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7 workwear trends for men and women in 2023

7 workwear trends for men and women in 2023
7 workwear trends for men and women in 2023

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As the world slowly recovers from the effects of the pandemic, many businesses and offices have been opening their doors, asking workers to return to work. For most workers, return-to-office announcements have been pretty exciting.

While some may be thrilled to see their colleagues again, other employees may be excited to put on a fashionable statement after three long years of wearing pyjamas. And with a new year comes a new list of fashion trends to wear to work.

This article enumerates some of the modern workwear fashion trends for 2023 that returning-to-office employees should watch out for.

1. Utility outfit

Clothing that started in the military now pops up within workwear and the overall fashion industry. Technical fabrics, bombers, commando-sole shoes, and field jackets are all the rage, not only for men but also spilling over to women's fashion.

Famous fashion brands now feature military-inspired clothing in a big way, from combat trousers to shearling jackets. With this fashion trend, you can wear one or two pieces at a time, mixing them with casual fashion staples such as denim for an equally practical and fashionable look.

Aside from the tactical-inspired office outfits, practical utility outfits are also increasing as workers in specific industries, such as construction, start returning to on-site assignments. Jobs that require intensive physical labour, such as engineers, carpenters, and HVAC workers, will need durable utility outfits and gear like the ones from Work Wear Hub, not just for fashion but for practical protection and safety while working.

2. Lots of pockets

Cargo pants have recently seen a comeback in the fashion world. This year, expect to see this street style look more in both men's and women's fashion, thanks to their convenience and functionality. Their numerous pockets allow you to keep all your work-related items.

That said, while many pockets are seen in cargo pants, expect to see more of them in shorts, coats, and even skirts, for a more feminine touch. The cargo style is spreading to other apparel as well, such as skirts and dresses.

3. Go oversized

Gen Z employees have banished tight-fitting fashion, such as skinny jeans, bodycon, or bandage dresses, from their closets.

In line with the previous trends, workwear fashion is now leaning towards oversized pieces, as employees prefer comfort when working. From extra-large shirts and oversized blazers to wide-leg jeans to straight-cut cargo pants, experts predict that the oversized fashion will only continue to grow in strength this year and the next.

4. Ballet flats

Aside from chunky shoes, the ballet-flat trend is making a comeback. This fashion piece is greatly influenced by the 'balletcore' trend, which embodies hyper-femininity.

As people transition from remote work in slippers, ballet flats are the comfortable alternative when you start working in the office or run for errands. If you want to go full-on balletcore fashion, consider wearing ballet flats with ballet-inspired clothes, including bodysuits and maxi tulle skirts. To complete the look, put up a ballerina bun.

5. Chunky shoes

Lug-sole shoes continue to be popular this year, especially in the spring, for both men and women. Also referred to as chunky soles, lug-sole shoes will be the perfect complement for a variety of clothing.

For instance, thick-soled boots are perfect for preppy tennis skirts, maxi skirts, or wide-leg jeans for women. For men, lug-sole loafers are perfect for your semi-formal suit or casual collared outfit.

6. Dopamine dressing

Dopamine dressing is quickly becoming a popular buzzword in recent years. Dopamine refers to a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good. In that sense, dopamine dressing is all about wearing work outfits that will make you feel good.

The fashion industry embraces this 'dopamine dressing' trend by showcasing bold, vibrant colours. Last year's runway shows abounded with vibrant and bright hues and are expected to continue this year. As such, you can expect more colourful and funky patterns available in shirts, dresses, and even jeans.

7. Thrifted fashion

As people become more aware of their impact on the planet, the way they live has also begun to shift. And since fast fashion is one of the most significant contributors to waste, younger workers are now becoming more interested in thrift shops to boost their eco-friendly and sustainable efforts.

Millennials and Gen Z employees are actively looking to second-hand shops instead of retail chains. While modern fashion retailers offer cookie-cutter fast fashion designs, thrifting provides a way to find unique, one-off items and vintage pieces to curate an outfit ensemble that are eclectic and distinctive.


As you can see, your workwear doesn't have to feel like a uniform that stifles your creativity and your desire to look good. You can start adding these vibrant and stylish 2023 workwear fashion trends and ideas to your wardrobe to ensure you have a modern and fashionable look when you return to the office.