Man found wandering after 20 hours in park

A 22 year-old man, who went missing in an Ipswich nature reserve yesterday has been found with only minor injuries, despite nearly 20 hours at the mercy of the elements. The man, who has autism, was reported missing in the Goolman Conservation Park yesterday by two of his companions.

Authorities said he had been located safe and well and would walk out of the nature reserve this afternoon with only minor cuts and bruises.

An Emergency Management Queensland (EMQ) helicopter found the man about 10am and a doctor, paramedic and rescue crewman were winched down to aid him.

"A medical team is with the man now and are treating him, and he will walk out of the park himself,'' an EMQ spokesman said.

"It was decided the chopper would not be used to get him out for reasons relating to his medical background.''

The spokesman said State Emergency Service volunteers were currently making their way to the site where the man is with paramedics, who will escort him from the park.

The man, who was missing for nearly 20 hours, suffered only minor cuts and grazes despite braving heavy rainfall overnight and a minimum temperature of eight degrees.

"He has scratched feet, but otherwise he is safe and well,'' the spokesman said.

It is understood the man was found along a creek line, one kilometre from the base of the Mount Goolman lookout, where he was last seen yesterday afternoon.

He had been walking to the tourist lookout inside the Goolman Conservation Park near Ipswich with two others when it is believed he ran off.

Police were notified of his disappearance about 1.40pm and a search involving police Queensland Fire and Rescue and the State Emergency Service began two hours later.

A helicopter scoured the area about 7.30pm last night while police searched on the ground.

He is expected to be taken to hospital for observation and treatment.