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Are Kmart frying pans worth it and should you buy one?

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Is it worth investing in a Kmart frying pan? Picture Shutterstock
Is it worth investing in a Kmart frying pan? Picture Shutterstock

I can see the appeal of low-cost frying pan options, such as those sold at Kmart, particularly for someone who is equipping their kitchen for the first time or wants to replace worn-out items without going over budget. Is it worth investing in a Kmart frying pan? This is a question that is frequently asked. While investigating this, it's important to take into account both practicality and affordability, keeping in mind the assortment of frying pans that Kmart carries.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Kmart range of frying pans is intended to cover basic cooking needs.
  • Kmart frying pans start as low as $10.
  • They are arguably better than frying pans from Target and Big W.

Your cooking may suffer from inconsistencies after prolonged use.

What's the bottom line?

Frying pans from Kmart are a great option if you need a budget-friendly solution. In terms of price, its wide range of basic frying pans is reasonably priced to the likes of Big W and Target, and are even cheaper in some regards. At the performance level, they will do the job for some time before they start to suffer from inconsistencies.

The frying pan range from Kmart is intended to cover all your basic needs in the kitchen. They aren't intended to be the best frying pans out there, but for what they are, they are reliable and can be bought at all Kmart stores.

The types of frying pans available at Kmart

To meet a range of cooking requirements and tastes, Kmart provides a selection of frying pans. An extensive look at the many varieties is provided here.

Non-stick frying pans

It seems that Kmart's nonstick frying pans are a well-liked option for regular cooking. They are perfect for frying delicate foods like pancakes or eggs since they have a covering that stops food from sticking. The non-stick line consists of both budget-friendly and high-end models with attributes like induction compatibility and ergonomic handles.

Stainless steel frying pans

Kmart's stainless steel frying pans are renowned for their consistent heat distribution and longevity. They work well on all stovetops and are ideal for searing meats. Additionally, certain models are dishwasher safe and include a multi-layer base for better heat retention.

Cast iron frying pans

Cast iron frying pans from Kmart are well-liked for their heat retention and adaptability, and they work great for cooking at high temperatures. These pans, which are often heavier, transfer easily from hob to oven. They are known to survive for decades with proper maintenance, but they do require seasoning to keep their non-stick qualities.

Ceramic frying pans

Some people find that ceramic frying pans from Kmart are a healthier option because of their natural non-stick coating, which is free of PTFE and PFOA. They may be cooked on low to medium heat and are available in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, they frequently come in a range of colours to complement any kitchen design.

Picture supplied by Kmart.
Picture supplied by Kmart.

Picture credit: Kmart.

Comparison with other retailers

When considering the purchase of a frying pan from Kmart, I find it essential to evaluate how it stacks up against options from other retailers concerning price, quality, and product range.


When comparing frying pan pricing across major retailers, Kmart stands out due to its entry-level pans, which start at just $10, offering buyers a very reasonable option. Big W offers reasonable pricing starting at $12 for comparable frying pans, while Target follows with a little higher starting price of about $15 for identical products.

House offers a more expensive option at the highest end of the market, with their lower-end pans starting at $25. Remember that these are base prices and that they could change based on current specials or sales at the individual merchants.


Big W and Kmart are two of the larger businesses that carry frying pans in a range of quality levels, with Big W sometimes carrying higher-end models. This quality standard is generally met by Target's products, which also occasionally have extra features.

House, on the other hand, specialises in better products, emphasising longevity and using stronger materials. Customer feedback that is consistent across various stores highlights the importance of durability and non-stick qualities in influencing decisions to buy.


When comparing the assortment of frying pans that big-box stores carry, Kmart offers a limited selection that is mostly focused on basic necessities. Target builds on this by offering a slightly broader selection that includes some premium brands in addition to typical options.

Big W offers a wide selection of frying pans that fit different budgets and come in both generic and branded varieties. But House is unique in that it has a large selection that includes both professional-grade cookware and a wide range of options.

Pros of buying a Kmart frying pan

The main pros of buying a frying pan from Kmart revolve around price, choice and accessibility.

  • They are reasonably priced - Frying pans from Kmart are renowned for being reasonably priced. These pans provide an affordable option for cooks on a tight budget without requiring a large financial outlay.
  • They have variety - A wide selection of materials and styles are offered. There's probably something at Kmart that suits your demands, whether you're seeking a non-stick surface or a particular size.
  • Accessibility - Kmart products are available online as well as in many Kmart stores throughout Australia. I can easily replace a pan if necessary because of easy access.

Cons of buying a Kmart frying pan

Being an affordable and budget option, they do have their drawbacks.

They aren't the most durable - According to some customers, Kmart frying pans might not hold up as well over time as more expensive models, especially after frequent usage.

Inconsistent performance - A Kmart frying pan could not have the sophisticated heat distribution or non-stick properties seen in more expensive cookware, even though it might be sufficient for simple cooking duties. More discriminating cooks may find this to affect their culinary experience.

What have Kmart customers said?

Customers have praised Kmart frying pans for their value proposition, emphasising how affordable they are without compromising quality. Although some users have seen possible deterioration with time, especially with heavy usage, the excellent non-stick surface is generally regarded as a favourable feature. Experts praise the aluminium construction of these pans for their equal heat distribution; however, metal utensils should be avoided to maintain the non-stick coating.

Experts advise moderate maintenance to extend their lifespan, even with initially operating well, although longevity and continued non-stick performance may become a worry with extensive use. It is commonly known that aluminium distributes heat evenly. While ergonomic handles make some pans more comfortable to hold, they may not be as heat resistant as others, which could be a disadvantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kmart frying pans be used in the oven?

Frying pans from Kmart with metal handles can usually be baked in the oven up to a specific temperature. Before using a pan in an oven, it's crucial to confirm the highest temperature it can withstand by consulting the product specifications.

What features does the Kmart frying pan with a lid offer?

Features like a nonstick surface, an ergonomic handle, and a tempered glass top with a steam vent are typical of the Kmart frying pan with a lid. This lid helps hold in moisture and heat, which is very helpful when braising and simmering.

How does the Kmart non-stick frying pan compare to other brands?

According to my observations, Kmart non-stick frying pans are reasonably priced and many of them hold up well with frequent use. Their durability and functionality, however, might not always be on par with more costly brands that make use of cutting-edge non-stick coatings and materials.

Is the Kmart Anko 24cm frypan a durable option for everyday use?

Based on user feedback and my experience, I believe the Kmart Anko 24cm frypan to be a reasonably priced, long-lasting choice for everyday cooking. It does not have the weight and cachet of luxury brands, yet it functions admirably for everyday duties. Its lifespan can be significantly increased by giving it regular care and appropriate maintenance.