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Best monitor arms you can buy for your desk

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There are several different styles of monitor arms, including single- and dual-monitor configurations, and some models can accommodate more than one screen.

The advantages go beyond ergonomics; they also maximise desk area, giving the place a cleaner, more orderly appearance. In the Australian market, you can pick the ideal monitor arm that best meets your needs.

Here's our short list of the best five monitor arms we tested and liked:

  1. Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm - Best option for single widescreen monitors
  2. Desky Dual Monitor Arm - Best monitor arm for dual screen setups
  3. AVLT Heavy Duty Monitor Arm - Best arm for really big monitors
  4. Desky Eco Vertical Monitor Mount - Best arm for vertical monitor setups
  5. VIVO Dual Display Stand - Cheap dual monitor arm for office spaces

Our top monitor arms in Australia

These monitor arms have been chosen by us since they cater to an array of setups. If you want to deck your standing desk out, you'll find a suitable option to enhance your viewing experience and desk organisation.

Best option for single widescreen monitors

Picture by Desky
Picture by Desky

For anyone who is on board with the larger screen trend, the Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm is revolutionary. This monitor arm guarantees stability and dependability by firmly holding monitors up to 49 inches, including well-known brands like the Samsung Odyssey G9. With its smoother adjusting tilting mechanism, it offers the ideal viewing angle for work, play, or pleasure.

The topside mounting base and quick-release VESA plate make setup simple and eliminate laborious installations. This monitor arm easily blends into any interior design because it comes in four chic colour variants.

With this sturdy and stylish monitor arm, you can increase both your productivity and visual enjoyment to new levels. The Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm claims to improve your workflow and big screen experience like never before, whether you're a professional, creative, or serious gamer.

Stability and flexibility are guaranteed by the Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm, which can support monitors up to 49 inches and 20 kilogrammes in weight. I was amazed by how quickly it could be installed, and its integrated wire management and optimal tilting mechanism further improved its usability and aesthetic appeal.

Although it is only compatible with monitors that have VESA mount sizes of 75x75mm or 100x100mm, the overall value it offers to ergonomics and workplace organisation makes the cost justified. This monitor arm would be very helpful to professionals, artists, and gamers who want to improve their huge screen experience and workspace arrangement.

It stands out from the competition thanks to its strong characteristics, which include a large weight capacity, easy installation, an efficient tilting mechanism, fashionable design options, and integrated cable management. The Desky Ultrawide Monitor Arm fulfils its promise of improving workspace organisation, comfort, and aesthetics - despite a few compatibility issues.


  • Move big, flat or curved displays that weigh up to 20 kg.
  • Comes in white or black.
  • Keep wires neatly arranged and out of sight.
  • Easy adjustments provide the ideal viewing angle for a variety of jobs.


  • Only intended mostly for displays with 75x75mm or 100x100mm VESA mount sizes.

Best monitor arm for dual screen setups

Picture by Desky
Picture by Desky

This dual monitor arm from Desky is meant to raise both displays to eye level, minimising the side-to-side movement needed to glance at multiple screens and minimising the strain on the spine caused by gazing downward. It does this by acknowledging the significance of preserving ergonomic posture and making the most of desk space.

The Desky Dual Monitor Arm, which has a single clamp fitting, offers the simplicity of integrated cable management while conserving valuable desk space. Supporting monitors up to 10 kg and 27 inches in width, it offers a robust and adaptable option for a range of configurations.

But its ability to provide you with versatility in monitor positioning is one of its best characteristics.

You can effortlessly adjust the monitors to maintain optimal alignment with their body and eyes thanks to their two joints and hinges. For even more adaptability, the monitor arm may be combined with a laptop holder and is compatible with the majority of screen mounts.

Technical specifications for the Desky Dual Monitor Arm state that it can support up to 27-inch LCD panels and that each screen can weigh between 2 and 10 kg. It offers versatile mounting choices through the desk or via desk clamp, with a range of 5-60mm and 5-50mm respectively, supporting VESA mount sizes of 75x75mm and 100x100mm.

The monitor arm is made of premium materials like rubber, plastic, and aluminium alloy. So with two expensive computer screens suspended, you won't need to worry about them crashing down. For more information on its specs, visit the Desky website.


  • Robust and high-quality construction.
  • Supports two monitors up to 27 inches each.
  • Excellent cable management solutions.
  • Easy VESA attachments.


  • Costs a bit.

Best arm for really big monitors

Picture by AVLT
Picture by AVLT

One reliable solution for holding big, heavy displays is the AVLT Single 17"-49" Monitor Arm. You can use it with practically any monitor within the range because of its wide compatibility with various screen sizes. With the range of mobility offered, you may position yourself for maximum comfort and productivity.

The arm greatly eliminates clutter by raising your monitor off the desk, making your workspace more organised and roomy. A neat, polished appearance throughout your office is further enhanced by the ingenious design's integrated cable management.

But there could be some difficulties with the installation, especially if you're not good with tools.

Furthermore, desks composed of lighter materials can perhaps strain under the combined weight of an arm and a monitor; take this into account when making a purchase.

The AVLT Monitor Arm is a reliable and useful complement to any workplace setting, in spite of these reservations.


  • Easily adapts to different monitor sizes.
  • Intended to free up important desk real estate.
  • Includes comfort-enhancing ergonomic adjustability.


  • Installing could be a little tricky.
  • Lighter desks may be concerned about heavy bases.
  • Expensive pricing may not be affordable for everyone.

