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9 best dash cams in Australia for your car

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Picture by Shutterstock
Picture by Shutterstock

In today's world, dash cams are an essential tool for drivers. Dash cams not only record evidence in case someone needs to file an insurance claim or report an incident, but their very existence can incite others and ourselves to drive more defensively.

Here are the top five dash cams that provide Australian drivers with the most value and usability:

  1. REDTIGER F7NP Dash Cam - Overall best dash cam on Amazon
  2. WOLFBOX G840S 4K Dash Cam - Dash cam with large front and rear displays
  3. REDTIGER F7N Dual Dash Cam - Cheaper alternative to our top pick
  4. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam - Dash cam with superior video resolution
  5. KAWA 2K Dash Cam - Great value for money dash cam

Here's how the best dash cams stack up

We have the models you need, whether you're looking for sophisticated features like GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, or if you just need a basic model to record your everyday journey.

The best-selling dash cam on Amazon

Picture by Redtiger
Picture by Redtiger

The REDTIGER F7NP dash cam positions itself as a dependable partner for drivers who appreciate enhanced security features and clear 4k+1080P resolution video in the rapidly expanding vehicle security sector.

This device maintains crisp focus on both the journey behind you and the road ahead thanks to its dual front and rear camera recording capabilities. In the sad event of an incident, where information like licence plates and street signs is crucial, this can be crucial.

The excellent night vision is one of its most notable qualities. The dash cam maintains clear and functional footage even after the sun sets, thanks to its sophisticated lens and HDR/WDR technology. Those who find themselves on the road late at night or early in the morning will find this function especially helpful.

In addition to its remarkable recording powers, the dash cam's integrated GPS tracks your location, speed, and route. It can transfer videos to a smartphone seamlessly when coupled with WiFi, which might be quite useful for drivers who want to instantly store and share their driving experiences or accident evidence.

But there are some issues with the REDTIGER F7NP.

A handful of users have noted issues with the suction mount's reliability, with it sometimes detaching from the windshield. Also, while it advertises a 4K dash cam recording quality, there have been reports that the output doesn't quite match up to the crisp images one might expect.

Finally, those looking to use the dash cam's parking monitor will have to invest in an additional hardware kit, which is not included.

The REDTIGER F7NP dash cam is available on Amazon for $229 or Redtiger directly.


  • Clear dual recording in 4K and 1080P for finely detailed images.
  • Superior ability to see at night to capture details in poor light.
  • Integrated WiFi and GPS for simple tracking and sharing.


  • Sometimes the suction mount may lose its grasp.
  • Some consumers claim that the 4K quality falls short of their expectations.
  • To utilise the parking monitor feature, a hardware kit is required.

Dash cam with large front and rear displays

Picture by Amazon
Picture by Amazon

Twenty-first-century driving demands more than just vigilance; it requires the right technology to back us up. The WOLFBOX G840S steps into the spotlight with its high-definition clarity, promising to capture every detail on the road.

The device's expansive 12-inch display gives us a comprehensive view of our surroundings. We appreciate the security that comes from decreased blind spots, thanks to the ultra-wide lenses. The front and rear cameras have views of 170° and 140°, respectively, giving you an ultra-wide view.

It's about getting the whole picture, and this dash cam aims to deliver just that.

When the sun sets, the WOLFBOX G840S doesn't leave us in the dark. Its enhanced night vision reassures us that low-light conditions won't compromise our visual record. Safety doesn't clock out after dark, and neither should your dash cam.

If that wasn't enough, it also comes with GPS tracking and playback functions, a 24-hour parking monitor, and several types of smart recording modes. To charge, just connect it to a USB-C port.

As we contemplate the world of dash cams, it's apparent that the WOLFBOX G840S is more than a gadget - it's a co-pilot. While some might find the additional purchases a tad inconvenient, the overall package presents a compelling case for anyone looking to upgrade their driving experience.


  • Enhanced clarity with 4K and 1080P front recording.
  • Wide angles of view to reduce blind areas.
  • Enhanced night vision for more vivid video in low light.


  • GPS tracking antenna available separately.
  • Potential incompatibilities with specific car USB ports.
  • The LCD may have reflection problems in bright daylight.

Next best alternative to the REDTIGER F7NP


Next on our list is another dash cam from REDTIGER. The F7N is the predecessor of the advanced REDTIGER F7NP. But the F7N is no mug. The REDTIGER F7N is designed to provide a full HD resolution for the back view and a 4K resolution for the front, guaranteeing that all perspectives are captured with excellent clarity.

The integrated GPS system not only monitors the car's route but also incorporates location information into video recordings, which simplifies the process of reliving the details of a trip when necessary. The built-in Wi-Fi makes pairing with gadgets easier and enables drivers to easily control their dash cam through a smartphone app.

