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Bureau revises seasonal outlook after 'significant shift' in conditions

Peter Hannam 3:10 PM   The impacts of the monster El Nino in the Pacific are likely to intensify across much of Australia, including worsening drought and an elevated bushfire threat, after conditions that were nullifying its effects suddenly retreated.

HMAS Melbourne seizes 427kg of heroin in Indian Ocean

Officers process the seized drugs.

3:00 PM   An Australian warship has seized 427 kilograms of heroin from a smuggling vessel it intercepted in the Indian Ocean.

Tax Office targets Uber drivers

The Tax Office said as part of its data-matching program it will analyse data from financial institutions and identify drivers that earn income from driving for Uber and similar services.

Nassim Khadem 2:58 PM   Uber and other ride-sourcing drivers are being warned by the Tax Office to declare their income and pay GST before the end of the month.

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Red Cross aid workers awarded highest honour for nurses

Nola Henry was awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal on Tuesday night.

Katie Burgess 2:50 PM   Four Australians who've served on the front line of disease control, disaster relief and health care in some of the most war-torn and remote outreaches of the planet have been awarded the highest international honour for a nurse.

Your genes no longer owned by private company

Yvonne D'Arcy, who fought to have the breast cancer gene patent overturned, outside the Federal Court after it first ruled that mutations in the BRCA1 gene could be patented.

Amy Corderoy 2:27 PM   A 69 year-old pensioner has succeeded in a David-and-Goliath battle against a multinational corporation that claimed a patent over her genes.

Secret tape reveals Lomax knew of claims CFMEU's Kivalu was corrupt

A recording of a phone conversation revealed John Lomax knew of allegations his CFMEU colleague was corrupt before they were made public.

David Ellery 2:19 PM   Secret recording reveals John Lomax knew of allegations his CFMEU colleague was corrupt - despite saying otherwise.

'Tragedy like this only a matter of time', Zoe Woolmer inquest told

Zoe Woolmer

Inga Ting 2:05 PM   Little or no safety training is provided by many tour companies in central Australia, a coronial inquest has been told.

The year's eight shonkiest products revealed

Coca-Cola made the list.

Esther Han 12:00 PM   Ikea's "leather" couches, Kleenex's "flushable" wet wipes and NAB's "low" rate credit cards have each snagged a Shonky Award for delivering the opposite of what was sold to consumers.

One in three cancers in Australia could have been prevented: study

Obesity or a poor diet were a cause of more than 10,000 preventable cancers in 2010, according to Cancer Council-commissioned research.

Craig Butt 10:40 AM   Almost one third of all cancers diagnosed in Australia could have been prevented, new research has found.

World famous 'Harperman' public servant pulls the pin

Tony Turner, a public servant at Environment Canada, who wrote and sang the protest song Harperman.

Noel Towell 10:28 AM   But former Canadian public servant has 'no regrets' about protest song.

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'The plain packaging fiasco for climate change'

"It means governments won't be bold and ambitious as they should be."

Peter Hannam 8:36 AM   The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to undermine environment protection and could limit governments' ability to ramp up necessary action on climate change, green groups say.

One in three diagnosed cancers in Australia could have been prevented: study

Obesity or a poor diet were a cause of more than 10,000 preventable cancers in 2010, according to Cancer Council-commissioned research.

Craig Butt 6:44 AM   Almost one third of all cancers diagnosed in Australia could have been prevented, new research has found.

Sydney's heat to be blown away by damaging winds

Bronte Beach won't be so pleasant on Wednesday morning when the cool change arrives.

Peter Hannam 6:08 AM   Sydney unusual early-season heat will come to an abrupt - if temporary - halt on Wednesday as a southerly buster moves up the NSW coast.

The arm wrestle over drugs: inside the TPP deal

Deserves credit ... Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

John Garnaut 1:51 AM   The journey from Mike Froman's 12th-floor presidential suite to Andrew Robb's modest digs on the 58th can take as long as 10 minutes in the Westin Hotel – a gargantuan relic of the Atlanta Olympics, where the lifts go missing when most needed.

Young man with lymphoma needs $800,000 for another shot at life

Joey Lynch.

Julia Medew 10:13 PM   Joey Lynch thinks he is an unlikely character for a cancer story.

Sex offenders bashed on Christmas Island

Christmas Island immigration detention centre.

Chris Vedelago, Cameron Houston 8:38 PM   The Christmas Island immigration detention centre is in lockdown after a decision by the Australian Border Force to begin housing sex offenders there sparked brutal assaults.

Public service wages showdown looms in Turnbull's Prime Minister and Cabinet department


Noel Towell 11:30 PM   Battlelines are drawn as the Prime Minister's public servants prepare to vote.

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Immigration's property saga costs industry millions

Canberra Airport  boss Stephen Byron says the "local impact" requirement could lead to absurd outcomes.

Noel Towell 11:30 PM   Canberra property industry counts the cost of Immigration Dept's real estate saga.

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Fall in China's coal use here to stay, leading expert says

Professor Qi Ye, one of the world's leading experts on Chinese environmental policy, is in Melbourne this week speaking at a climate investors' conference.

Tom Arup 5:06 PM   The historic fall in China's coal use is a clear and consistent trend and should be factored in by Australian business, one of the world's leading experts on China's environment policy says.

A tale of two Johns brothers, the legends who league fans keep forgiving

Andrew and Matthew Johns during Matthew's last home game for the Knights.

Rick Feneley 4:44 PM   If it was only about the footy, Andrew 'Joey' Johns might have endured as a true immortal of rugby league. And his big brother Matty might have hovered eternally somewhere close to those gods of the game.

Bureaucrats' hidden gifts


Public Eye   No government agency makes its staff gift registry public. Why on earth not?

TPP will kill: health groups

Some groups say the TPP deal will reduce access to life-saving drugs.

Amy Corderoy   The PM says it's going to open up 'enormous benefit' for Australia. But health groups have warned people in need of urgent treatment in developing countries wont be so lucky.

Fiji's got nothing on Canberra

C5E2XA Sunset, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji Sunset, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Noel Towell    Fiji versus Canberra looks like a no-brainer for that public service career decision. But look a little closer.

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Frogs face 'mass extinction'

Mass extinction: The global frog population is under threat.

Rachel Browne   Frogs face "mass extinction" in the next century, according to research by Macquarie University expert Dr John Alroy.

British tourist Zoe Woolmer's Kings Canyon death examined in coronial inquest

British tourist Zoe Woolmer died in 2014.

British tourist Zoe Woolmer was on the adventure of a lifetime in Australia when things went horribly wrong at a notorious prank picture hot-spot.

Broken Hill health district defends handling of bullying claims

CEO for the Far West Local Health District, Stuart Riley.

Kate Aubusson   The health district that oversees the Broken Hill Base Hospital has defended its handling of bullying and harassment claims made by healthcare workers against management, blaming a recent "culture change" for "disrupting" staff.

Hottest early October weather in 73 years as sea breezes wilt

Kids cool off on the rope swing at Tench Reserve, Penrith, as the mercury nears 38 degrees.

Peter Hannam   Sydney faces another scorching day in the west on Tuesday as a big high pressure system steers unusually warm winds over the city.

What do government agencies ask public servants to do with gifts?


Markus Mannheim   We asked the 20 largest APS workplaces about their staff gift policies. Here are their responses.