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Power sale won't stop Baird win

SEAN NICHOLLS Two-thirds of NSW voters believe power prices will rise if the Baird government proceeds with the partial sale of electricity assets, an exclusive poll reveals.

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NSW news

Labor trust deficit despite Liberal woes

Voters polled gave the Coalition high marks for trustworthiness.

SEAN NICHOLLS 12:59am New poll gives Coalition good marks for trustworthiness despite the Liberal party being dragged through weeks of corruption hearings.

O'Farrell downfall pays off for Coalition

Sean Nicholls dinkus Dinkus

6:17am The latest Fairfax/Ipsos poll result appears to prove it: Barry O'Farrell's downfall may have improved the government's position.

McKay closes in as preferred leader


NICOLE HASHAM Her return to NSW Parliament is far from certain, but Jodi McKay is breathing down the neck of John Robertson as preferred Labor leader.

Taxi drivers fight back against uberX

Fighting back: Vigilante hire car owner Russell Howarth.

Jacob Saulwick and Michael Power Some taxi drivers are making citizen's arrests to stop the rise of ride-sharing service uberX, writes Jacob Saulwick.

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Woman charged after baby pulled from drain

The baby boy found at the bottom of a drain in Sydney's northwest.

Amy McNeilage and Leesha McKenny 6:18am A 30-year-old woman, believed to be the baby's mother, has been charged with attempted murder.

Fraudster's home sold for $3 million

Vito Zepinic pictured outside his Turramurra home in 2008 before he left for London.

KATE MCCLYMONT A man with convictions for passing himself off as a psychiatrist has had his Turramurra mansion sold by an order of the NSW Supreme Court.

Push for drugs summit as ice addition grows

One teenager who spoke to the Sun-Herald about trying to kick her ice habit.

8:39pm The NSW Government is under increasing pressure to hold a drug summit after the State Opposition rallied alongside health and welfare groups.

Sydney's heatwave nears record highs


AMY CORDEROY 7:02pm Parts of NSW sweltered through record high temperatures and severe fire danger on Sunday, with the hot weather lasting well into the afternoon.

Opal card set for use on light rail

Opal card

JACOB SAULWICK 11:45pm The public transport smartcard will be available on the line from Central to Dulwich Hill.

Bathurst man drowns saving daughter

emergency thumb

Nadine Morton 5:24am A 36-year-old Bathurst man has drowned while saving his five-year-old daughter.

The ice age: Young teens getting hooked

The drug ice

EAMONN DUFF Three years ago, she was attending one of the state's top primary schools in Waverley. Today, she is 14 years old and so consumed by her addiction to the drug ice, she has sold her body on Sydney's streets to fund her next fix.

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Police officer tells of sleepless nights.


EAMONN DUFF Detective Superintendent Tony Cooke has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact ice is having on today's younger generation.

Teens speak out about their ice addiction

Sun Herald campaign again ICE - methamphetamine. Photograph shows 4 youths under 17 from New South Wales who have been trying to kick their ICE habit. Identifications are to remain anonymous. Names given are made up. Blue Cap - Dean, White Shirt - Jimmy, Girl in cap - Sarah, Girl with hair out - Kayla. Photographed in Tempe. Tuesday 18th November 2014. Photograph by James Brickwood. SHD NEWS 141118

EAMONN DUFF Eamonn Duff spoke to the four teenagers, from contrasting backgrounds, who are currently undergoing residential therapy for ice addiction.

P-plater charged after cyclist death in Sydney

cycling lane symbol

Leila Abdallah A 17-year-old has been charged, after he crashed into a cyclist in Sydney's north on Saturday morning.

Footy star tackles water safety

Shore thing: Former Bulldogs captain Michael Ennis, now at Cronulla, with his children, from left, Jack, 7, Kobyfox, 5, and Randy, 4, at Cronulla Beach.

ROSE POWELL National SwimSAFER ambassador Michael Ennis has three kids, a backyard pool, and a horror of any of them drowning.

Police sink drunken Sydney party boats

On the 50th day: Beer.

KIRSTY NEEDHAM NSW Police and liquor inspectors started a crackdown on drunken behaviour on Sydney's party boats on Saturday.

Coal seam gas report on Santos kept secret

A Santos employee near Narrabri in northern NSW.

Natalie O'brien Questionable safety standards and leaking ponds are just some of the things the EPA did not want the public to see.

It's official: 60,000 units for Parramatta Rd

Chockers: Parramatta Road near Flemington Markets.

KIRSTY NEEDHAM The draft plan has been release ahead of schedule and shows 10,000 more homes than previously thought.

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Former AG glad mandatory sentences failed

Unnecessary: Former attorney general Greg Smith is glad mandatory sentences failed.

KIRSTY NEEDHAM Greg Smith says tabloids and talkback radio hosts pushing for tougher law and order in NSW can "get stuffed".

Caves full of fossils faces underwater future


Damien Murphy They are one of the most cavernous limestone areas in NSW, but they'll go under water again if a dam across the Belubula River gets the nod.

