Meet the newest additions to the National Zoo and Aquarium

They're super cute, they're extremely playful and really, they're just pur-fect.

Meet the newest addition to the National Zoo and Aquarium, nine-month-old tiger cubs Melati and Mya.

As part of a partnership between Dreamworld in Queensland and the Canberra zoo, the sisters were relocated south to be ambassadors for the conservation of tigers in the wild.

The sisters are the first cubs at the National Zoo and senior carnivore keeper Katie Ness will be responsible for the day to day care, training and enrichment of the animals.

"They're going to need a lot of attention and different stimulation, so that will be the role of myself and the other keepers looking after them," Ms Ness said.

"This will be a new experience for us because we will be working with cubs that are much younger than what we've looked after before, they'll need a whole lot more attention."

Visitors can see Melati and Mya when they visit the zoo and their enclosure is part of the Jamala Wildlife Lodge program. The cubs weigh 45 and 48 kilograms and are expected to reach about 130 kilograms each.

“At the moment being young they're both very adventures and inquisitive about their new environment," she said.

"They are a little bit cheeky in some ways as well, but that's all to be expected with young cubs."

The National Zoo approached Dreamworld earlier this year with the possibility of bringing some cubs to the capital.

Dreamworld’s general manager life sciences Al Mucci, said both the Canberra zoo and Dreamworld were at the forefront of the global movement to save tigers.

"With less than 4000 tigers left in the wild, initiatives funded by accredited members of the zoo and aquarium association, such as Dreamworld and the National Zoo and Aquarium, provide critical support to field projects in Indonesia, Russia and Nepal that are ensuring the survival of these magnificent animals," Mr Mucci said.

"Much of the support comes from pledges from visitors who are inspired to take action on behalf of tigers in the wild".

Tiger cubs Melati and Mya at their new home at the National Zoo and Aquarium. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Tiger cubs Melati and Mya at their new home at the National Zoo and Aquarium. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

The cubs don't seem to be having a hard to re-adjusting to the Canberra climate. Ms Ness said they were quickly becoming acquainted with their new home.

- With Kaylee Dorris