Morrison pledges $42m mental health boost

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pledging more money for youth mental health and suicide prevention.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pledging more money for youth mental health and suicide prevention.

Mental health services for young and indigenous people will receive a boost of more than $42 million if the coalition wins the federal election.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's campaign enters its third day on Saturday, which marks five weeks until the May 18 poll.

The Morrison camp is remaining tight-lipped about where it will head in a bid to avoid protesters or a clash with Labor's plans.

After committing $461 million in last week's federal budget, the coalition is promising a further $22.5 million to boost its youth mental health and suicide prevention strategy.

The commitment includes $12.5 million to make mental health services for indigenous people more effective.

The other $10 million will be aimed at digital tools for mental health issues affecting young people including anxiety, depression, sleep problems, substance abuse, suicide and relationship difficulties.

"I want every young person in Australia to know that they are not alone and that we are committed to doing everything we can to support their mental health and wellbeing," Mr Morrison said.

"Not just as a prime minister but as a parent, I am going to do whatever it takes and whatever we can to break the curse of youth suicide in our country and ensure young people get the support they need."

The government is also pledging $19.6 million through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy to prevent indigenous youth suicide, particularly in WA's Kimberley region.

In February, Coroner Ros Fogliani described the situation in the Kimberley as dire after handing down findings of an inquest into 13 youth suicides in less than four years.

Friday marked the first full day of campaigning, with Mr Morrison visiting a small business in western Sydney.

He also spent time at a road upgrade in Penrith, with both locations within the Labor-held marginal seat of Lindsay.

Australian Associated Press