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The 4 best corner standing desks in Australia: Our picks

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Picture by MOOV
Picture by MOOV

Fitting a sit-stand desk into a corner of your home or office space can be a tricky affair with the limited options available.

There simply are not too many to choose from compared to the best rectangular standing desks in Australia.

So, we are here to help curate a list of desks that meet the most important criteria of features, quality, and affordability.

Here's our shortlist of the five best corner standing desks for Australians:

  1. Desky Hardwood L-Shape Sit-Stand - Best overall corner standing desk
  2. Desky Sigma L-Shape Gaming Desk - Best corner standing desk for gamers
  3. UpDown Pro Series Corner Desk - Good corner standing desk for its price
  4. MOOV Corner Desk - Best corner standing desk made from repurposed timber
  5. Boost+ Height Adjustable Corner Workstation - Excellent safety features

Why we picked these corner standing desks

Best corner standing desk we tested

Picture by Desky
Picture by Desky

For an L-shaped standing desk, this one from Desky can't be surpassed due to its hardwood desktops, build quality, and features. From its FSC-certified range of hardwoods, in-built safety and quality of life features, to the little things that indicate a premium build, this standing desk has it all covered. Sure, you'll be paying for it but if you want a premium desk to invest in for the next decade then this is it.

This creative desk, designed with an emphasis on both form and function, is a noteworthy option for anyone looking to maximise their workspace. With its L-shaped design, offers a large work area and effectively utilises corner spaces. In addition to improving aesthetic appeal, the main section's smooth connection with the shorter side provides functionality in cramped office layouts.

This premium standing desk has three electric motors that allow it to be raised or lowered from 60 to 125 centimetres in a matter of seconds. Whilst this is a bit lower than the UpDown Pro, it shouldn't at all matter unless you're over 210cm.

The desktop is made of robust timber that has been sustainably sourced from FSC-certified forests. Each desktop has been hand-finished, adding both flair and durability. This sophisticated finish, which comes in Pheasantwood, Walnut, and White Oak varieties, will elevate any home office.

Steel reinforcements are added to increase its stability and endurance, making sure it endures over time. And you'll be able to see the quality first hand, as indicated by the finer detailing such as the precision slots and threaded inserts for bolts.

The desk satisfies strict safety and quality standards and has been certified by prestigious organisations like as BIFMA, TV Rheinland, and EESS. Not only that, but it also includes an anti-collision system and child lock prevention.

For me, using the Desky L-Shape Hardwood Sit Stand Desk has changed my life. My productivity and comfort throughout extended workdays have greatly increased because of the ergonomic design and easy height adjustments.

In addition, the desk's sophisticated design gives my workstation a polished feel, making it enjoyable to use daily - and I do love a high-quality hardwood finish.


  • Gorgeous range of hardwood desktops with natural edging.
  • Sustainably sourced with zero formaldehydes and VOCs, non-toxic and odourless.
  • Quiet dual motors that can lift up to 200kg.
  • Digital controller with 4 memory height presets.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • It's more expensive than the other desks on this list.

Best corner standing desk for gamers

Picture by Desky
Picture by Desky

The Desky Sigma L-shape desk is the best platform for gamers because of its amazing weight-bearing capacity of up to 200kg, sleek design, and dependability.

Thanks to the setup's robustness, you may customise your gaming setup with speakers, soundbars, light bars, multiple widescreen monitors, and specialised gaming PCs.

An extra perk is that the electronics come with overload protection and a cable management tray, which is essential for any gamer who uses pricey gear and gear. The Desky Sigma uses the same motor technology as the rest of its line, regardless of the theoretical weight it can raise.

Particularly if you store your PC or other devices on the floor, the anti-collision mechanism will come in rather handy. Its motors can also move you from a seated to a standing posture silently and smoothly at a speed of 36 mm per second, making it ideal for all of the game streamers out there.

The Desky Dual, which is the linear version, is one of the accessories that can be mounted to the desk, which is another benefit of selecting Desky (see our review).

For instance, they have one of the best cable management systems available, allowing you to conceal all of your electrical gadgets' unsightly HDMI and power connections.

Installing external power lines, flush-mounted grommets (complete with USB charging ports) or fitted grommets to the cable management bar are other options for powering your setup. You may also get gaming chairs, headphone hooks, stands, anti-fatigue mats, and monitor arms.


  • Impressive 200 kg load capacity to support huge PC configurations.
  • A melamine tabletop in matte black that may be used with most RBG lighting concepts.
  • Rectangular legs and wide feet provide additional stability.


  • More costly than other models.
  • Not offered in beech or white.

