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Kyndryl on a mission to put purpose at the heart of business

Kyndryl on a mission to put purpose at the heart of business

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You may have noticed a new brand, Kyndryl, around lately. While the name might not be entirely familiar to you yet, it's highly likely the technology company it represents has long played a big role in your life.

Kyndryl is the former IBM managed infrastructure services business which was spun off and launched under the new name as an independent company in November.

A $19.4 billion company with 88,449 employees, Kyndryl designs, builds and modernises the "mission-critical" technology systems we depend on daily.

If you receive parcels from overseas or file an insurance claim, use NSW public transport or drive on toll roads in Victoria, you will have used systems managed by Kyndryl's services and expertise.

Kyndryl's customer base includes some of the largest in the Australian market such as major banks and insurance companies, federal and state governments, airlines and retail.

"The name is new, but we're a company rich in experts that's been working in this market for almost 90 years with some of the most complex customers," said Kerry Purcell, President, Kyndryl Australia and New Zealand.

"Our services are what power these vital systems and keep our most critical industries, like government services, banking, airlines and cargo moving forward."

Already the leading technology services provider, Kyndryl wants to also help lead the way in addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the world, including the issues of climate change and sustainability, as well as skills development to advance the digital economy.

In addition to initiatives to drive best practices around sustainability within its own operation, Kyndryl plans to partner with other innovative companies to accelerate the transition to net-zero.

"It's not just about the technology, but also the responsibility we have to work with our customers and our partners, in the public and private sectors, to drive forward and innovate in order to create the sustainable future we want for generations to come," Mr Purcell said.

Last month, Kyndryl announced Microsoft as its first global partner, in a move Mr Purcell said is already accelerating a shift towards cleaner technology for Kyndryl's customers.

"Microsoft is a leader in their commitments around reducing their environmental impact through ambitious goals to be carbon negative, water positive and zero waste by 2030," Mr Purcell said.

Skills development is also high on Kyndryl's agenda. Its goals include initiatives to boost STEM workforce participation of First Nations people, improving access to digital skills for regional communities, and building a pipeline of talent by working with secondary and tertiary students.

To find out more about Kyndryl visit its website here.

This is branded content for Kyndryl.