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Ordinary bloke from the suburbs achieves the truly extraordinary

Double act: Dan Andrews and his wife, Cath, at Albany Rise Primary School, Mulgrave, on Saturday.

Shane Green, 9:28 PM   The room full of Labor faithful is pumping. At at the Mulgrave Country Club, it began as a sense of quiet disbelief as the numbers rolled in. As the climb towards a majority continued, that disbelief was replaced by simple joy.

Victoria election 2014: live coverage and results


Angus Holland 9:28 PM   Welcome to our live coverage of the 2014 Victoria state election.

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Shock result in regional seat

Benjamin Millar and John Elder 9:25 PM   Independent candidate Suzanna Sheed was neck-and-neck on primary votes with Nationals candidate Greg Barr on Saturday night, saying she was excited at the prospect of taking the seat from the Nationals after 47 years.

Labor win power as Coalition dumped after one term

Incoming premier, Labor leader Daniel Andrews.

Richard Willingham, Josh Gordon 9:25 PM   Denis Napthine and his Coalition have been dumped from office, becoming Victoria's first single-term government in over half a century.

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Sandbelt swings back to Labor

Clay Lucas, Adam Cooper, Aisha Dow 9:24 PM   Melbourne's marginal sandbelt seats appear to have swung a second Victorian election – this time the other way – with at least three of four Liberal-held seats likely to switch to Labor.

Coalition defeat looking worse than predicted

Tim Colebatch 9:24 PM   The trends looked bad for the Coalition from the time meaningful results started coming in.

Victoria decides 2014: state election night results

Staff reporters 9:19 PM   Labor looks headed for victory as the results for Victoria's election begin to look dire for the incumbent Coalition government.

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Napthine's day begins in sunshine, ends in gloom

Tony Wright 9:16 PM   It began quietly and slid into gloom long before Premier Denis Napthine made an appearance.

Voters send clear message to Abbot

Denis Napthine arriving at party HQ on polling day.

Michael Gordon 9:15 PM   Denis Napthine was seen as guilty by association with the budget shortcomings of the first-term federal government, and the voters of Victoria have also sent a strong message to Canberra and Tony Abbott.

Five reasons for Napthine's historic loss

Josh Gordon, State Political Editor 9:12 PM   Denis Napthine should not have lost. Not if history is any guide. The recriminations for the Liberal Party – at both the state and national levels – will be significant.

Andrews ready to rock

Daniel Andrews looks set to take over as Premier from Denis Napthine.

Farrah Tomazin 9:03 PM   As Saturday night came to a close, it seemed Daniel Andrews could persuade Victorians his "positive plan" was a better bet than giving the Napthine government a second chance.

Victorian election 2014: Greens win Melbourne in historic victory

Successful Greens candidate Ellen Sandell and party leader Greg Barber canvass votes on Saturday.

Tom Cowie and Alana Schetzer 8:57 PM   The Greens have won the seat of Melbourne in a historic victory that has given them their first lower house state seat.

Abbott sweats as Victorian voters cast harsh judgment

Denis Napthine's efforts were hampered by Tony Abbott's actions.

Mark Kenny Chief Political Correspondent 8:46 PM   There will be no shortage of theories about what caused the Victorian result but you can safely bet federal Labor will target the toxic standing of the Abbott government as the key driver. Normally such claims are transparently self-serving. Voters understand the delineation between state and federal governments and are loath to waste one trip to the ballot box pointlessly ventilating grievances about the other.

Napthine should not have lost, not if history is any guide

Denis Napthine

Josh Gordon 8:44 PM   Denis Napthine should not have lost. Not if history is any guide. The recriminations for the Liberal Party – at both the state and national levels – will be significant.

How things went so wrong for Napthine and the Liberals

Denis Napthine's efforts were hampered by Tony Abbott's actions.

Josh Gordon 7:11 PM   Denis Napthine should not be in this position. Not if history is any guide.