Good corner standing desk for its price

Picture by UpDown
Picture by UpDown

For a corner workstation, the UpDown Pro Series Electric Corner Desk is about as high-end as they come. The L-shaped standing desk, which measures 195 cm by 180 cm by 75 cm when single, is made with a steel frame and rectangular legs for stability and longevity. The premium desktop and sturdy construction together allow you to lift an amazing 150 kg at its utmost capacity.

The smooth motors that produce very little noise and the anti-collision detection system add to the sit-stand corner desk's longevity. The digital controller allows you to easily save four height presets and explore its extensive vertical range of 64cm to 129cm. This function is vital if you plan on staying active at your standing desk.

The UpDown Pro Series standard desk we examined and this corner stand have a similar sleek and modern design that will look great in any home or workplace. Hardwoods are not available, however the melamine version is available in traditional white or beech. Although it costs a little bit more, the stronger, lighter, and more resilient surface that bamboo offers may be obtained with more sustainable practices.

Its corner sit-stand desk can be equipped with any of UpDown's standing desk accessories to maximise its usefulness. Given that the UpDown twin monitor arms also contain HDMI and power connections and are simple to install on the desktop, they are a great option if you intend to set up two monitors. You may attach heavy-duty wheel castors, metal desk drawers, power grommets and rails, and a cable management tray by screwing it to the underside.

Its two-piece desktop and changeable frame are two of its more inventive features. The frame can be turned from an L-shape to a linear form by adjusting it anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees.

One of the greatest standing corner desks available is the UpDown Pro Series. The desks from this Australian-owned and operated company are well-known for their high calibre, and the L-shaped model is no different. The UpDown Pro is a worthy option if you're searching for a high-end, dependable, and sleek desk for a nook in your house or place of business.


  • Free shipping, a risk-free trial period of 100 days, and an accommodating return policy.
  • Quiet dual motors with a 150 kg lifting capacity.
  • Four memory height presets on a digital controller.
  • 2.5cm desktop thickness, which is greater than those of its rivals.


  • More expensive than some of its rivals.
  • There are no hardwood desktop options.
  • No child-lock system.

Best corner standing desk made from recycled timber

Picture by MOOV
Picture by MOOV

The MOOV corner desk is ideal for those who can afford to invest a little money and enjoy the exquisite appearance and texture of Tasmanian Oak or Blackwood. Each desktop at MOOV is manufactured to order and is aesthetically amazing with its uniqueness and smoothness. It is made in Melbourne using reused timber.

The MOOV is not the same size as a standard L-shaped standing desk. The MOOV, which comes in a single size of 1.60 x 0.65 m with a 0.45 x 0.95 m corner return, is wider and longer than its rivals, so you won't have to stretch as far to reach the back of the desk.

In addition, the corner return is smaller than others, but this gives it a certain charm that sets it apart from other L-shaped desks. As a result, the MOOV corner desk can be positioned prominently in a space to create a statement rather than necessarily in a corner.

The MOOV standing desk has all the features you would anticipate from a high-end product, even if its main attraction is its locally produced desktop, which is sourced from sustainable plantations in an ethical manner.

Standard features include a child lock, USB charging port, four preset digital controllers, and anti-collision technology. 135 kg is a respectable but not the highest load capacity.

You can also ask to have a custom desktop produced if the size of the one you now have won't fit in your available workspace.


  • Excellent PCs made from Blackwood and Tassie Oak from plantations that use sustainable resources.
  • You can request a custom desktop to be created.
  • Sanded and micromilled in Melbourne.


  • Delivery costs may reach $350 (based on location).

Excellent safety features

Picture by Epic Office Furniture
Picture by Epic Office Furniture

For those looking for an adaptable standing desk solution, the Boost Plus Height Adjustable Corner Workstation is an appealing choice due to its appealing combination of cost and functionality.

Its L-shaped form maximises workflow productivity by maximising space use and fitting neatly into corners. The workstation was designed with a lifetime in mind. It has a strong structure with three motors that can hold weights up to 140 kg, guaranteeing stability.

The Boost Plus prioritises the user experience through its straightforward design and user-friendly UI. The desk's three memory preset electric controller allows for easy height adjustment, accommodating different user preferences and allowing for smooth transitions between sitting and standing positions.

Regular position adjustments are encouraged by an integrated reminder timer, which also improves overall comfort levels and supports better work habits.

One notable feature of the Boost Plus is its safety features, which give customers peace of mind when using the device. Accident risk is reduced by anti-collision and anti-tilt devices, and little interruption to the work environment is ensured by the silent, smooth adjustment that moves at a speed of 38 mm per second.

Users can customise the workstation to suit their individual needs and preferences by combining these features with customisable options like frame and top colours.

A major advantage of the Boost Plus is its versatility, which allows it to serve a broad spectrum of consumers in various work settings. Users of different heights can be accommodated by its height range of 620mm to 1270mm, which promotes ergonomic comfort and adaptability.

