Shop around for a good insurance deal

Clancy Yeates This year's devastating start to the bushfire season has underlined the value of insuring the biggest asset many people own: their home.


We all have a little life insurance, but most of us need more


Penny Pryer Insurance companies have been raving about Australia's "chronic" underinsurance problem for decades.


Large funds have life insurance covered

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John Collett Most of us don't have enough life insurance, so it's good that large superannuation funds provide ''default'' death and total and permanent disablement insurance to their members, who otherwise may...

Credit insurance risks uncovered

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Lesley Parker Consumer credit insurance - marketed alongside credit cards and personal loans as a way to protect your ability to meet repayments - remains on the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's...


Duopoly drives rising insurance costs

A depth gauge in the Warrego River near Enngonia. Water users in NSW are concerned about water allocations in Queensland. Photo by Andrew Meares smh news 8 February 2007 SPECIALX 222

Clancy Yeates 'Bill shock'' normally refers to the unpleasant experience of receiving an enormous phone or electricity bill. But it could just as easily apply to insurance.

Insurance commissions encourage churning

The chairwoman of Choice, Jenni Mack, says when you buy life insurance, a commission of about 130 per cent of your first year's premium, then 10 per cent to 30 per cent each year after that, is paid...

Pet insurance for a priceless companion

Trudy Collinson's dog, Bonnie

Trudy Collinson thought her dogs would be a good way to get her out of the house and to nearby Melbourne parks for exercise and to meet people while her children were at school.

Travel insurance cap may not fit

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Lesley Parker The more you take on holiday, the more you stand to lose if you're not adequately covered.


Your health is your wealth


Alexandra Cain Which private health funds give the best rebates?


Let's teach our kids money literacy

Mark Bouris dinkus.

Mark Bouris There's no adequate replacement for education when it comes to making financial decisions.


Investing to pay for university

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Noel Whittaker How can we turn $30,000 into more than $150,000 within 18 to 20 years to pay for our child's university?

Financial advisers have most to gain in proposals


John Collett The Coalition government's proposed amendments to the former Labor government's laws governing financial advice will result in less protection for investors.

Government will introduce amendments to financial advice laws, Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos signals

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John Collett The Coalition government is pushing to have the law changed so that bank tellers can sell an unlimited range of financial products across the counter.

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Dealing with that tricky townhouse tax

Townhouse tax.

George Cochrane If you knock down a house and build a new structure, will you get a hit from the taxman?


The right moves for a full pension

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Noel Whittaker What's the best way to put my super into my wife's name?


Should old cars count as assets in pension sums?

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Noel Whittaker Why is Centrelink including our two old cars and small boat when assessing our pension eligibility?


How to save up for school fees


George Cochrane What are the best ways to pay for tomorrow's private school expenses today?


Any colour you like as long as it's white

Nina Rossi paid extra to get her Audi with metallic white paint.

Nina Hendy Over-the-top colour choices are out and conservative hues are in as car buyers seek to maximise resale value.


Securing the best travel card deal

Noel Whittaker How do I know which travel card offers the best exchange rate?


FOFA tinkering in best interest of ordinary investors


Richard Livingston Don't believe the fear mongering – the proposed changes to financial advice laws could save you thousands.

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