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'Sorry who is this?': The simple iMessage 'hack' that lets you text almost any MP

Inundated: Attorney-General George Brandis.

Ben Grubb 4:54 PM   It was a simple "hack" posted by a software engineer that led to an avalanche of spam hitting Attorney-General George Brandis' iPhone.

Australians harass George Brandis as the true cost of metadata retention is revealed

Inundated: Attorney-General George Brandis.

Ben Grubb 1:35 PM   The Abbott government's new metadata retention laws may drive up the price of household internet and phone plans.

HTC's One M9 improves on the M8 but is still incredibly similar

HTC One M9.

Hannah Francis 1:00 PM   Taiwanese phone-maker adds some nice touches but drops one of the previous handset's best features.

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Ellen Pao case puts Silicon Valley boys' club on trial

Ellen Pao walks to the courtroom before the start of her trial at San Francisco Superior Court in San Francisco, California.

Josie Ensor 4:05 PM   Reddit CEO is suing former employer, an influential venture capital firm, for US$16 million in back pay and future earnings.

Government moves quickly to adopt metadata retention law review recommendations

Greens senator Scott Ludlam.

Andrew Colley 9:22 AM   The federal government is moving quickly to accept all the recommendations of a parliamentary committee reviewing its controversial data retention bill.

Brave, creative, over 60: age only a number when it comes to tech

Ron Hunt scored a permanent gig in the US at 69.

Sylvia Pennington   Some mature ICT professionals are refusing to let age hold them back or stand in the way of their start-up dreams.

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Psychiatric drug overuse for people with dementia cited by federal study

Moves are afoot to reduce unnecessary prescriptions of psychiatric drugs for elderly dementia patients.

ROBERT PEAR 4:36 PM   WASHINGTON - Federal investigators say they have found evidence of widespread overuse of psychiatric drugs by older Americans with Alzheimer's disease, and are recommending that Medicare officials take immediate action to reduce unnecessary prescriptions. The findings will be released Monday by the...

Health Check: how to exercise safely in the heat

Exercise in the heat: There is a balance between how much heat the body generates and is capable of losing.

Howard Carter and Daniel Green 4:36 PM   Exercise alone can be hard, but exercising in the heat is a whole lot harder. Put simply, this is due to the balance between how much heat the body generates and how much it is capable of losing.

Researchers identify biological markers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue sufferers have different immune systems than those of healthy people.

David Tuller 3:49 PM   The immune systems of people with chronic fatigue syndrome differ from those of healthy people, and patients with recent diagnoses can be distinguished from those who have had the condition for longer, researchers reported Friday. The findings do not have immediate clinical applications for patients.

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Plex aims to be your in-house Netflix

Adam Turner 9:23 AM   More than just flinging video around your home, the latest Plex updates help you make the most of your home entertainment library.

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Don’t blame Facebook – the narcissists have always been there

Laura Demasi   Laura Demasi looks at the me-media world and asks the questions worth pondering over.



User support a core issue

Garry Barker   Despite aiming for simplicity, our linked-in world of increasingly complex devices requires sophisticated help.


Return to film smells like teen spirit

Terry Lane   The day we left the darkroom and closed it for good, rescued for all time from toxic fumes, our lungs breathed a sigh of relief.