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Tesla Powerwall could bring higher energy costs

Claire Connelly   As Australia readies itself for the energy storage revolution, at least one expert says those dependent on the electricity grid could face rising costs.



Inside Twitter's swanky new Australian office

Spandas Lui   The US-based social media company has finally settled into a fancy permanent workspace in Sydney. We take you on a guided tour.


SMS scam imitates your bank

Hannah Francis   It looks identical to your bank's online portal. But don't be fooled.



Netflix VPN crackdown hits PayPal customers

Hannah Francis   Payments provider severs its service with Canada's UnoTelly, even though customers could be using the VPN provider for privacy or security reasons.


Take Google's security challenge to beat hackers

Adam Turner   Along with an extra 2GB of free storage, taking Google's security challenge offers a great safety checklist for all your online accounts.



Telstra outage was not the apocalypse

Catherine Armitage   Oh, the horror - a Telstra outage. For a few hours around lunchtime a little mistake got between millions of us and the source of our addiction. And we reacted as addicts do when denied a fix.

Why you should think twice about Thermomix

Esther Han   Fifty-six major electronics companies have been graded based on their supply chains. None received an A.

Businesses out of pocket after Telstra's outage

Businesses and start-ups choose Telstra for its reliability, but it's a choice that may have backfired on Tuesday.


Why do we listen to music? The search for the brain's music room

Natalie Angier   It's one of humanity's greatest pleasures and has been with us since the beginning. Now scientists are starting to discover what part of our brain connects to music.

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Pandora reportedly in talks to be sold off


Leslie Picker, Ben Sisario   World's largest internet radio service has shed multiple billions of dollars from its market value in the last few years, and now reports indicate it's held discussions about selling.

Twitter shares drop as user growth completely stalls

Twitter's monthly active users remained at 320 million, the same as the third quarter.

David Pierson   San Francisco company once again is facing serious doubts about its viability and growth potential.

Good riddance to the Java plugin

Java is installed on roughly 850 million computers worldwide.

Brian Krebs   Long overdue step should cut down dramatically on the number of computers infected with malicious software.

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NBCUniversal's Hayu streams reality TV overdose as pay TV is reborn

Adam Turner   Will Aussies pay six bucks a month to keep up with the Kardashians in a crowded subscription video market?


Social Radar

Why we shame the trolls who send us inappropriate messages

Emily Sears, Laura Lux   An Australian model, who is being applauded for responding to men who send her unsolicited images on social media by telling their girlfriends, shares why she does it.


How my Apple Watch saved my life

Garry Barker   I woke up feeling a bit odd. I strapped on my Apple Watch, unlocked the iPhone, and then felt for my pulse on my right wrist. Soon I was in the hospital cardiac unit for observation and treatment.


Not wholly negative: digitising your old photographs

Terry Lane   Unearthing your own archive of long-ago photographic negatives and slides opens the mind to the world that was – and perhaps points to money to be made.