Best arm for vertical monitor setups

Picture by Desky
Picture by Desky

Made of a robust steel frame, Desky's Eco Vertical Monitor Mount holds two monitors that are between 17" and 32". Each arm can hold up to 9 kg (19.8 lbs) of weight and guarantees a steady and dependable configuration that can tolerate the rigours of regular use.

This mount enables flexibility to meet your specific demands, whether you prefer portrait or landscape orientation or need to swivel the arms for a better viewing angle.

Grommet and clamp mounting options make installation simple and enable easy attachment to nearly any work surface. Even further installation simplicity is provided by the detachable VESA plate, which guarantees a speedy setup without sacrificing stability.

As an added benefit, the optional VESA-compatible laptop stand allows you to integrate your laptop into your setup.

The Desky Eco Vertical Monitor Mount is compatible with VESA mount sizes of 75x75 and 100x100, and it has a weight capacity of 2 to 9 kg per screen. This mount fits monitors up to 32 inches in size which will suit most Australians.

If you're a trader, a gamer or a streamer, then you can't go past this monitor arm if you need stacked computer screens. Check out the Desky website for more details on its specs.


  • Strong and aptly designed.
  • Can integrate your laptop.
  • Excellent cable management.
  • Doesn't cost a lot.


  • Limited to monitors up to 32 inches.

Cheap dual monitor arm for office spaces


The monitor arm solution from VIVO offers an economical, reliable and adaptable choice for dual-screen setups. The meticulously designed VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount ensures that your screens are held firmly and securely. Your monitors will be securely supported thanks to their sturdy construction, which reduces the possibility of unintentional tipping or sagging.

Its adherence to VESA standards emphasises its appropriateness for a wide range of consumers, supporting the majority of monitors on the market.

This arm is obviously made to be easy to use. Installing and repositioning each monitor is simple and allows for a smooth transition between portrait and landscape modes. The integrated cable management system keeps everything organised and accentuates the workspace's polished appearance.

Though it's not a common problem, mismatched screw holes can still be annoying during installation, so just be aware of this.

In our opinion, the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount is a useful addition to any workspace that needs more than one screen. You are better off with the Desky Dual Monitor Arm since it has a better build and provides more flexibility, but you can save a lot of cash with this VIVO option.


  • Accommodates a wide range of monitor sizes and weights.
  • Very cheap.
  • Easy to install.


  • May experience stiffness initially.
  • Not suitable for very thick desks without the optional grommet mount.
  • Some users reported difficulty in screw alignment during assembly.

Best dual arm for curved monitors

Picture by AVLT
Picture by AVLT

If you have dual curved monitors then this is the best option for you.

Capable of securing two curved monitors up to a staggering 43 inches and 15kg each, the AVLT Dual Monitor Stand is a beast.

This dual monitor stand enables smooth adjustments for tilt, swivel, and rotation, making it easier for you to find the perfect viewing position. The inclusion of gas springs in the design supports easy height adjustment.

Connectivity is another feature we appreciate, particularly in today's digital workspace. The AVLT Dual Monitor Stand comes with built-in USB and audio ports, allowing us to manage cables efficiently and connect devices directly through the stand. This enhancement contributes to a streamlined and functional workstation and is particularly ideal for gamers.


  • Dual monitor arms that hold up to 43-inch screens.
  • Low desk footprint where the metal base and clamp are situated.
  • Includes USB and audio connectivity.


  • You need a strong desk to support it.
  • Some customers have said the paint chips off easily.

Cheap dual monitor stand alternative


We can maximise our workspace by lifting two monitors off the desk with the HEYMIX VESA Dual Arm. Its capacity to maintain cables neatly arranged makes the workspace cleaner and more organised.

With the full-motion arms, perfectly angling and height-adjusting our displays is a breeze. This adaptability aids in the creation of an ergonomic workspace, which may lessen the pressure that prolonged use places on our necks and backs.

You can firmly fasten the monitor arm to desks of different thicknesses and materials thanks to its adaptable installation. Choosing between the grommet base and the g-clamp allows for easy setup, freeing up more time for our current tasks.

At only $39.94, it's very cheap and affordable but what you pay is what you get.


  • Simple installation with a grommet base and g-clamp included.
  • Provides adjustable full-motion screen placement and flexibility.
  • Fantastic price point.


  • Not suited for heavy monitors.

Frequently asked questions

What are the top-rated monitor arms suitable for gaming setups in Australia?

The Desky Heavy Duty Ultrawide Monitor Arm has excellent reviews for its sturdy construction and adaptability, which makes it ideal for active gaming environments.

How do I select a monitor arm that meets my ergonomic needs?

To guarantee that you can place your monitor at the perfect eye level and distance, minimising strain on your neck and eyes, we advise selecting a monitor arm with adjustable height, depth, and tilt options.

Can you recommend a durable dual monitor arm available in Australia?

Renowned for its durability and strength, the Desky Dual Monitor Arm can accommodate two displays and provides separate adjustment options.

Which factors should I consider when choosing a monitor arm for my workstation?

To make sure the monitor arm improves the looks and performance of your workstation, take into account its weight capacity, adjustability, simplicity of installation, VESA compatibility, and cable management features.

What are the benefits of using a monitor arm over a traditional monitor stand?

Monitor arms save desk space, offer greater placement freedom that can result in a more ergonomic and pleasant arrangement, and facilitate a neater, more organised workspace.