Fight to save mother from despair

Helped through depression: Molly Hutcherson receives a kiss from son Clem, 2. She suffered mental health problems after giving birth.

AMY CORDEROY NSW has no public hospital beds for pregnant women with mental health problems.

Outcry at ABC cuts: Pollies blamed


Tim Barlass Prominent ABC journalist Quentin Dempster described Communications Minister as "a bullshitter" at a Sydney protest.

Holiday house owners paid to stay home

In demand: Karala at Palm Beach costs $25,000 a week to rent during peak season.

TOBY JOHNSTONE Some of the city's most expensive holiday rentals have been booked out for the entire holiday period.

Apartment boom leads to mailbox theft

Be vigilant: Local police stations are advising apartment-dwellers to be on the lookout for thieves, better protect their mail and collect credit cards or other forms of identification in person.

MICHAEL KOZIOL Sydney's apartment boom is leading to a rise in mail theft and identity fraud, police say, with organised crime syndicates targeting mailboxes.

Controversial faith healer visits Sydney

Jodi Brown of the Central Coast and Julia Moore of New Zealand made the trip to Sydney for an encounter with faith healer, John Of God.

JULIE POWER Dressed in white, an estimated 6000 people arrived at Sydney's Showground to be healed physically or spiritually.

19th century taxidermy is science and art

Hide and seek: Dr Jude Philp prepares one of the exhibits at the Macleay museum.

STEPHANIE WOOD A new exhibition of 19th century taxidermy at University of Sydney's Macleay Museum is a display of both science and showmanship.

Revealed: Second Sydney Harbour road tunnel

Sydney harbour

Jacob Saulwick and Leesha McKenny A motorway under the Balmain peninsula and Lane Cove will be included in the government's next plan for the state.

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How we got Eddie Obeid, the Teflon Don

Eddie Obeid at his home in Hunters Hill on Thursday, after the ICAC announced the DPP would proceed with charges.

KATE MCCLYMONT Eddie Obeid faces charges of misconduct in public office relating to his family's cafe leases at Circular Quay. This is how he came undone.

Sydney Water to claw back expenses

 Nick Di Girolamo: ICAC heard allegations that costs at Australian Water increased after Mr Di Girolamo joined the board full time in 2007

MICHAELA WHITBOURN Almost $1 million in expenses were allegedly charged to the taxpayer-funded Sydney Water by the Obeid-linked company Australian Water Holdings.

ICAC questions unis about foreign students

No answer: Yingying Dou, director of the MyMaster website.

AMY MCNEILAGE International students bring lucrative rewards to Australian universities, but there is a price.

Rookwood cemetery calls in the goatbusters

Cemetery calls in the goatbusters: The elusive white Boer goats of Rookwood Necropolis, which is to be overhauled as a tourist destination.

JULIE POWER They’ve been called the goats of Christmas past and they could end up being the ghosts of this Hannukah cometh.

Calls reveal traffic of young men to Syria

Accused: Hamdi Alqudsi is said to be recruiting foreign fighters.

RACHEL OLDING As Sydney man Mahmoud Abed Aboshi crossed the border into Syria, allegedly to take up arms with terrorists groups, bullets were flying all around him, according to an intercepted call to a man in NSW.

Mine site protesters face new crackdown

Mine site protesters face new crackdown: Premier Mike Baird.

NICOLE HASHAM The relationship between the state government and the mining industry has come under renewed scrutiny after Premier Mike Baird announced faster mining approvals and harsher fines for protesters.

Abbott's 'Gillard moment', says Alan Jones

Alan Jones

DEBORAH SNOW Sydney broadcaster Alan Jones has accused Prime Minister Tony Abbott of having a "Julia Gillard" moment.

Recording sent 'in case anything happens'

Jessica Silva

LOUISE HALL Jessica Silva made a recording of her partner James Polkinghorne abusing her and sent it to her best friend so it could be handed over to police "in case anything happens".

The day the sea turned blue

Colour coded? Strange coloured water at Malabar was due to dyed fertiliser.

Jessica Edward Malabar beach made waves when a mysterious blue liquid was discovered running off the cliff face into the local ocean pool.  

Violence invades the suburban idyll

Murder charge: Vesna Crnobrnja is dead and her husband Zoran has been charged with her murder.

There were no signs of the horror approaching as Vesna and Zoran Crnobrnja drank coffee, pulled out weeds and watered plants in the front yard of their Sydney home.

Baird 'open' to government-grown marijuana

JAMES ROBERTSON The NSW Premier says his government is considering growing its own marijuana, as part of a clinical trial that the government's medical advisers have advocated be extended to child patients.

'Can any innocuous act be "services"?'

Denial: Hamdi Alqudsi.

RACHEL OLDING A pensioner charged with recruiting fighters for Syria was only providing travel tips and information, court told.

