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Roaming kangaroo knocks out keen cyclist in Aranda

Darren Jones is one of a string of bike riders to have narrowly survived collisions with kangaroos across Canberra. 

The 45-year-old father was flung off his bike when a kangaroo jumped out and hit his front wheel at 5.30am, before sunrise, on February 3.

"I remember hitting my head and then it went black," he said. 

"I must have skidded about six metres. 

"I woke up on my back and looking up at the sky I wondered how long I'd been out." 

The confident cyclist was travelling close to 40km/h down the steep section of road in Aranda. 


It's part of his usual commute four days a week from home in Macquarie to work at the Department of Defence in Russell. Mr Jones said he had seen roos in the area before, and knew there were fence holes along the track, but thought with extra lights on his helmet and bicycle he would be able to spot any wildlife.

"It was bad luck," he said. "I always thought I would have time to dodge, but the roo came out so quickly there wasn't much I could have done." 

Blood weeping from his severe grazes, Mr Jones scrambled off the bike path and stood at the side of Bindubi Street trying to flag down a car to help.

"A few people slowed down but nobody stopped," he said.

Cranky and sore, he rolled slowly downhill to Russell and spent the day under medical observation.

"I just wanted bandages, but when I went to medical they did some scans and X-rays of my pelvis as well as concussion tests."

The ordeal only kept Mr Jones off his bike for a few days. But he said it had made him realise how riders in the region needed to take precautions and be on higher alert.

"From now on I'll be riding in light hours," he said.

"I see guys come past without helmets, but if you get hit you can do a lifetime of damage. 

"Hitting my head I would have been cactus without the helmet."