Ngunnawal: application lodged for final phase of Broadview master-planned estate

Ngunnawal: application lodged for final phase of Broadview master-planned estate

The suburb of Ngunnawal will soon be completed, following the lodgment of plans for the final stage of the last big land development in the area.

A development application for an estate development plan has been submitted to the ACT Planning and Land Authority for the completion of Village Building's Broadview master-planned estate.

Affordable housing is a strong focus of the company's application.

A subsidiary bought a 35-hectare englobo site on the edge of Ngunnawal in June 2011 for $36.25 million and decided to develop the land in nine stages, under three development applications.

Broadview is bounded by the future alignment of Horse Park Drive, a tributary of Ginninderra Creek, and existing homes.


Two development applications have been approved for the first six stages of the estate. Now a third has been made for the final phase.

It is intended that about 168 residential blocks of land will be sold for a mixture of dwelling types, when the application is approved by the authority.

Under the conditions of sale for the land, Village Building was bound to develop the site according to the concept plan developed by the ACT government in 2007.

The total number of dwellings for Broadview was planned to be 475, or about 14.5 dwellings per hectare.

Planning documents lodged with the development application say the company will increase the number of dwellings to 558 and, in doing so, will increase the number of affordable dwellings on the estate.

There will be 112 affordable house and land packages supplied to the ACT market, which is 17 more than was earmarked in the government's concept plan.

The application says the Broadview development has so far put a large number of homes on the market for less than $400,000.

Eighty-one per cent of the 104 house and land packages that were sold in the past 12 months went for less than $400,000.

''Over the same time frame the majority of all sub $400,000 home sales across the ACT have been delivered in the form of residential units," the company said in its application.

The planning application makes the argument that approval of the plan would ensure affordable housing choice in the ACT.

"Currently there is a lack of supply of 'cottage' style blocks in the market to meet the needs of families who require affordable housing choice in the ACT," it said.

"Lack of englobo land release, which can produce affordable house and land packages, in the past two years has cause demand to outstrip supply in this segment."

In its submission, Village Building subsidiary Canberra Estates Consortiums No. 30 says the original concept plan had incorporated multi-unit development that was appropriate for market demand in 2008.

However, Canberra Estates says that demand for units has "decreased significantly in north Gungahlin" and therefore the company had proposed a variety of single-dwelling housing blocks.

Redevelopment of the Gold Creek Homestead in Ngunnawal is also taking place, where Lend Lease will build a 161-villa retirement village complex.

The ACT Planning and Land Authority approved the development application for the project in June.

Meredith Clisby is the Editor of the Sunday Canberra Times

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