Government's plan to save the Bureau of Statistics

Noel Towell 10:20 AM   Merger of the ABS and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare a "done deal".


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Parliament contracts poorly managed, in-house food under fire: audit

Carol Mills, Department of Parliamentary Services Secretary, during an earlier estimates hearing.

Primrose Riordan 4:16 PM   A new report has attacked DPS over its management of $62.8 million worth of contracts, saying the business cases for the majority of them don't show clear value for money.

CSIRO scientists threaten walk-out over pay, conditions

CSIRO chief executive Larry Marshall has made it clear that the wage deal would be in line with the federal government's tough public sector bargaining guidelines.

Noel Towell 4:05 PM   Thousands of CSIRO scientists have started a campaign of action to force their bosses to the negotiating table over pay and conditions.

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Ex-mandarin tells govt lawyers to write their own briefs

Former Attorney-General's Department secretary Roger

Markus Mannheim 11:46 AM   The government's legal bills continue to rise despite significant cuts to agency budgets.

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Australian Border Force calls in reinforcements

 Mike Pezzullo

Noel Towell 8:42 AM   Immigration boss moves to plug gaps left by high-level defections.

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Tick tock: Public servants lose $1m a week in pay

Senator Eric Abetz.

Phillip Thomson 11:30 PM   Public servants from the three largest departments are forgoing more than $50 million a year because agreements - and pay offers already on the table - are going unsigned.

Sandwich solidarity at DHS fails to bite, say bosses

A sandwich

Noel Towell 6:22 PM   Public servants going for a sandwich leaves bosses unfazed.


Labor's Brandis hunt is doomed without missing notes


Markus Mannheim   "I cannot find them, I am sorry. I had them on a notepad." It's the bumbling, mumbled apology that will save Brandis.

Concerns over weapons companies' parties at war memorial

Hosting parties: Greens raise concerns about weapons manufacturer's events at the Australian War Memorial.

Phillip Thomson   Veterans unhappy as "ethical" drama rears up after weapons companies use War Memorial to "increase profile".

'Lobbyists should reveal private talks with ministers'


Ross Peake   Lobbyists should be forced to reveal their private discussions with ministers and senior public servants under a radical plan proposed to counter the influence of powerful vested interests

Seselja accuses PS union of hypocrisy

Senator Zed Seselja.

Phillip Thomson   Senator claims union is threatening its own members' jobs in its conduct of ballots.

ACT dumps Comcare

Public Servants

Noel Towell   Territory walks away from embattled scheme as premium bill approaches $100 million.

New Treasury boss defends austerity and Ronald Reagan

Head of Treasury John Fraser and Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann during a Senate estimates on Wednesday.

Peter Martin, Gareth Hutchens   The new head of Australia's Treasury is a fan of the Ronald Reagan tax cuts in the US, believes austerity has had a bad press and is wary about using government spending to stimulate the economy.

Human Services' secret seven

Public service workers

Noel Towell   The huge taxpayer-funded legal bill is expected to grow in the ongoing Department of Human Services dispute with a father over $6000 in child support.

'Overlooked': Defence secretary's opening salvo at Estimates

Defence secretary Dennis Richardson: "We have a somewhat difficult and challenging environment this year."

Phillip Thomson and Noel Towell   Dennis Richardson predicts year of upheaval as DMO boss Warren King walks.

Paid parking is bullshit, says Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan

Senator Bill Heffernan during an earlier Senate Estimates Hearing.

Noel Towell and Emma Kelly   Paid parking will have a "horrific" impact on workers who work "bloody hard".

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Infrastructure staff cop below-inflation pay offer

MONEY 040219 AFR .PICTURE BY Gabriele Charotte /   GENERIC money, purse, savings, bank, atm, economy, interest rates, home loan, wages, salary, superannuation, bills, notes, pay, coins, investment, share market, sharemarket, stock exchange, trading, shares, funds  , fifty-dollar notes, wallet, $50-dollar bills, cash

Noel Towell   More than 1200 public servants at the federal Department of Infrastructure have been asked to accept pay rises as low as less than 1 per cent each year in return for working three extra days.

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Public service boss says pay offers in line with inflation

Public Service Commisioner John Lloyd said recent pay offers for bureaucrats were fair.

Phillip Thomson   The Public Service Commissioner says the low inflation environment meant recent pay offers are fair.

The APS's battle against women in the workplace

Documents from the National Archives reveal the contempt for women held by the hierarchy of the public service in 1920.

Noel Towell   Documents reveal the public service considered women 'physiologically unfitted to carry responsibility' early in the 20th century.

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Paid parking stuff-up: credit cards cancelled, 'suspicious' charges

Pay parking Yarralumla.

Phillip Thomson   The National Capital Authority has been hit with complaints about mysterious transactions.

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ATO bosses plead for calm

Public servants at the Tax Office are now set to vote on industrial action in early April.

Noel Towell   Senior managers at the Australian Taxation Office have pleaded with their public servants to cool it as anger over the agency's below-inflation pay offer threatens to boil over.

No one's been told Parliament's paid parking could happen in a month

Parliament House, Canberra.

Phillip Thomson   A massive slug to the hip pocket looms. But no one's been told. Until Monday morning.

DPS secretary clashes with ALP senators

Carol Mills.

Noel Towell   Department of Parliamentary Services Secretary Carol Mills fights back against reports criticising her conduct.

Public servants feel performance management unfair

Public servants told a researcher studying performance management that the reward for good work was often more work.

Noel Towell   Dud APS bureaucrats are let off the hook by soft benchmarking, colleagues say.

2015's 'perfect storm' will be public service exodus


Phillip Thomson   The town centre and its disappearing bureaucrats.

Anger spreads: ATO moves toward industrial action

Public servants at the Tax Office are now set to vote on industrial action in early April.

Phillip Thomson   Staff at Australia's tax office are moving toward industrial action which could hurt the federal government.

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One in four Tax Office staff threaten strike action by mid-year

Tax Office workers are set to join a growing number of other public service workers that have been protesting against new work agreements.

Nassim Khadem   One in four Tax Office workers are set to go on strike by mid-year over what they claim is an unfair pay deal with tougher working conditions.

'I regret': Defence boss's tough email to 20,000 staff

Email: Dennis Richardson.

Phillip Thomson   Secretary Dennis Richardson knew his staff thought the ADF was rough. Then he had to give them theirs.

ABS is behind controversial proposal to axe the 2016 census

The 2011 census cost $440 million, with 29,000 census collectors employed.

Peter Martin   The controversial proposal to axe the 2016 census has originated from the Bureau of Statistics rather than the Abbott government, the bureau has revealed.

The delicate art of delaying decisions

There are benefits in seeking advice from outsiders but governments can't put off decisions forever.

'My bully boss is killing my career prospects'

We put your workplace conundrums to an executive coach.

Sex, spies and lies? The spurious case against ex-department head John Burton

It's time to withdraw public claims against one of Australia's most brilliant public servants.

The Informant Diary: November 2014

Courses, conferences and events for public servants.

'After years of firing staff, I've lost faith in my department'

We put your workplace conundrums to an executive coach.

Supervisors who hate their staff but don't know how to tell them

Judy and Carina: a common tale of how our lack of self-awareness hurts others and ourselves.

Risky business: home insulation, gung-ho policy and the endless fallout

Public servants should heed the Hippocratic dictum: first, do no harm. If that makes them seem unduly risk-averse, so be it.