The Boost Plus excels in both performance and design, making it a great option for anyone who values comfort, productivity, and general well-being in their workspace-whether they use it at home or in a commercial setting.


  • Great vertical range of adjustments.
  • Digital controller with three presets.
  • In-built anti-collision and anti-tilt features.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Accessories are optional and will be additional purchases.

So you want a corner standing desk? Consider this first...

Dimensions and design of the desk

Priority one should be given to finding a desk that will fit in the corner, but make sure it has enough surface area to hold your tools and job responsibilities.

Both an L-shaped desk and a conventional corner desk, which is usually triangular in design, can be utilised. L-shaped workstations require more floor space yet provide a larger work surface.

Examine the desk's weight capacity as well to make sure it can support your computer, monitors, and other equipment without sacrificing stability. Any work task or computer configuration will be more than acceptable for standing desks with a 150 kg load capacity.

Height and preset adjustments

A height-adjustable feature is a must for any standing desk. Select a standing desk that can be adjusted to various preset height settings to accommodate both standing and sitting postures.

You can use additional height settings for other users or if you use alternative seating furniture (such as an ergonomic chair and stool combined).

Making sure the vertical range fits your height is another factor to take into account, especially if you are tall or short. Check out this resource on how high the standing desk should be.


With corner standing configurations, desk stability is less of an issue because more legs and frames are built into the design.

This might, however, be a problem with less expensive brands. When working at a standing height, choose a desk with a steel frame and rectangular legs rather than circular ones to prevent swaying or shaking.

Another crucial factor is the calibre of the building supplies. If you're looking for long-lasting and sturdy options, consider solid wood, steel, or premium engineered wood.

Options for managing cables

Cable management solutions are important while being often overlooked, for keeping a neat and clutter-free workstation. To make it better, you should evaluate the desk's ability to manage cables or permit the installation of accessories.

Examine whether other features that certain corner standing desks have, including integrated USB ports, moveable keyboard trays, and monitor arms (where wires are routed inside the arm), would enhance your productivity.


Standing desks with corners and L-shapes are sometimes more costly than those with rectangle shapes. Select a price range that fits into your budget, but remember that quality and features vary in accordance with cost.

You can learn important details about a desk's operation, dependability, and customer satisfaction by reading user testimonials and reviews.

Why you should buy a corner standing desk

The best corner standing desks have a number of benefits over traditional linear or rectangular-shaped standing desks.

  • They make good use of available space. Owing to their L-shaped form, corner standing desks may be tucked neatly into corners, freeing up valuable floor space.
  • One of their more coveted features is that L-shaped standing desks, in particular, offer extra desktop space for multiple monitor setups, laptops, printers, or spaces set apart for manual chores like writing. To put it simply, they let you divide up your workspace.
  • More storage: There's plenty of room underneath the desk frame for storing documents, electronics, and other day-to-day necessities, in addition to extra space on top of the desk. An L-shaped desk can accommodate a tiny filing cabinet, a set of drawers, a foot support device, or even a dog bed.

How to choose the right corner standing desk size

When choosing the right-sized corner standing desk, there are several considerations to make. These guidelines are meant to help you choose wisely.

Step 1 - Measure the space

Before you start looking, measure the space where you want to put the corner standing desk. You can use this to get an idea of the biggest desk that will fit in your space. Think about how much more room you'll need for the chair and other furniture, such as a cupboard.

Step 2 - What do you need it for?

Consider what you will need at work and the kind of work you will be doing. If you need a lot of space for many monitors or other equipment, you might need a larger desk. On the other hand, if all you need is a laptop and a few documents, a smaller desk might do.

Step 3 - Seek adaptability

It's crucial to have a corner standing desk that is adjustable and can be elevated to the perfect ergonomic height. The majority of standing desks rise to 125 to 129 cm, which is ideal for most tall individuals. It's more handy to have a standing desk with height settings than one without. Check out this guide on standing desk heights.

Step 4 - Consider the design

L-shaped or curved standing desks with corners are possible. Although it depends on how much floor space you have in your room, L-shaped desks offer greater area.

Frequently asked questions

Is it wise to set up a corner desk?

Space-saving desks that nestle into corners are incredibly effective. They work well in rooms with limited space, whether they are L-shaped or triangular in shape. Their form and capacity to tuck neatly into a corner will free up extra area for additional furnishings.

Why is the greatest desk a corner one?

One of the best things about choosing a corner desk, whether you're standing or sitting at it, is that you can save room. Corner desks acquired their name because they nestle perfectly in corners. Corner workstations are ideal in those stark, barren corners found in many companies, where they are useless.