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The wait is over... Raiders Lime is back

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There's still another two days until the Canberra Raiders' first home game, but fans have already been getting a taste of their team, with Raiders Lime milk back on shelves on Thursday, after a 17 year absence.

The flavoured milk will have its official re-launch on Sunday, coinciding with the Raiders' game at Canberra Stadium, but fans of the iconic 1990s green drink can find it now at local supermarkets, service stations and convenience outlets.

It's bound to attract a new generation of fans too, with the milk also being sold through school canteens.

Don't be alarmed if it doesn't taste like you remember it, Canberra Milk say it has an “improved flavour” and is a bit lighter this time with only 2 per cent fat.


“If you tried the lime flavour back in the 1990's, you'll notice a big difference in taste this time,” Canberra Milk's managing director Garry Sykes said.

“We've significantly improved the flavour and the reduced fat content is also in line with the nutritional requirements of schools.”

If you needed another reason to drink green milk, three cents of every sale will go to the Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

And for a sneak preview of the soon-to-be-aired advertisements for the new drink, the Raiders have released it on their Facebook page:

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