Sometimes keeping an eye on a parked car is just as crucial as recording when operating a vehicle. A parking monitor feature on the REDTIGER F7N is intended to keep your car safe even when you're not there.

However, keep in mind that the dash cam might need a steady power supply from a hardwiring kit for round-the-clock coverage, which would mean professional installation or an additional cost for people who really want to use this feature.


  • Possesses a 4K front camera and a 1080p rear camera to record clear footage.
  • Includes Wi-Fi for convenient device connection and built-in GPS for tracking vehicles.
  • Better night vision thanks to the sophisticated Starvis Sensor.


  • Higher-resolution video could necessitate more storage space.

Dash cam with superior video resolution


With its 4K ultra HD and 2160P recording, the Rove R2-4K records the road in remarkably clear detail, preserving every little detail. Providing clear images and footage in low light, the dash cam's night vision functionality is a standout feature and essential for 24/7 protection.

We value the ease with which the dash cam's integrated WiFi 6 makes it easier to download and share videos to a smartphone.

The GPS feature is great for data enthusiasts since it meticulously captures location and speed data, which can be easily tracked and reviewed on Google Maps.

A testament to the device's user-centric design is the extra benefit of over-the-air firmware updates via the Rove app, which guarantees that the dash cam stays current with the newest software enhancements. This avoids the headache of manual upgrades and safeguards your investment by maintaining the dash cam in top operating condition.

If you want a high-resolution dash cam, you can pick up the Rove R2-4K on Rove Innotech or Amazon for $189.99.


  • High-quality 4K footage for crisp recordings.
  • GPS is integrated to monitor travel routes and speeds.
  • An easy-to-use app for quickly accessing and sharing videos on social media.


  • More storage space may be needed for high-definition recordings.
  • Handling 4K video may be difficult for certain handsets.
  • The micro SD card needed for storage is not included.

Great value for money dash cam


We have a device that makes it simpler to see critical details while driving: the KAWA 2K Dash Cam. It has clear 2K video quality. A wide vision is ensured by the wide lens, significantly lowering blind areas.

A noteworthy feature that offers better visibility without the need for external lighting is the starlight colour night vision, which is especially noteworthy given the need to get clear footage at night.

We are grateful that voice control is now available hands-free. This function increases safety by enabling drivers to maintain their attention on the road and capture important moments with a single command. Furthermore, the small and concealed form reduces distractions by neatly fitting behind the rearview mirror without blocking the driver's view.

Convenience is prioritised when there is Wi-Fi connectivity and app support. It allows sharing video from the dash cam to a smartphone easily and streamlines the management of records.

Reliability-wise, drivers may rest easy knowing that crucial moments are reliably captured and safely preserved thanks to the loop recording and emergency functions.

If you are on a budget but want the features and don't mind not having 4K video capabilities, then the KAWA 2K dash cam can be bought on Amazon for $99.99.


  • Clear details are captured in high 2K resolution.
  • Speech recognition for hands-free use.
  • In low light, advanced starlight night vision provides clarity.


  • Excludes the micro SD card.
  • Only has 2k and 1440P quality video recording.
  • Some users mention problems in extremely hot weather.

An economical 4K dash cam


The GKU dash cam comes with 3M adhesive tape for secure mounting, making installation simple. The loop recording feature and the G-sensor's accident detection, which protects important video, provide users peace of mind.

The dash cam won't block your view because of its small size, which is a big benefit for drivers who value having a clear windscreen The highlight is the built-in Wi-Fi capability that allows you to couple the camera with a mobile device.

Organising your recordings and settings is made simple with the companion app.

During daytime and nighttime trips, crucial details are caught thanks to the dash cam's crisp video quality. For a low-cost dash cam, this one gives a bit more than others.

But the cost might go up if a second micro SD card is needed, and depending on how tech-savvy the user is, it might be harder or easier to connect the dash cam to different phones.

Moreover, it's still difficult to photograph readable licence plates at night, which is something to keep in mind for people who frequently drive after dark.

The GKU 2.5K is about as cheap as you can get for a dash cam. You can get it on Amazon for only $79.99 or GKU directly for $109.


  • Extensive-resolution video improves detail capture.
  • Discreet placement is made possible by unobtrusive design.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity enables easy integration of apps.


  • A micro SD card is needed but is not supplied.
  • Some users complain about functional issues with the software.
  • There may be limitations to reading licence plates at night.

Best motion sensor-activated recording


The Vantrue N2 Pro is a front and rear camera system with Sony sensors that record your travels and give you a clear visual report of any accidents on the road.

The gadget guarantees visibility in low light; the infrared night vision feature is specially designed to protect and reassure drivers who use ridesharing services.

