Eye-popping settlements burnish London's reputation as world's divorce capital

Griff Witte and Karla Adam   He's a fabulously wealthy fashion tycoon. She's a former Miss Malaysia with an Imelda Marcos-scale shoe fetish.

Top Christmas conversation starters

No ordinary family: Ways to kick off the chit chat with even the kookiest of kin.

We’ve licked our plates, unbuttoned our belts and slid down on our seat a little. Along with the indulgence-induced lethargy, there’s a lull in conversation.

The new wedding photographers

The proposal photographers

Jeff Ferraro, 32, proposes to Lauren Russo, 31, in front of the Capitol Christmas tree.

Jessica Contrera   A memorable proposal is no longer enough for some. It needs to be captured professionally to be shared with the world.

What goes online stays online

Dealing with oversharing relatives on Facebook

Common pitfall: Many older relatives who are new to Facebook are unaware of how it works and need to be told posts shared can also be viewed by strangers.

Rashida Tayabali   Feeling red-faced or angry with the oversharing sister-in-law or mum? You’re not alone.

Worry and sex

How to overcome sexual hang-ups

Hang-ups can put a damper on desire.

Matty Silver   Sexual hang-ups are common but if you leave them unchecked, they can affect your sex life.

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Political pin ups

Why our magazines should stop photoshopping politicians and petition them instead

Julie Bishop as she appeared in <i>Harper's Bazaar</i>.

Jenna Clarke   Australia’s glossy magazines continue to feature female MPs in glamorous fashion spreads but one title in the UK has done away with photoshopping pollies, opting to petition parliament for real issues affecting its readers instead.

Plan your Boxing Day in Sydney with our city-wide events guide

High stakes: Will Wild Oats XI dominate the Sydney to Hobart yet again?

Lane Sainty   What will you do on Boxing Day?

'I'm a waste of space'

Lambie opens up about suicide attempt

New look unveiled: Jacqui Lambie.

In a candid interview, politician Jacqui Lambie has opened up about her 10 years of unemployment, a suicide attempt and addiction to painkillers, as well as her new look courtesy of Botox.

Phones over friends

Phones over friends – have we lost the art of good manners?

Phone manners: Does it matter? Yes - being present with people is more important than ever.

Elizabeth Clarke   It is normal these days to priorities your phone over friends. Does it matter at all, or is it bad manners?

Why you should teach your olds to use Facebook

Old person using computer

Rachel Clun   While teaching your grandparents – or your parents, for that matter - to use the internet can be frustrating, a new study suggests it could be hugely beneficial.

Don't bite

The secret techniques for dealing with difficult people

How to handle hotheads: Giving them  space to vent is often enough.

Sarah Berry   How do we manage those whose mission is to extract the joy from a situation or put you down?

Couple together forever

Inseparable couple die within minutes of each other

A fairy tale end: A couple die within an hour of each other, after being married 69 years.

Rachel Clun   Guiseppe and Livia Fortuna were married for 69 years. They were so inseparable, it seems, that they couldn't live without each other.

Men prove receptive to the signals of fertile women's voices

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in <i>To Have and Have Not</i>.

Patrick Sawer   Scientists have established that a man's skin really does tingle when he hears a woman speak.

Women's voices make men's skin tingle


Patrick Sawer   From Laruen Bacall's killer line "You know how to whistle don't you?" in the 1944 classic To Have and Have Not, to Mariella Frostrup's honey-on-gravel huskiness, women's voices have renowned powers of seduction.

Evolution of the He-Man

Have we left 'manliness' behind?

Is this the age when hubby gets a headache, and we're all OK with that?

Katherine Feeney   If it’s true that we’re leaving manliness behind, does that mean men can look forward to feminised sex lives?

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How old do you feel you are?

How old do you feel you are?

Young at heart: The study showed a widespread trend of people feeling younger than their chronological age.

Karen Kaplan   When it comes to longevity, a study shows feeling young may be more important than being young.

Saviours of summer: City busker

Busker Graham Francis at his usual spot outside the MCA at Circular Quay

Saimi Jeong   Graham Francis, a guitarist of 70 years, a writer for six years, an ex-milkman and an ex-laboratory technician, now frequents Circular Quay as a busker.

The art of just being yourself

Being yourself:
We all want to be relaxed and confident, but it can be hard on a first date.

Rachel Clun   It is endlessly frustrating to be told to 'just relax' or 'just be yourself' when you're feeling anything but. Often, being told to 'take it easy' makes you feel even more self-conscious and stressed.

The joys of a bush summer

Kids who live hundreds of kilometres from the beach can still enjoy playing in the water.

Sophie Masson   For most of us, summer revolves around the sea. But many Australians enjoy a completely different holiday, far away from the ocean.

Spin Cycle - Kate Moss

Kate Moss: Trouble in paradise? Probably not.

Lenny Ann Low and Sarah Thomas   A walk through gossip journalism's warped reality.