'I've done you a favour'

Akansha Singh 4:47 PM   The NSW government is making no apologies new road penalties, saying "people are losing their lives and they're killing others". 

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The Sydney suburb that prays for track work

Screen grab of noisy trains in Waverton. 24/11/15

Saffron Howden   Stop talking, pause the movie, close the windows: a train is coming. The cost of living alongside a line notorious for "wheel squeal".

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Skyline shake-up as towers face demolition

Driverless trains will ply the metro line from Sydney's northwest to the south via the CBD.

Matt O'Sullivan   Almost 20 buildings in Sydney's CBD – some as high as 22 storeys – will have to be torn down for construction of train stations for the $10 billion-plus metro line.

The forgotten commuters of Sydney

Vivian Feng from West Ryde waits for the train at Chester Hill Train Station. Chester Hill train commuters will loose direct lines to the Sydney city when the Sydney Rapid Transit Network is built in 2024. At this stage no alternative routes have been provided by the NSW State Government. 23rd November, 2015. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Melanie Kembrey   They are the "forgotten" commuters of Sydney - set to have their direct train service to the CBD taken away from them.

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Keating slams Art Gallery expansion

Former prime minister Paul Keating said the proposed Sydney Modern project was about "money, not art".

Kate Aubusson 5:51 AM   Paul Keating has railed against the proposed expansion of the Art Gallery of NSW, calling the project a "land grab" entertainment complex "masquerading as art".

Women get paid less and work more: report

The gender pay gap continues to increase.

Emma Partridge 8:12 AM   The gender pay gap between men and women in NSW continues to increase despite more women than men finishing school and completing university degrees.

Rachel's fight to save lives

Domestic violence to be addressed in schools.

Emma Partridge    Fourteen-year-old Rachel lost her mum to domestic violence. She hopes her actions mean no one else has to go through what she has.

Councils urged to boycott bank

Commonwealth Bank is the country's most profitable.

Melanie Kembrey   "If the Commonwealth Bank don't think it's worthwhile to invest in western Sydney ... we don't think it's worthwhile to invest in them."

Law doubles penalty for fine fraud to $11,000

MERCURY NEWS GENERIC Generic pic of a speed camera in Wollongong CBD. 11th of October 2015 Photo by Adam McLean

Kate Aubusson 10:59 PM   Drivers who falsely claim someone else was behind the wheel at the time of an offence could be slapped with an $11,000 fine under harsh new penalties introduced in NSW parliament on Tuesday.

Natural therapy for kids without doc knowing

67 of the 806 parents surveyed had given their children aromatherapy

Harriet Alexander 12:15 AM   Children are commonly administered alternative therapies and most parents do not tell their doctors, according to a study that has raised concerns about the interaction of herbal and conventional medicine.

Court backlog costs $60m as jails overflow

The report says that during 2014-15 the average number of inmates in NSW was 11,011, despite the prison system being designed to cater for only 9829.

Sean Nicholls   The NSW District Court backlog is costing taxpayers $60 million a year as defendants languish in jail for their cases to be heard.

Drug company to give profits to patients

Breast cancer survivor Elizabeth Ellis with her family.

Amy Corderoy 12:00 AM   Drug companies don't always have the best reputation when it comes to acting in the interests of patients. But a new company is bucking that trend.

Factional stoush erupts within the PSA

John Cahill and Anne Gardiner - Supplied

Anna Patty 5:54 PM   A factional stoush between forces aligned to the ALP and Greens has erupted within the NSW public sector union.

Coal miner offers to 'fact check' Greens' quotes

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham

Emma Partridge   Whitehaven Coal has threatened to take legal action if Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham continues to make "incorrect" comments to the media after he recently wrote a press release about Werris Creek coal mine.

Why our laziness is costing us $9.9b

More than one million households haven’t switched lenders, potentially wasting $9.9 billion.

Esther Han 7:52 PM   The can't-be-bothered attitude could potentially cost Australian mortgage holders $9.9 billion, new research shows.