Since our roads are always changing, owning a dash cam might act as its own insurance. When it comes to parking in public spaces, this device's 24-hour parking mode serves as a watchful witness while you're not there, providing an additional degree of protection and peace of mind.

The Vantrue N2 Pro's setup and operation are simple thanks to the development of user-friendly technology. However, purchasing an aftermarket GPS attachment is required for users who want to take advantage of the dash cam's full capability.

Because high-resolution recordings require a large amount of memory space, storage may also quickly become an issue. Remember that to make the most of your dash cam's potential, a high-quality microSD card is a wise addition.


  • Two 1080P cameras for thorough coverage.
  • Fantastic motion sensor-activated recording function.
  • A dedicated parking mode ensures protection around the clock.


  • A few people have complained about stability issues with the suction cup.
  • To maximise features, a microSD card with a larger capacity would be required.

Great storage capacity


Keeping an eye on your car from every angle should be easy with this triple dash cam from SUVCON. It offers the comfort of being able to simultaneously keep an eye on the road in front of you, the interior of your vehicle, and the situation behind you.

The wide-angle lenses provide a lot of coverage, which may help you drive more safely and reduce blind spots. Notably, a dash camera's ability to see well at night is essential. The goal of this gadget is to provide clear photographs even in low light.

Maintaining visibility is essential, whether it's in a dimly lit parking lot or during twilight. The infrared LEDs on this dash cam are made to enhance recording quality in low-light conditions.

It's encouraging to see G-sensor capability and loop recording, which are practically standards in contemporary dash cams, included in this model.

When proof is required, these characteristics could make all the difference. They enable the continuous capture and preservation of important footage in the case of rapid movement or collision.

In addition, having a parking monitor gives you some extra comfort and peace of mind when your car is hidden. You can get this dash camera from Amazon or eBay.


  • Three channels of coverage guarantee a comprehensive view of your car.
  • HDR and night vision for crisp images in a range of lighting.
  • The pre-installed 32GB card makes setup easier.


  • Three cameras mean a more intricate installation.
  • Possibility of clutter from additional wiring.
  • A greater footprint on the windscreen.

Are dash cams worth the investment?

Most dash cams are a great investment because they come with a lot of benefits. First of all, by precisely recording events, they offer crucial proof in the event of an accident, supporting insurance claims and court cases.

Dash cameras also prevent insurance fraud and theft, protecting drivers against fraudulent claims and any crimes involving their vehicles.

Additionally, features like accelerometers and GPS tracking aid in monitoring driving behaviour, encouraging safer practices and bringing comfort. Additionally, dash cams can record special moments on road trips or picturesque drives, which increases the delight of owning a car.

Dash cameras are an excellent investment since they may record special moments, monitor driving behaviour, prevent insurance fraud and theft, and offer evidence in case of an accident.

The long-term cost of a dash camera is justified by these advantages, which improve vehicle owners' sense of safety, security, and comfort.

The benefits of having a dash cam explained

Evidence in accidents

In the case of an accident, dash cameras' continuous video recording of the road ahead serves as vital evidence. The exact sequence of events leading up to a collision can be accurately shown in this tape, which aids in the determination of fault by authorities and insurance companies.

It can avoid disagreements over who is at fault, which could speed up the claims procedure and guarantee just recompense for losses.

Furthermore, drivers might be shielded against unfounded allegations and inflated claims made by third parties by possessing convincing evidence.

Fraud protection

Dash cams serve as an effective deterrent against insurance fraud and the staging of accidents. Having video footage can disprove false allegations and stop insurance companies from arbitrarily boosting premiums because of unfounded claims, especially in light of the surge in fraudulent claims.

Dash cameras provide an effective line of defence against planned schemes that try to take advantage of insurance plans in order to profit financially by documenting real events as they happen.

Tracking driving behaviour

A lot of dash cams have sophisticated capabilities like GPS tracking and accelerometers that make it possible to track driving behaviour. These gadgets track variables including acceleration, braking, and speed, giving useful information about driving behaviours.

Drivers can take proactive measures to improve their road safety by analysing this data and identifying areas that need improvement.

Furthermore, some dash cams provide in-the-moment feedback or alerts for unsafe behaviour, motivating drivers to change to safer habits and lower the chance of collisions.


For parked cars, dash cameras provide an extra degree of protection. When the car is left alone, they can record in parking mode and use motion sensors to record any suspicious behaviour or attempted break-ins.

Because they are less likely to target cars with visible dash cams, this acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals.

The dash cam footage can help law authorities find the culprits and retrieve stolen items in the sad case of a crime or damage.

