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Toddler found in Brisbane car park

2:14 AM   Nobody has come forward to claim a toddler found wandering around the car park of a Brisbane shopping centre.

Radford College to spend $2 million on new entry

Earthworks for Radford College's new entry at the intersection of Haydon Drive and Battye Street in Bruce. 
31 Jan 2015
Photo: Rohan Thomson
The Canberra TImes

Matthew Raggatt 11:15 PM   More than 30 trees were removed in earthworks for the first stage of the $2 million revamp creating a new road entry for Radford College. Matthew Raggatt reports.

Australia a new growth market for medicinal cannabis

A Chinese man will be deported after pleading guilty to cultivating 371 cannabis plants for sale.

Christopher Harris 12:15 AM   Two Australian companies are leading the charge to introduce medical cannabis, hoping to launch a local industry estimated to be worth $100 billion globally.

Revealed - 12 more Aussies face death penalty

Sentenced to death: Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Tom Allard 10:30 PM   As 12 more Australians face execution, the Australian Federal Police accelerates its involvement in investigations that could lead to a death penalty.

Torn hearts of atonement

Jeanne Kiem reunited with her son Ryan.

John Elder 12:15 AM   Stories are being told of the good works of Andrew Chan and his fellow Bali Nine ringleader Myuran Sukumaran.

New debate over Lyme disease as 16-yr-old seeks radical treatment in Germany

Lyme disease sufferer Francesca Wallis at her home in Lindfield. She loved playing her bassoon but hasn't the energy anymore.
28th January 2015
Photo: Wolter Peeters
The Sydney Morning Herald

Tim Barlass 12:15 AM   The controversy over whether Lyme disease exists in Australia is set to be inflamed by very recent research that has found no evidence of the specific bacteria responsible on ticks from around Sydney.

Pandemonium in the court: big waits after new bail laws


Pallavi Singhal and Georgina Mitchell 7:36 PM   Tough new bail laws may already be taking a toll in the courts as delays see applicants wait in longer queues.

Bullying damage can be overcome

BABYMOON TIME: The Duchess of Cambridge will be treated to a "babymoon" ahead of baby number two's arrival in April.

Christopher Harris 12:15 AM   Childhood bullying can have long-term effects, but a supportive relationship with family and finding other ways to feel good about yourself means the traumatic experiences won't spill over into adulthood.

Private schools divert government funds to luxury pools: Greens

John Kaye

Kirsty Needham 12:00 AM   NSW private schools are using government funding that could have allowed lower fees to build "extravagant" facilities, a Greens MP says.

State's biggest water-bomber to take to skies

Bigger is better: Bigger water bombers will be used in NSW, replacing retired Erickson Aircranes, such as the one pictured.

Pallavi Singhal 6:17 PM   The biggest plane ever used in NSW to water-bomb fires will be in action next bushfire season, the NSW Rural Fire Service has announced.

Neil Gaiman: The day I was strung up by my school tie

Portrait of English author Neil Gaiman. Saturday 31st January 2015. Photograph by James Brickwood. SHD NEWS 150131

Linda Morris 12:00 AM   Taunted, teased and throttled until unconscious, author Neil Gaiman says victims of schoolyard bullying need to name their tormentors.

Home invasion in Watsons Bay leaves family in fear

Justice generic

Georgina Mitchell 4:16 PM   A Watsons Bay family was threatened by a knife-wielding robber during a home invasion carried out in broad daylight, a court heard on Saturday, leaving a family in "significant fear" as the home invaders allegedly sought to settle a $600 debt.

Boycott knighthoods and damehoods: Bob Carr

Bob Carr.

Allison Worrall 1:08 PM   Australians should boycott knighthoods and damehoods by refusing to refer to knights and dames by their title, says former Foreign Minister Bob Carr.

CSRIO supercomputer enables cardiac arrest breakthrough

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 31:  Jamie and Kylie Donaldson and their children Coby in stripey sleaved top (7), Callum (5), Summer (2), on January 31, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. Jamie suffers from a heart rhythm disorder, known as Long QT Syndrome.  (Photo by Fiona Morris/Fairfax Media)

Rose Powell 12:15 AM   In a world first, doctors at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute have used computer gaming technology to help better diagnose patients suffering from a heart rhythm disease.