'There is really nowhere for them to live'

High demand: Sydney's rental squeeze will worsen unless governments act.

Rachel Browne   Thousands of tenants needing low-cost rentals are about to flood the already squeezed housing market.

'We're just going to get strangled'

"They're taking away our livelihood'': Deanne and Spiro Coucouvinis at their cafe they have run since 2003.

Samuel Roberts   Deanne and Spiro Coucouvinis could never have prepared themselves for what was to come from two government officials they served in their cafe.

'Sydney is a basket case' for renters


Rachel Browne   Australia’s first ever Rental Affordability Index reveals the depth housing stress faced by renters in Sydney.

Vigil for baby allegedly left under  shower

A 23-year-old man is arrested after a baby was found with burns to 40 per cent of his body in Sydney's west.

Ava Benny-Morrison and Saffron Howden   A mother and father are at their critically injured baby boy's hospital bedside after he was allegedly left under a hot shower while his minder went to have a cigarette. 

Mehajer's wife steps in to take over empire

From beautician to director: Salim Mehajer's wife Aysha.

Leesha McKenny   She has stood by him in court and supported his ambitions to become PM and last week a 'doctor'. Now Salim Mehajer's wife is helping to run the deputy mayor of Auburn's embattled property empire.

Compo call for taxi owners if Uber legalised

The Baird government is yet to make a decision on whether to legalise ride-sharing services such as Uber.

Emma Partridge and Matt O'Sullivan   NSW Opposition leader Luke Foley says taxi owners should receive some form of compensation if Uber is legalised.

Robb questioned over  adviser's role in China

Andrew Robb with Dr Gao Hucheng, China's Minister of Commerce, and former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Amy Corderoy   Labor Senator Penny Wong says inclusion of former junk food lobbyist in trade delegation raises "serious questions about integrity of the federal lobbying register".

Thursday no Fryday as mercury set to climb

Thursday will see temperatures ranging from 34 degrees in the city to 38 in the west.

Peter Hannam   Sydney's break from spring heat will be short-lived with temperatures set to rise by Thursday but not to the 40 degree-extent of last week.

Sex abuse inquiry censures Hillsong head

Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston failed to tell police about sex abuse claims.

Rachel Browne   Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston failed to inform police of sexual abuse allegations involving his father and had a clear conflict of interest, an inquiry has found.


Could council mergers prove Baird's sinkhole?

They were from Liberal Party heartland. They were Baby Boomers. And they were mad.

Powerhouse visitor boom makes mockery of claims

The Powerhouse Museum saw a 12 per cent leap in visitors this year, contradicting Troy Grant's claim the museum must be moved west because fewer Sydney residents are using it.

Time to fix question time

The final question time of the NSW Parliament rolled around on Thursday. But anyone who fears that the quality of our democracy will suffer by its absence until the resumption of hostilities next February should relax. 

'I don't think it really captured the whole essence of Christmas'

The David Jones city Christmas window display usually pulls large, excited crowds but this year has only attracted a dribble of frowning and disappointed shoppers.

Who wants clothes when Sydney sweats?

Clothes came off, sunscreen slapped on – it was only 9am and Sydney was starting to sweat.

Blowing hot or cool? Depends where you're at

If you really want to know how hot you are, try getting around the city with an expert in urban microclimates with an infrared camera and a hand held weather station.


Anti-Islam protesters storm Leichhardt Council meeting

Protesters claiming to be from the Australian Party for Freedom storm a Leichhardt Council meeting on Tuesday in response to a proposal to house refugees in Callan Park, Lilyfield.

Sydney's five-ship spectacular

Five-ship spectacular watched by thousands on Sydney Harbour to celebrate the arrival of P&O cruises two latest ships, the Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden.

Mike Baird announces polls and wires lease

'This is a great, great day for NSW' says the Premier as Transgrid is leased to an Australian-led consortium for more than $10 billion.