Capturing special moments

Beyond security and safety, dash cams can record special moments on family vacations, road trips, or beautiful drives. Dash cam film captures life's best moments, whether they're spent spending time with loved ones, seeing amazing scenery, or coming across wildlife.

By playing back the video or showing it to loved ones, users can relive these experiences, creating a feeling of nostalgia and community.

Look for these features in a dash cam

To make sure the dash cam you select fits your unique needs and tastes, take into account the following important features:

  • Video quality: Seek a dash cam that can record videos in high definition, ideally 1080p Full HD or better. Clearer and more detailed visuals are provided by higher quality footage, which is beneficial for catching significant details in catastrophes or accidents.
  • Wide-angle lens: To capture a wider field of vision, ideally between 120 and 170 degrees, use a dash cam with a wide-angle lens. By capturing a larger portion of the road ahead as well as surrounding regions, a wider angle helps to minimise blind spots and provide thorough coverage.
  • Select a dash cam with night vision or low-light capabilities to improve visibility in dimly lit or dark environments. This function makes sure that the camera can still take crisp pictures at night, which is essential for preserving security and safety.
  • Loop recording: Look for dash cams that have the ability to automatically replace older records with new ones when the memory card is full. Continuous coverage is ensured by loop recording, which makes sure the camera runs smoothly without requiring manual control.
  • G-Sensor: Choose a dash cam that has an accelerometer or G-sensor integrated in, as these devices can identify abrupt changes in speed, direction, or impact. The dash cam automatically locks and saves the current recording when the G-sensor is detected. This prevents critical footage from being overwritten and keeps it safe for use as evidence in cases of accidents or incidents.
  • Parking mode: Take into consideration a dash cam equipped with parking mode capability, which enables the camera to keep tracking and recording even while the car is stopped and not moving. Parking mode adds further security against theft, vandalism, and hit-and-run situations by using motion detection or impact sensors to start recording when activity is detected near the car.
  • GPS: A few dash cams are equipped with GPS technology that records location information in addition to video footage. GPS-enabled dash cams can improve the accuracy and reliability of recorded events by offering useful data like vehicle speed, route tracking, and exact geographical coordinates.
  • Wi-Fi and smartphone connectivity: Seek out dash cams that have compatible smartphone apps and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can access and manage footage right from your tablet or smartphone. Wi-Fi connectivity improves user convenience and accessibility by enabling smooth file transfers, remote viewing, and configuration changes.
  • Memory card support: To allow for longer recording times, make sure the dash cam is compatible with high-capacity microSD memory cards. For the best performance and stability, take into account dash cams that enable fast and dependable memory card formats like Class 10 or UHS-I/UHS-II.
  • Build quality and mounting options: To guarantee longevity and simplicity of installation, assess the dash cam's build quality and mounting options. Seek dash cameras with robust build quality and adaptable adhesive mounts or mounting brackets that firmly adhere to the dashboard or windscreen without impeding the driver's view. A good dash cam mount shouldn't need frequent adjustments.

Frequently asked questions

Which dash cams provide the best clarity for both front and rear recording?

The REDTIGER F7NP and BlackVue DR750X-2CH stand out for their clarity among the top choices. Both have Full HD rear recording and 4K front recording, guaranteeing sharp video both during the day and at night. The REDTIGER F7NP is the overall best dash cam for its price.

How do Garmin dash cams compare in terms of reliability and features?

Dual-lens technology on Garmin dash cams, like the Dash Cam Tandem, has shown to be dependable in capturing both exterior and interior film. Additionally, they provide capabilities that improve driving, such as voice control, GPS tagging, and driver alarms.

What are the latest recommendations from consumer reports on dash cameras?

Recent user reviews emphasise the Nextbase 622GW's enhanced picture quality, integrated Alexa, and emergency SOS function. With so many capabilities, this dash cam is rated highly on most consumer checklists.

How does the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 perform in real-world scenarios?

In real-world situations, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 functions wonderfully. Its small size doesn't sacrifice video quality; it can record in 1080p and has a broad field of view of 140 degrees.

It also has practical features like Bluetooth connectivity and integration with the Phone Link app.

What are some top wireless dash cam options available today?

The YI Smart Dash Camera and the REDTIGER F7NP are two of the best wireless dash cams available. These models come with extra capabilities like smartphone connectivity for live viewing and simple film download, in addition to the convenience of installation due to the lack of cords.

What features should one look for in a dash cam to ensure quality recording when the car is parked?

Consider features like motion detection, impact sensors, and a buffered parking mode for high-quality video while parked. The latter makes sure that important moments are recorded by recording a few seconds before and after an event.

These capabilities make cameras like the Vantrue N2 Pro and the Viofo A129 Duo excellent options for filming in parking mode.