Judicial review into Bali Nine pair 'would not stop executions'

Holding out hope: Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Jewel Topsfield   A judicial review into the condemned Bali Nine members filed on Friday would not stop executions proceeding, according to a spokesman for Indonesian Attorney-General H.M Prasetyo.

High rise kids in their parents' hearts

Marton Sadler with his wife Agata and child Olivia in their Southbank high-rise apartment.

Aisha Dow 12:15 AM   As Melbourne’s population soars, more people will have to consider apartment living. New York’s high-rise community could have a few valuable lessons for those contemplating high-rise living.

Schoolyard bullying: are boys meaner than girls?

Challenge: New research says boys don't only push and shove.

Amy McNeilage 12:00 AM   In tales of schoolyard bullying, young girls spread rumours and alienate their victims, while boys push and shove.

Artist Colin Lanceley: 1938 - 2015

Artist Colin Lanceley at his Surry Hills studio in 2010.

John McDonald   Colin Lanceley may have been disappointed but never deterred, as he was making art for all time, not for a season, says John McDonald.

Car registration costs to rise as refinery capacity disappears: inquiry hears


Heath Aston   Car owners could be forced to pay more for vehicle registration as a direct result of Australia's rapidly-vanishing capacity to refine crude oil.

Veterans Affairs public servants offered 0.6 per cent

Public servants demonstrating in Canberra in November last year.

Noel Towell   2000 department officials asked to take an effective pay cut, unions says.

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Just redress scheme for abuse victims may top $4.3b estimate


Paul Bibby   Providing just redress to victims of child sexual abuse could cost more than the $4.3 billion estimated by the Royal Commission, victims advocates say.

Social media fury reveals the customers always write

The introduction iSnack 2.0 caused outrage.

Esther Han 12:15 AM   It wasn't supposed to be hard, and certainly not dangerous. Sharon Lee, like tens of thousands of Australians over the festive season, pulled out a fresh roll of Glad Wrap to cover the leftovers of a scrumptious feast.

A nut by any other name is now called Ella

Nutella: Baby name, delicious spread or both?

unknown 11:45 PM   It is parents with a sense of superiority - people who overvalue their children's place in society, and therefore their own - who land their children with whacky names, research declares

Success: MH17 crash site sunflower seeds germinate


Paul McGeough   Australian quarantine officials are 'cautiously optimistic' their trial planting of sunflower seeds taken from the MH17 crash site will produce enough seeds to distribute as mementos to families and friends of those who died in the crash.

New Crystal Hall entry for Australian Museum

Museum head Kim McKay, Deputy Premier Troy Grant and architect Rachel Neeson at the unveiling of the new design.

James Robertson   The face of the Australian Museum will be remade with a new glass entrance hall, a major contemporary addition to the country's first museum.

What now for Apple?

The mysterious Apple Watch will be available in April 2015.

Though iPhone and iPad sales may be plateauing life involving these devices as an all-purpose tool make Apple's future look rosy.

The art of giving


Brian Steer 11:45 PM   I wasn't quite sure why 2015 had a bit of a 'ring' to it, and then the penny dropped: my father was born 100 years ago.

India has outlawed homosexuality. But it's better to be transgender there than in the US

generic thumbnail, gay rights, gay pride

Rajesh Sampath 10:26 AM   In their quest for acceptance, transgender people have found it in an unexpected place – socially conservative South Asia.

'This is just insanity': four Nobel laureates let fly over Australian science funding

Four of Australia's most renowned scientists - Nobel Prize winners Elizabeth Blackburn, Brian Schmidt, Peter Doherty and Barry Marshall - spoke to The Australian Financial Review about their fears and concerns for Australian science.

PS compo battle over $19,956 breast surgery

Expensive option: Surgery.

Phillip Thomson   A public servant complained that a computer work injury sent bust size from DD to EE. A tribunal suggested Jenny Craig.