Smells like democracy - and a sausage

A Twitter user shows off her purchase from a sausage sizzle at a polling booth.

Melissa Singer 6:30 PM   Social media was abuzz as Victorian voters made their political feelings known on Saturday. 

Sandbelt battleground feels the heat on election day

Cryptic: Geoff Shaw at the Mahogany Rise Primary School polling booth in Frankston North.

Clay Lucas, Henrietta Cook, Adam Cooper 6:11 PM   Election day, says maverick Frankston MP Geoff Shaw, is like the Grand Final.

The Premier rises in the west

Tony Wright 6:03 PM   Premier Denis Napthine began the day that would decide his government's future about as far west from Melbourne as he could be: the city of Portland, where he lived for years when he was a country vet.

They said what? Quotes from Victorian election

More work: Denis Napthine's lead as preferred premier has narrowed.

Alana Schetzer 5:32 PM   "It's going to be a close election but that's what democracy is about. And we'll all accept the will of the people."

Pre-poll voting may delay results for regional seats

Darren Gray, Steve Lillebuen 5:30 PM   Regional Victorians have voted before polling day in massive numbers, a trend which could mean that the results in tight regional seats may not be known until during the week.

Early votes set new record

Voters lodge early votes.

Jason Dowling 5:11 PM   Voters have set a new record for early voting in Victoria with postal and pre-poll votes surging past 1 million.

From the desert to the sandbelt

Labor leader Daniel Andrews votes at Albany Rise Primary School, Mulgrave, with his wife Cath.

Shane Green 5:03 PM   The road to Yaapeet Primary at the edge of the Big Desert is usually an empty place. But on election day in Victoria, the strip of bitumen in the Wimmera town was buzzing with something approaching traffic.

Police impersonator pulls over woman, demands personal details


Benjamin Millar 3:56 PM   Police are hunting for an impersonator who demanded personal details from a young woman driver north-west of Melbourne.

Greens battle Labor in inner city

Greens candidate Ellen Sandell and Liberal candidate Jennifer Kanis at Kensington Primary School.

Tom Cowie 3:55 PM   As the major parties battled it out in a handful of marginal seats around the state, it was a different fight for power across Melbourne's inner north.

Geoff Shaw's last stand in Frankston

Henrietta Cook 3:52 PM   Geoff Shaw hasn't give up the fight yet.

Victorian state election 2014: Greens leave preferences blank in key seats, angering Labor

PHOTO by Meredith O'Shea  greens launch THE SUNDAY AGE, 15th November 2014

Richard Willingham 1:46 PM   The Greens are running open tickets in key marginal seats, angering Labor who have accused the Greens of helping the Napthine government.

Victorian state election 2014: Leaders hit polling day early, for the long march home

Premier Denis Napthine greets a voter at Drill Hall voting booth in Portland.

Staff reporters 1:18 PM   Premier Denis Napthine has started election day with underdog status in the far-west of the state, in Portland, from where he will make a 350-kilometre trek before polls close at 6pm.

Ballots and balls: the doodle scrutineers most often find

Creative voting: Many voters who decline to state their political preference doodle on the ballot papers.

Chris Vedelago 10:47 AM   Those who don't want to express their political choices often doodle on ballot papers.

How a man called Shaw shirt-fronted the 57th Parliament

Embroiled in controversy: Victorian Independent MP Geoff Shaw.

Henrietta Cook 10:22 AM   Geoff Shaw's days as an MP look almost certain to end.

Campaign moments to treasure forever

Clive Palmer announces Palmer United Party candidates for the Victorian election.

Tom Cowie 10:13 AM   More than once, it was awkward.


The secret report Napthine won't let you see

Much work went into the preparation of a state-based reform agenda, so why has it never been released?

Victorian jobs: Hockey will have the last say

Denis Napthine's employment boast is actually an admission of failure.

State election: grubby campaign, tight result

Fifty-one days out from polling day, the battle for power is set to get nasty.