Monis warned of Martin Place protest six years ago

Rory Callinan 1:30 PM   Hostage taker Man Haron Monis warned police six years ago he would continue "protests" relating to terrorism issues in Martin Place.

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Gunman's wife 'a normal type of person'

Droudis had been ordered to live at this address as one of her bail conditions.

Anne Davies   Amirah Droudis was not always the devout Muslim woman as she presents in her YouTube videos, with a veil covering all but her eyes.

'I walked out of their house to a siege'

Native American shaman Walks The Wind and wife Joanne Proctor embrace following a sage burning ceremony for the victims of the Martin Place siege.

Michael Koziol   Joanne Proctor was teaching siege victim Katrina Dawson's parents Pilates at the exact moment Man Haron Monis stormed the Lindt cafe in Martin Place.

'He was not part of beheading plot'

Omarjan Azari under police guard at Sydney's Central Local Court.

Paul Bibby   Three new charges of financing the terrorist organisation Islamic State have been lodged against accused Sydney terrorism plotter Omarjan Azari.

Split in support for national security

Snipers enter Martin Place from Macquarie Street as the siege unfolded.

Nicole Hasham, Mark Kenny   Cracks have emerged in the normally bipartisan area of national security policy after Bill Shorten warned an inquiry into the Martin Place siege would satisfy public concern only if it is transparent and open about mistakes made.

Anti-Islamic protesters disrupt memorial

Anti-Islamic protesters at Martin Place on Friday afternoon.

Michael Koziol   Sydneysiders paying their respects at Martin Place have shouted down a group of anti-Islamic protesters who appeared at the memorial on Friday afternoon.

Fewer beds at Westmead during holidays

Westmead Hospital: 58 beds will remain closed until January 27.

Anna Patty 11:45 PM   Despite Westmead Hospital having the busiest emergency department in NSW, its annual closure over New Year has been extended until January 27.

Cunneen blames 'malevent' relative 

Love and support: Margaret Cunneen

Kate McClymont 11:45 PM   Controversial crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen has blamed her “malevent (sic)…long-estranged [family member]” for a corruption investigation.

You're only as old as you feel: study

Fit as a fiddle: Helen Clift, 88, still gets up at 5am to walk to her local pool to swim every day.

Harriet Alexander 12:15 AM   Life is good, age is irrelevant and the most energetic people are those who do not feel old, Harriet Alexander explains.

Inaction means home is where the draught is


Peter Hannam 12:15 AM   A survey of stakeholders in the construction sector found 65 per cent thought the building code energy-efficiency provisions were not implemented strictly, but no one is following this up.

Gillard's ex could be charged

Bruce Wilson at the  royal commission into trade unions.

Anna Patty   Former prime minister Julia Gillard's ex-boyfriend Bruce Wilson could face charges under recommendations of the Royal Commission into union corruption.

Randwick  size up its neighbours for mergers

Randwick mayor Ted Seng.

Leesha McKenny 11:45 PM   Randwick residents will be asked to size up their neighbours for what its mayor has described as "one of the most important decisions in the 155-year history of our City".

Injunction bid to save the Newcastle rail line

Rail protesters in Newcastle.

Nicole Hasham, Michelle Harris   The state government insists it is not acting illegally by tearing up part of the Newcastle rail line, despite a last-ditch legal challenge to scupper the works.

What we found when we captured metadata

Computer hackers who threaten British national security will be punished as harshly as murderers under new plans unveiled

Mark White 12:15 AM   Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonjhelm gave permission for metadata from his business address in Sydney's inner west, an agribusiness consulting company, to be captured and analysed. Here's what we found out.

Auditor-General slams WestConnex

Extra lanes: Artist’s impression, looking towards the south-west, of how the interchange of the M5 East motorway and King Georges Road, Beverly Hills, will be upgraded for the WestConnex project.

Jacob Saulwick   The only independent review of the WestConnex plan concluded "it was not able to form a view on whether the project is worthwhile".

'No evidence' Eddie Obeid is a flight risk: court

Eddie Obeid at the Downing Centre Local Court where he is facing charges in relation to evidence presented at ICAC today.

Kate McClymont, Michaela Whitbourn   Corrupt former Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid left the court a happy man after a magistrate ruled he did not have to surrender his passport.

Fire ant blitz of 600 homes

Spread fears: The red imported fire ant.

Josh Dye   Trained red imported fire ant inspectors will search 600 Sydney homes on Saturday as the state government investigates whether the ants have spread beyond the initial outbreak into nearby residential properties.

State government reveals $272m surplus

Andrew Constance

Matt Wade   Sydney's booming property market has lifted the NSW government's finances into the black.

Late new tram will mean big fines

On track: An artist's impression of the proposed light rail system.

Jacob Saulwick   The private builder of the $2.1 billion light rail line to run from Circular Quay to the eastern suburbs could face penalties if they are unable to construct it according to schedule.

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Monis: 'humanitarian' and terrorist

Man Haron Monis described himself as a ‘humanitarian’. But he was an unhinged attention seeker who hitched his personal grievances to the Islamic State bandwagon.

'I love you mum': A daughter's note

Among the thousands of public tributes made to the victims of the Sydney siege, there was a very personal one.

Acknowledge errors to prepare for the future

John Howard used to say it and Tony Abbott does too: the first responsibility of government is national security, identifying potential threats and protecting to the maximum extent possible. Judged against this criterion, the government has failed.

'We have to do something'

Anne Davies: A reporter's creepy encounter with Man Haron Monis.

A Sunday congregation without God

They may have lost their religion, but not their faith in traditional religious rituals. As Peter Munro finds, members of atheist churches are gathering for "all the best bits" of Sunday services - but no worship.

Schoolies: rite of passage or reckless booze-fest?

Bleary eyes, sunburnt shoulders and sleazy selfies will be the lingering evidence of schoolies for the thousands of weary Australian teenagers dragging themselves home this weekend.


Cairns stabbing: mother arrested

Police have released details about the stabbing deaths of the eight children in Cairns and the mother has been arrested for murder.

Cairns community mourns dead children

The Cairns community of Manoora mourns the stabbing deaths of eight children and the circumstances that led to it.

Security camera captures moments before siege

Footage from security cameras overlooking Martin Place appears to show Man Haron Monis an hour before the hostage crisis begins.