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Live: Canberra Raiders vs Newcastle Knights


Lee Gaskin

Fulltime: Raiders 6 Knights 36. What was tipped as a close match was totally one-sided, the Knights hammering the Raiders to stay in touch with the top eight. Meanwhile the Raiders drop to 13th on the ladder, and need to win all five of their final games to make the playoffs. They're no chance on this form, a terrible display today.

78min: Raiders 6 Knights 36. Probably the first mistake Mullen has made today, his bomb goes bounces meekly over the sideline. Fans are deserting the ground in droves after the Raiders are punished again at home.

76min: Raiders 6 Knights 36. McCrone covers up a grubber kick to stop yet another Knights attacking raid. The Knights have been outstanding, but the Raiders haven't presented much of a challenge.

73min: Raiders 6 Knights 36. The Knights aren't finished yet, Uate getting close but there's still four more tackles in the set. Only takes one more for Robbie Rochow to step through some very ordinary, non-existent Raiders defence close to the posts to score his first NRL try. Roberts converts.

70min: Raiders 6 Knights 30. He not only scores tries, he saves them as well. Outstanding play from Uate, chasing Dugan and stripping the ball one on one to end a promising attack, even when the game's out of reach.

69min: Raiders 6 Knights 30: Dane Tilse attempts to use his towering 2m frame to barge over the try-line, but the Knights are up to the challenge and the attack comes to nought.

67min: Raiders 6 Knights 30. The Raiders teasing their fans with some brilliant off the cuff play, McCrone chipping for Dugan who kicks for the in-goal. Uate is cornered in the in-goal to force the drop-out. Where was this in the previous hour?

65min: Raiders 6 Knights 30. Perhaps the ugliest try this year gets the Raiders on the board. Blake Ferguson gets on the end of a flukey Reece Robinson chip kick, which came after a rash of passes going nowhere. The Knights won't be too disappointed, unless the Raiders can on a run like they did v the Titans two weeks ago.

61min: Raiders 0 Knights 30. More misery for the Raiders as Uate scores in the corner. Gagai compounds Earl's forgettable afternoon when he steals the ball in a one-on-one strip 20m out. Barely a reaction from the home fans, this one's been over for a long time. And barring a miracle end to their last five games, so is their season. Roberts converts.

59min: Raiders 0 Knights 24. Just when the Raiders are on the attack, guess what? That's right, another mistake. A Dave Shillington offload misses its mark. No way out of this from here.

56min: Raiders 0 Knights 24. Doesn't look good for Mullen, hits the ground hard from a strong tackle from the rangy haired Joe Picker. Lifted slightly but be harsh if he's suspended. Picker going on report. Mullen appears concussed and leaves the field. The Knights taking the shot at goal from the penalty. Roberts extends the lead.

55min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. This is bordering on ridiculous from the Raiders. Yet again they're caught in possession on the fifth tackle, not putting the Knights under are pressure at all.

54min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. Still wondering how Chris Houston didn't score. The Knights forward got within a metre of the stripe. Mullen's kick is defused by Earl, who chances his arm with a risky pass to Ferguson.

53min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. Woeful stuff from the Raiders, terrible ball control from Ferguson gives the Knights another shot at the try line.

51min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. Jarrod Mullen's on song today, kicking a stunning 40/20, let's say even a 40/10 that Josh Dugan has no chance of stopping. In this form, the Knights will be dangerous for any side in the top eight if they can get there.

49min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. Just when nothing else can wrong for the Raiders, Tom Learoyd-Lahrs is on the bench with his thigh heavily strapped.

47min: Raiders 0 Knights 22. Shut the gate, the Knights are home. Things are going so well even Darius Boyd finds the tryline, his first try for his new club. Gets himself off the traditional end of season nudie run. Roberts kicks the conversion.

45min: Raiders 0 Knights 16. The Raiders are back to the full complement. But it won't matter if they keep making massive blunders like this one, failing to find touch from a penalty. Someone tell the Raiders they're playing the Dragons, stat!

42min: Raiders 0 Knights 16. Dear oh dear, horrible turnover from the Raiders results in Naiqama getting his second. The Knights get the ball on halfway, swing it to Earl's vacant wing giving Naiqama a clear path to the try line. Nice finish. Roberts misses the conversion.

Second half: We're back underway at Canberra Stadium. Raiders still down to 12 men for a few minutes with Earl in the sin bin.

Halftime: Raiders 0 Knights 12. Both teams need to win to keep in touch with the top eight, but only one has turned up so far. The Knights have been ultra dominant but the Raiders will take heart from the fact they're only 12 down when it could be so much more.

39min: Raiders 0 Knights 12: Uate's been teaching Tyrone Roberts how to turn on the jet boots. A simple show and go gets him past Papalii and McCrone on halfway, then turns around and laughs at Dugan as he beats the fullback to touch down in the corner. Roberts nails the conversion.

35min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Looking at that replay again, Earl was nowhere near on side. Came from behind the play the ball to stop the try. Uate beat four or five players, jinking past Dugan and leaving Berrigan wishing he was back in the Super League and chasing English plodders.

