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Griffin Legal is the modern law firm you've been looking for

The team at Griffin Legal seek smarter and more efficient ways to provide high quality practical solutions for their clients.
The team at Griffin Legal seek smarter and more efficient ways to provide high quality practical solutions for their clients.

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If you need legal advice it can be hard to know where to start. You want to work with an expert, but you'd rather not deal with the old-time inflexibility of some traditional law firms. Thankfully finding a professional and personable lawyer no longer needs to be a challenge, thanks to contemporary award winning law firms such as Griffin Legal.

Founded in 2009, in the middle of the global financial crisis, this boutique firm has spent the last 10 years establishing itself as one of Australia's most trusted names in the industry, and it's easy to see why. With offices in both Canberra and Melbourne, Griffin Legal offer reliable, quality and flexible solutions under a number of arrangements-including fixed fees and ongoing retainer agreements-to their clients nationwide.

Dedicated to offering their clientele personalised plans for solving problems, in addition to practical advice on how to achieve their strategic objectives, Griffin Legal have become known for their ability to balance both congeniality and professionalism. This approach allows for an organic partnership to develop between the Griffin team and their clients, which is, in the opinion of the firm, where the future of the legal industry is heading.

Speaking to the growth the firm has experienced since its beginnings, Partner Carina Zeccola says that the Griffin Legal journey has been very much about innovation in the legal profession.

"From the beginning we've questioned the way things have traditionally been done and sought smarter and more efficient ways to provide high quality practical solutions for our clients. In other words, we've also focused on what our clients need from us. Right now, we are focusing on alternative legal services - something for which there is increasing demand," Ms Zeccola said.

Highly skilled at helping their clients to achieve real outcomes, based on an understanding of the environment in which each individual client operates, Griffin Legal focuses on working with businesses, government, not-for-profits and sporting organisations.

With this unique clientele, the firm has the experience needed to provide confidence to its clients.

"Our team reflects what our clients need from us to meet their objectives. Whether it be assistance with a long term strategy, review of processes and procedures, a practical commercial lawyer working to find solutions, or a litigator ready to appear in court - the experience and knowledge base of our lawyers meets the needs of our clients," Ms Zeccola said.

Griffin Legal are known for their continuous commitment to change and innovation since the firm began.

"Whether it be our reputation for providing flexible work opportunities and fixed fees, to providing quality and practical advice or the example we set with our strong female leadership team, Griffin Legal is proud of where its grown to be today. We are industry leaders when it comes to introducing changes that are now commonplace in the profession - paperless files and the use of social media for marketing are just two examples," Ms Zeccola said.

Both professional and personable, Griffin Legal has redefined the ways in which we engage quality legal advice, approaching each client with integrity and innovation in mind. If you're looking for an alternative to the notorious inflexibility of traditional enterprises, the lawyers of Griffin Legal may just be the answer to your legal needs.

To learn more about Griffin Legal's one-of-a-kind approach, visit Griffin Legal.

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