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Spotify Family embraces the modern household

Spotify Family caters to busy households of music fans, whether they're into new music or simply revisiting the classics.

Adam Turner 12:36 PM   Rather than cracking down on account sharing, Spotify is the latest subscription service to offer multi-user accounts.

Alien Isolation review: a terrifying return to form for a troubled series

Alien: Isolation.

James 'DexX' Dominguez 11:00 AM   The Alien franchise and its spin-offs have seemed cursed in the video game sphere, but Alien: Isolation thoroughly redeems the property, and is scary as hell.

Apple Pay works in Australia, if you have the right card

Apple Pay will work in countries outside the US, as long as you have a credit card issued by a US bank.

Pete Pachal 8:48 AM   Although Apple Pay has only launched in the United States, it appears that you can also use it in other countries under the right conditions.

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Copper networks to switch off in Crace


Henry Belot 2:04 PM   Landline telephones in up to 2700 homes and businesses in Crace will be disconnected from Thursday.

Confessions of a systems administrator

Systems administrators need more support.

Stephen Cavey 1:53 PM   When things go right, no-one notices, when things go wrong, yours is the proverbial 'one throat to choke', writes a former sysadmin.

Microsoft Australian data centres to spark cloud price war

Cloud providers have adjusted their prices significantly.

Liam Tung 1:22 PM   Microsoft's Australian hosted Azure cloud lights up next week, bringing with it a price war between it, Google and Amazon that has dragged down prices in the US significantly over the past year.

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Apple co-founder joins Australian University

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will join UTS in December

Eryk Bagshaw 12:50 PM   Apple co-founder, Steve "Woz" Wozniak is set to begin teaching at UTS

Mountain-sized rare comet whizzes past Mars

An artist's impression of the comet Siding Spring on approach to Mars.

A comet the size of a small mountain with the consistency of talcum powder has whizzed past Mars, wowing space enthusiasts with the once-in-a-million-years encounter.

Cats will dine until their delicacy is rare

Fussy: Research has shown that cats often obsess over their choice of food.

Nicky Phillips   Some cat owners may have noticed their kitty has particular tastes when it comes to the half-eaten presents left on the doorstep.

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Spotify Family embraces the modern household

Adam Turner 12:36 PM   Rather than cracking down on account sharing, Spotify is the latest subscription service to offer multi-user accounts.


Study the clouds to get the best deals

Terry Lane   A clear look at which service to choose when your free storage space runs out.


Zen and the art of Apple technology

Garry Barker   Apple's suite of applications includes powerful tools to aid the musician and filmmaker.


Volcanoes on the moon could have been erupting in the time of the dinosaurs

Amina Khan   Scientists thought the moon had been cold and dead for a billion years, but a new discovery could force them to reconsider its evolution.