Chicken dance not grounds for dismissal

Harbour City Ferries terminated Mr Redden's employment when it discovered he called his colleague a

MISA HAN A Sydney Ferries operator was ordered to rehire an “alpha male” employee who was fired for allegedly performing chicken dance in a mocking move to his colleague.

Cheating mastermind hits back

Yingying Dou, who is the director of the MyMaster website, walks out the back entrance of Yingcredible Tutoring when the Herald spoke to her on November 10.

MICHAEL KOZIOL University cheating mastermind Yingying Dou has told the journalists who uncovered a university cheating scandal to "go to hell".

Girls ahead of boys in computer literacy

AMY MCNEILAGE Teen boys are thought to be compter geeks. But a major study has found Australian girls are more computer-literate than their male classmates.

Controversial 'Zoe's law' bill lapses

Bill lapses: Brodie Donegan, who lost her unborn baby, Zoe, after being struck by a drug-affected driver in 2009.

JAMES ROBERTSON The end of NSW's 55th parliament has closed a controversial chapter on "Zoe's law" though some are looking to a newly-worded bill clarifying the legal rights of an unborn child.

Tackling the problem of unregistered births

Paperwork: Sharon Duncan and her daughter, Hope, fill in forms for Hope's birth certificate.

ROSE POWELL Thousands of Australians struggle through life without birth certificates but this debilitating bureaucratic weakness could be solved as a NSW project readies to expand nationally.

Liberal MP Don Harwin discloses he is gay

Coming out: Upper house president Don Harwin.

NICOLE HASHAM A senior Liberal MP has used a Christmas message to make a personal revelation on the last sitting day of the year.

Macdonald facing prosecution over mine deal

Prosecuted for misconduct: Ian MacDonald.

SEAN NICHOLLS The former Labor minister is being prosecuted following a corruption inquiry into the issuing of a lucrative mining licence at Doyles Creek.

'Your phone's not bugged, is it?'

Stephen Fletcher and Margaret Cunneen

KATE MCCLYMONT Criminal charges have been recommended against one of the country’s most notorious gamblers, Stephen Fletcher, a close personal friend of Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen.

Global infrastructure hub on the menu

After the world’s powerbrokers sat down to dinner, Sydney got a global infrastructure hub.

Coal seam gas a hard sell in regional NSW

Deep fissures of mistrust will not be easily overcome as the Baird government tries to sell its coal seam gas policy.

Saga should remind gambling regulator of its public interest role

There should be a few red faces among the executives at the NSW gambling regulator at present.

Jacqui Lambie throws in the scarf for bigger things

The public break-up between PUP leader Clive Palmer and his errant senator Jacqui Lambie has, for the last few weeks, looked as though it would generate endless headlines and little else.

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An early Christmas gift for Mike Baird

Just as the Premier was using question time to flay the Opposition, the corruption watchdog handed him a present.

Charges a much-needed win for the ICAC

Eddie Obeid famously boasted he faced only a "one per cent" chance of being prosecuted over corrupt dealings uncovered by the ICAC. His number has come up.

WestConnex: the worst thing we can do is nothing

For the first time in a long time the stars are aligned. We have the will, technology and finances to unclog our great city.

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'Boots for kids' kicks a goal in Wilcannia

Whispers in the playground spread like wildfire that a surprise is brewing in the small country town.

Going to the wall to build an artistic reputation

Towering three storeys above Atchinson Lane in St Leonards is a man holding a bird cage.

Overseas cheats pass as education fails

Funding-starved universities have become so addicted to the international student dollar that they appear willing to jeopardise their academic integrity.

Auburn branch stacking scandal a test case

Cut-price memberships seemed a good way to boost Labor membership in NSW. But at what cost?

Troubled waters ahead for Bays Precinct project

A precinct claimed to be `the highest potential urban transformation site in the world' is exercising the minds and hearts of Sydneysiders from all walks of life.

As education cost grows, so does the cheating

Financial pressure has compromised the standards, governance and ethics of Australia's universities.

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Government left exposed by Stanley Ho clause

So now we know. NSW gambling authorities are so concerned about billionaire James Packer's links to notorious businessman Stanley Ho they forced Crown to take extraordinary steps to keep ensure he doesn't get his hooks into Sydney's second casino.

Archbishop installed in ceremony rich in tradition

Sydney's ninth Catholic Archbishop is leading the church into the modern era, but tradition surrounds the appointment.

Silence at the cenotaph marks the end of war

The Martin Place cenotaph seems far from the Flanders fields - but that was where the mind flew,

From a sexual odyssey to marital bliss

Susanna Freymark's sexual odyssey was one of extremes. But there was one thing she had never experienced until she met Peter Porteous.


What do locals think of Centenary Square?

Parramatta's Church Street Mall has undergone a $5 million transformation.

Marie Bashir: a wonderful journey

Dame Marie Bashir contemplates her lengthy term as Governor and looks optimistically to the future.


  • How change in Sydney's western suburbs affects the way we live and work

    Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse