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Peas in a pod enough to send coaches nuts

This is double trouble - times two.

If one set of identical twins wasn't confusing enough, spare a thought for the players and coaches of the ACT girls under-15 cricket team, who have to tell the difference between Kate and Sarah Lennon, and between Grace and Naomi McDonald at this week's national championships in Sydney.

You'd have to an eagle eye to pick them apart from a physical standpoint.

Kate is shorter than Sarah but 13 minutes older than her sibling, while Grace claims bragging rights over Naomi by a mere five minutes.

On the cricket field, though, they are vastly different players.

Kate bats left-handed while Sarah takes guard with her right, but both bowl right-handed.


It's the reverse with the McDonald sisters - they both bat right-handed while Naomi bowls left-handed.

''They call us different names, but we do our hair different so they can tell us apart,'' Kate said.

All four are from country NSW and are helping to bolster the ranks so the ACT can field a competitive team.

Grace is a shadow player in the 14-strong squad, as is Claire Lennon, a sister of Kate and Sarah.

ACT coach Em Preston said having two sets of twins had presented her with unique challenges.

''It's never happened before so it was nuts when I found out we were going to have two sets of twins,'' she said. ''It's been hard to tell who is who, but they do their hair differently, that's how we tell them apart.''

There are five girls in the team from the ACT, but Preston hopes the numbers will improve in future years.

''It's becoming more and more difficult to get girls in this age group,'' Preston said.

''Unfortunately the numbers seem to be getting less and less, but we need to put some things in place to get girls back into cricket.''