible life hacks

Why didn't I think of that? Not a genius idea...

Sarah Berry   Life hacks make life easier and they utilise what we have on hand.

Maureen Matthews: About last night

Maureen Matthews: You must find a balance.

Maureen Matthews   Take time to take a deep breath.

Forget FOMO, FOTAL is the new thing and it affects two-thirds of you

FOTAL: More than two-thirds of respondents in the survey felt guilty about taking a break.

Sarah Berry   Fear Of Taking Annual Leave is a thing.

Why are we so scared of porn?

Most adults who watch porn watch it to get aroused; because it's not that easy getting aroused looking at a cooking show. But why is it such a taboo for couples?

Matty Silver   Most adults who watch porn know it's not real; it's fantasy and entertainment. They watch it to get aroused; because it's not that easy getting aroused looking at a cooking show.

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Sleeping in could be bad for your health

Unhealthy habit: When your natural body clock is misaligned with your social clock.

Sarah Berry   If it hurt to get out of bed this morning, you may take some comfort from a new study that has found sleeping in may be bad for your health.

The microcomplaint: Nothing too small to whine about

Hungry and fatigued: Elizabeth Hurley.

Teddy Wayne   Name an inequity, and it is highly likely that social media has helped call meaningful attention to it, if not started and hashtagged a movement.

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Where can you find 2015's most eligible bachelors? At TEDX, with their girlfriends

Dylan Alcott, left, and Kyol Blakeney are nominees in the 2015 CLEO Bachelor of the Year competition.

Mary Ward   Australia's most eligible men have been rounded up once again.

A quarter of men think they get 'man periods'

The 'man period' might not be as mythical as it sounds.

Mary Ward   A British study has revealed one in four men believe they have a monthly cycle.

Couples who have sex once a week are happiest: study

You might not need to have sex as much as you think to maintain a happy relationship.

How much sex is enough? Just once a week, according to a US study.

The tiny steps that can lead you to happiness

Get lifted with the little things.

Rachel Cocker   Rachel Cocker meets the author of a new book that suggests changing 5 per cent of your habits can vastly improve your mood.

Is it ever too late to learn how to love?

Learning to love: can it be done?

Katherine Feeney   I know some beautiful people who are well into their 50s and 60s who've never experienced real love.

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More Australians more anxious than ever

Anxious? It's more common than you might think.

Sarah Berry   Feeling on edge? You're not alone.

Trans man shocked when bloated stomach turns out to be pregnancy

Azalia, with parents Elijah and Kayden Coleman, is just gorgeous.

Kayden Coleman had been living as a man for the best part of a decade when he realised he was pregnant.

Millions of men have 'no close friends'

Feeling friendless is common among men, research by the Movember Foundation has found.

Sarah Berry   Stoicism and isolation make lonely mates of too many men.