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The 8 best mortgage brokers in Canberra

Let Canberra's best mortgage brokers help your family make your dream home a reality. Picture Shutterstock
Let Canberra's best mortgage brokers help your family make your dream home a reality. Picture Shutterstock

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Welcome to our curated guide showcasing the best mortgage brokers in Canberra, ACT. This resource is specially designed for first home buyers navigating the complex world of property finance. Our selection features top-rated finance brokers and mortgage broking firms in Canberra, each offering unique expertise and services tailored to your needs.

Whether you're just starting to explore the idea of buying your first home or you're deep into the application process, our guide provides detailed business descriptions for each broker, helping you make an informed decision. Discover the right financial partner in Canberra to turn your dream of homeownership into reality.

Searching for the best mortgage broker in Canberra?

Searching for the best mortgage broker in Canberra? In the diverse home loan market, finding a broker who prioritises your best interest is crucial. Choose a qualified mortgage consultant affiliated with the Finance Association of Australia, ensuring expertise in every aspect of the loan process.

The ideal broker in Canberra offers more than just mortgage choice; they guide you through each stage of your loan application, providing tailored advice for your unique needs. Whether you're a first-time buyer or refinancing, the right mortgage and finance professional can simplify and enhance your journey, ensuring a clear path to securing your ideal home loan.

Why Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers have been chosen as the Best Mortgage Broker in Canberra

Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers Canberra, established in 2006 under the expert leadership of founder Austin, stands as a beacon of excellence in Canberra's mortgage broking industry. Renowned for their personalised approach, they specialise in providing tailored financial solutions to a wide range of clients, from first-home buyers to experienced property investors. Their deep expertise and commitment to client success ensure a seamless mortgage process, of which they are renowned for.

Their approach to mortgage broking is both educational and realistic, leading to significant growth and high client satisfaction, as evidenced by their many 5-star reviews.

Unparalleled expertise and comprehensive services

Zanda Wealth Mortgage Broker Canberra's extensive services, from first-home buyer loans to complex investment loans and refinancing, highlight their ability to cater to diverse financial needs. Their access to over 100 lenders ensures flexible, client-centric solutions. Known for honest, transparent advice, they provide strategic guidance and valuable market insights.

Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers Canberra is more than just a mortgage broker; they are a committed financial partner, dedicated to the long-term success of their clients. This dedication cements their position as the top mortgage broker in Canberra.

Client testimonials: Real experiences with Zanda Wealth

Reuben F. shares his exceptional experience: "My experience with Zanda Wealth was more than exceptional. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to help. Special thanks to Lea, Austin, and the team for making my first property purchase seamless and simple. Highly recommended!"

Colin M. review echoes this sentiment: "I used Zanda Wealth for my last mortgage. Without Lea and Austin's assistance, my property purchase would have fallen through. Lea went above and beyond. When selling a property, I received the same outstanding service. My daughter's loan experience was similar. I wouldn't use anyone else but Zanda Wealth in the future. Highly recommend them."

Address: Mort St, Canberra ACT 2601

2 Wholistic Financial Solution (WFS)

Wholistic Financial Solutions stands out as a premier wealth creation and coaching firm, renowned for its results-driven approach, seasoned expertise, and high client satisfaction. This firm excels in charting clear, flexible, and strategic paths to wealth, adaptable to economic changes. Their comprehensive services include expertise in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), property investment, business advice, taxation strategies, insurance, and estate planning. Emphasising a holistic approach, they offer all-encompassing financial solutions under one roof. Led by CEO and Founder Catherine Smith, a guest columnist for Your Investment Property magazine, the firm commits to guiding clients towards financial freedom.

3 Clarity Home Loans

Renowned for their unique approach, the brokers at Clarity Home Loans are salaried, with bonuses based on customer satisfaction, ensuring unbiased financial advice. Offering a wide array of choices from over 30 lenders, including major banks and digital lenders, Clarity excels in customer service, educating clients on the entire property transaction. Specialising in complex property finance, investment loans, refinancing, and first-time home buying, Clarity is nationally recognised and acclaimed, boasting a vast number of 5-star reviews.

4 True North Mortgage Solutions

True North Mortgage Solutions, led by David Gawthrop with over 29 years in finance, offers tailored mortgage services in Canberra. Specialising in finding the best value loans, they don't charge clients a fee, earning through lender commissions without affecting loan rates. David's vast network of lenders and professionals ensures competitive mortgage solutions and additional services suited to individual needs.

True North collaborates with Australia's top banks and lenders, catering to first home buyers, renovators, business owners, property investors, and those seeking refinancing or separation finance. Their commitment to finding suitable financial solutions marks them as a trusted choice in the mortgage industry.

5 Loan Market Canberra

Loan Market Canberra, a dynamic mortgage broking firm based in Canberra, stands out with its team of local experts backed by a strong administrative support. Known for offering personalised and expert advice, they specialise in finding the ideal home loan solutions for their clients. The firm's emphasis on client satisfaction is reflected in numerous positive Google reviews. Dedicated to serving the best interests of their clients, the team at Loan Market Canberra ensures each client receives the most suitable home loan for their unique situation.

Their experienced brokers are well-versed in various aspects of mortgage broking, including first-time home purchases, refinancing, and investment loans. Committed to securing their clients' financial futures with their expertise and dedication to satisfaction, Loan Market Canberra is a trusted name for mortgage broking services in Canberra.

6 Tiffen & Co

Tiffen & Co offers personalised service and expert advice to first-time homebuyers, refinancers, and property investors. Led by Gerard Tiffen and David Friend, their team forms strong relationships with major banks and lenders, ensuring flexibility and the best loan options. Known for their dedication, enthusiasm, and passion for excellence, they guide clients through a seamless mortgage process.

Offering free services, as they're compensated by lenders upon successful loan settlement, Tiffen & Co's brokers meet clients at their convenience, committed to supporting them throughout their loan journey and beyond, making them a trusted choice in Canberra's mortgage industry.

7 Pass Go Home Loans Pty Ltd

Pass Go Home Loans, led by Jamie Moore and Aaron Shearing, is an award-winning, boutique mortgage broker firm based in Canberra and the Sunshine Coast, serving clients Australia-wide through advanced technology. Jamie excels in securing approvals for tough applications and is known for prompt communication.

Aaron brings diverse experience to efficiently manage the Canberra operations, offering personalised advice and optimal loan structures. Specialising in property investment, Pass Go provides honest, client-focused advice, a vast choice of lenders, and free, hassle-free services, ensuring a rewarding, long-term relationship for all home loan needs.

8 JPI Finance

JPI Finance, a mortgage broker firm based in Canberra and Sydney, excels in commercial loans, property finance, real estate development finance, and business lending, along with residential home loans. Their team of experienced advisors ensures a comprehensive understanding of clients' circumstances, connecting them with the most suitable lenders. They offer tailored financial solutions, providing favourable options and professional guidance every step of the way. JPI Finance's commitment lies in securing their clients' financial future and well-being, ensuring a successful navigation through various financial options with their expert advice and continuous support throughout the entire process.


This guide, essential for Canberra home buyers, especially first-timers, highlights the benefits of using a mortgage broker. Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers, renowned for their exceptional service and client satisfaction, leads the pack with personalised solutions, encompassing everything from loan application to financial planning. They are a prime example of how to find an expert mortgage broker in Canberra. Other featured local brokers, like Wholistic Financial Solutions and Clarity Home Loans, offer unique expertise, ensuring you receive the best interest rates and tailored advice. Let this guide be your key to navigating the mortgage and finance landscape in Canberra with the best in the business.