34min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Uate is tearing the Raiders apart. An absolutely sensational run, hope Ricky Stuart is watching this stunning performance. That 60m darting run will bring fans through the gates. The Knights are stopped a couple metres out and Sandor Earl is sent to the sin bin for a professional foul.

31min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Can someone give Dugan and Earl their mobile phones? Tweeting each other is the only way to sort out their lack of communication. Nearly run into each other again, Dugan taking a bomb and just avoiding Earl's shoulder.

29min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Kevin Naiqama creates something out of nothing, chipping over the Raiders defence and almost regathering a metre out from the line. Blake Ferguson narrowly beats him to it and crawls back into the field of play.

27min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Dugan you freak! Just a simply stunning play, pulls off an intercept to prevent a Knights try before running into a brick wall (aka Cuthbertson's chunky shoulder). The birds are chirping in his head but he gets up and is good to go.

26min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Josh Dugan gives the thumbs up after giving his forwards a valuable breather by finding the sideline with a kick 10m out from the Knights line. The Raiders have been run ragged early.

24min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. I wondered how the Raiders would trouble the Knights - then they hit the posts with a kick. Genius move! The Knights react quicker to the bouncing ball and clean up the mess.

22min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. A terrible last tackle play from the Raiders. Anybody at all want to take control ... anybody? They'd be happy they're only six down at this rate.

20min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Dare we say it - big Willie is spent and takes a breather on the sideline. Adam Cuthbertson devours a pie before squeezing into his XXXL shorts and getting on the park.

18min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. The Earl of Twirl saves the Raiders, the man they call Shandor cleaning up a dangerous grubber from the Knights. Almost takes out Dugan in the process.

17min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Dugan's bundled over the sideline after taking a kick, giving the Knights a scrum from 10m out. Sensational gang tackle from Uate and Gagai to throw him into touch.

15min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. A bit of a circus trick from Dugan, fumbling a pass and only able to kicking the ball over the dead ball line. Nothing going right so far for the home side.

14min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. This is Mason of old. Off-loading, shrugging players off with ease. Where has this guy been for the past couple years? Budurus spills a pass and the Raiders are on the attack.

13min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. All one-way traffic so far. The Knights are on song, Mullen safely kicking the ball over the sideline on the end of another safe set of six. The Raiders seen very little ball so far.

11min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. The Knights are on the rampage, and it's none other than Big Willie Mason starting the charge. Mason offloads to McKinnon who gives to Mullen. McKinnon is held up on the next set but the Raiders are penalised. But the Knights spill the ball, with Learoyd-Lahrs pouncing to get his side out of danger.

9min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. In contrast, that kick from Dugan has too much on it and rolls over the dead ball line, giving the Knights an easy kick start to their set.

8min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Great set from the Knights first set after their try. Very composed and finished off with a nice clearing kick from Roberts. No sign of nerves at all from the visitors.

6min: Raiders 0 Knights 6. Break out the Kava, it's a Fijian party. Uate was denied but his other winger Kevin Naiqama makes no mistake, grounding the ball in the left corner. Naiqama gets the ball down just before going over the sideline, an easy decision for the video referee. It's all Newcastle early, the Raiders simply cannot hang onto the ball. Magnificent conversion from Roberts. 

5min: Raiders 0 Knights 0. Two penalties in the first five minutes, Dave Furner could be making a lengthy phone call to Bill Harrigan in the morning if this continues. No excuses for that one though, the Raiders pinged for ripping the ball out of the play the ball.

4min: Raiders 0 Knights 0. It's a Uate party early at Canberra Stadium ... or is it. You can't stop the flying Fijian, uses his body beautifully to shove Reece Robinson out of the contest. But as he's going for the tryline in the right corner, Jarrod Croker makes a desperate dive. After several looks from the video ref, we get the red button, with the ball touching a part of the in-goal sideline. 

2min: Raiders 0 Knights 0: Geez the Raiders look dangerous when they chuck the ball around. Dugan gets half a gap but the Knights shut them down. The Knights defuse a McCrone bomb then get a penalty to get out of trouble.

Kickoff: And we're away with the Raiders kicking off.

Pre-game: The Raiders players run through a tunnel of family members on their way to the ground. Dave Furner thinking outside the box to fix his side's inconsistent ways.

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Pre-game: Both teams are equal on the ladder with eight wins and 10 losses. A bit surprising then that the Raiders are firm $1.54 favourites with the bookies, with the Knights good value at $2.42. The Raiders have won four of their past six, while the Knights have won four from the past five, including coming from 18 points down to beat the Warriors 24-19 last week.

Pre-game: Beautiful conditions at Canberra Stadium for today's vital clash. Whoever loses can just about book their Bali holiday for September. One change for the Raiders, Dane Tilse is back from a rib injury with Sam Matoara making way. Alex McKinnon starts at lock for the Knights, forcing big hitter Neville Costigan to the bench.

Preamble: Both sides are out to keep their slim finals chances alive with a win this weekend.

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