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Citizenship bill likely to be struck down in High Court, says legal expert

Jane Lee, Judith Ireland 7:49 PM   The High Court would strike down a plan to automatically revoke dual nationals' citizenship if they are convicted of one of a wide range of crimes, a leading constitutional law expert says, with solicitors already gearing up to challenge it if it becomes law.

Last Gallipoli fighting ship: Lone Pine and Suvla a century on

Tony Wright dinkus

Tony Wright 7:06 PM   On Thursday, as Australia commemorates the 100th anniversary of the bloody Anzac attack on Lone Pine, Britain will simultaneously commemorate the 100th anniversary of its disastrous landing at Suvla Bay, for which Lone Pine was a diversion.

Power sector emissions jump most in decade as black coal use surges

Carbon emissions are climbing in the power sector.

Peter Hannam 6:24 PM   Carbon emissions from the country's main electricity grid have jumped at an annual rate of about 2 million tonnes in the past two months, the quickest pace in at least a decade, according to analysis by energy consultancy Pitt & Sherry.

The tooth hurts: more than a year to wait for dental services

Adam Ayad, aged 12,  being treated at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital.

Craig Butt 5:49 PM   The goal is to respond to dental emergencies but also to provide ongoing dental healthcare so emergencies don't occur, minister says.

Tanned, slim and sexy in one jab?

Pharmacists promoting a drug they say will make you tanned, slim and sexy - but side effects can be serious

Julia Medew 1:36 PM   It sounds like a near-perfect drug. It will give you a tan with minimal sunbaking, decrease your appetite and increase your sex drive with some mild side effects that usually subside within a week.

Everything you thought about your PE teacher was true

Did your PE teacher treat you like a loser? They may have had anti-fat bias.

Amy Corderoy 11:52 AM   If, like me, you were a fat kid, this will probably not come as a surprise to you.

The great credit card swindle

The major banks are being accused of gouging customers with startling high interest rates.

Esther Han 11:03 AM   Credit card holders have been ripped off more than $2 billion dollars in nearly half a decade because of the banks' failure to pass on official interest rate cuts, research shows.

Branko Gorgievski the first Australian to use new brain cancer vaccine

Branko and Paca Gorgievski.

Lisa Wachsmuth 9:04 AM   A New South Wales man is the first Australian to use a groundbreaking new brain cancer vaccine developed in Belgium.

Spending habits of top public servants 'flying under the radar'

The review will look at the entitlements of about 215 public officials whose salaries and allowances are subject to Remuneration Tribunal determinations.

Noel Towell 8:39 PM   The spending habits of top public servants are 'flying under the radar'.

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Be a heart and take up the Heart Foundation challenge

Kristen Henry, from Mix 106.3, will take part in the Heart Foundation's Canberra Celebrity Heart Challenge.

Karen Hardy 8:23 PM   There's some pretty stiff competition lining up alongside me for this year's Canberra Celebrity Heart Challenge.

Tax Office workers to be offered 1.5 per cent pay rise


Noel Towell   Unions gearing up for a fight over offer before it has been made.

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Sydney's coldest spell in 26 years and more chilly mornings ahead

Marley the sheep felt right at home in the snow.

Peter Hannam   Sydney notched its longest cold spell in 26 years and NSW had its most frosty July since 1997 after a series of strong cold fronts dragged unusually cool air over south-eastern Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

AGs dept 'ducking for cover' over Sydney siege letter, says PM&C

Man Haron Monis asked Senator Brandis whether it was lawful to write to the leader of Islamic State.

Noel Towell   We were running around like headless chooks, department's boss admits.

New melanoma 'risk regions' may point to treatment pathways

A melanoma under the microscope.

Bridie Smith 1:15 AM   A new study raises the potential for developing treatments for melanoma.

Passengers warned to expect delays as customs staff strike

Workers at Melbourne Airprot stop work amid an industrial campaign for better pay.

Daniella Miletic   Passengers at international airports across the country can expect delays due to a customs and immigration staff strike.

Victorians brace for snow, as Hobart gets a dusting

Snow blankets Hobart on Monday from the latest strong cold front to move across southern Australia.

Andrew Darby, Robyn Grace   It may not be snowing in the city like Hobart but Victorians can expect their own dusting of snow on Monday.

A jaded country's lost faith in democracy

Pat Campbell cover artwork for The Public Sector Informant, August 2015.

Stephen Bartos   If politicians want voters to trust public institutions, they must cede control to independent agencies and open themselves to scrutiny.

Halton's missed chance to set ethical bar high


Public Eye   Conflicts of interest in the public service are regularly managed extremely poorly, left largely to individuals to work out for themselves.

Khaled Sharrouf hailed by fellow jihadist prompting speculation of his death

Khaled Sharrouf

Australian Islamic State fighter Neil Prakash has paid tribute to fellow jihadist Khaled Sharrouf, prompting fresh speculation he has been killed.

Gen Y says ageism hurts us too

Ainslie Van Onselen  (left) says 96 per cent of female leaders between the ages of 18 and 34 see sex-discrimination as an issue.

Claire Stewart   Ageism cuts both ways and the gender wars are far from over, with new data showing that nearly all young female leaders think they would face less barriers and stay in the workforce longer, if they were men.

Two dead in Gold Coast car crash

Police investigate.

Two people have died in a car accident on the Gold Coast which closed the main highway for more than three hours.

Trivia game links Adam Goodes to film Planet of the Apes

Groundswell of  support: Adam Goodes

Georgina Mitchell   An online trivia game has shocked a family after it linked Indigenous footballer Adam Goodes to the film Planet Of The Apes.

Lost in translation: doctors' communication breakdowns


Julia Medew   Ever wondered what all the acronyms on your medical documents actually mean? Well, it turns out your GP probably struggles with them too.

Second class mums? Fight over new privately run public hospital

Artist's impression of the new Northern Beaches Hospital, which is due to be completed by 2018.

Amy Corderoy   It's a tale of two deliveries. One surrounded by plush furnishings and freshly cooked meals, the other, by a lower standard of room fixtures and food. Yet both will take place in the new Northern Beaches Hospital, a public hospital that will be run by the private sector. 

Blue Mountains blaze threatens homes

NSW Rural Fire Service crews prepare for impact on homes in Coronation

Georgina Mitchell   An emergency warning was issued for parts of the Blue Mountains in Sydney's west as an out of control fire began to approach homes.

Data mix but Aussies raise more glasses

Drinking problem: A new study finds alcohol consumption is increasing, not decreasing as commonly believed.

Amy Corderoy   The average amount of alcohol consumed by Australians increased between surveys undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2001 and 2012, by about 13 per cent.

Could two eggs a day keep the doctor away?


Amy Corderoy   Eggs have long had a bad rap when it comes to health. They're nothing more than tiny trojan horses, importing high levels of artery-clogging cholesterol into your body. But new research shows otherwise

Immigration spin doctors to lose special status

Media units in Commonwealth departments have been a sensitive subject,

Noel Towell   Dozens of Immigration Department spin doctors are set to lose their special public service classification.

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Major airport disruptions expected

Delays are likely on Monday as workers walk of the job at airports.

Delays are expected on Monday at Australian airports as staff walk of the job over a pay dispute.

When systems crash

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Rod Taylor 11:45 PM   Rather than engineer a 'fix' to climate change, why not avoid it in the first place?