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8 best Pilates socks in Australia for maximum comfort, grip and support

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The best Pilates socks in Australia. Picture by Shutterstock.
The best Pilates socks in Australia. Picture by Shutterstock.

You'll know when you step into your first Pilates class that you won't be allowed to wear normal socks, or even socks for athletes.

As someone who has done reformer pilates for some time, grip socks are essential to help you maintain good form on the reformer. You don't want to be slipping on the reformer itself or the foot bar.

So what makes for a decent pair of Pilates socks? Several things should be considered when buying a pair, including a non-slip grip, breathability, durability, and comfort.

To make it easier, we've looked at several options on the Australian market, tried them out ourselves, and given you a breakdown.

Here's our shortlist of the five best grip socks in Australia for Pilates, yoga, and barre:

  1. ALVY Crew Grip Socks - Overall best pilates socks
  2. Lululemon Studio Tab Socks - Grips inside and out
  3. Geyoga Grip Socks - Best unisex grip socks
  4. Elutong Pilates Socks - Affordable anklet socks
  5. Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks - A best-seller on Amazon

Why we picked these Pilates grip socks

Whether you're looking for toeless options for an extra tactile feel or full-coverage socks for warmth and protection, our list aims to cater to your specific needs.

The best Pilates socks we tried

Picture by ALVY
Picture by ALVY

The first place on our list goes to ALVY's crew grip socks. These socks are ideal for people who practise Pilates, yoga, and dance because of their many extra features, which include wide grips on the sole, extra heel cushioning, elastic cotton fabric for a great fit, and arch support.

The extended crew fit is available in multiple colours and is both incredibly attractive and comfy. In addition to being used for dancing and soccer, the sock can be worn for everyday use at home.

Although there could be less expensive options available, in the end, quality matters, and ALVY's non-slip gripping socks are built to last while also performing well. It is also reasonably priced and available in forest green, pink, black, white, and pink.


  • Maximum number of non-slip grips provide supreme traction.
  • Ribbing around the arches and a high-stretch cuff for a snug fit.
  • Made with premium quality materials and breathable fabric.


  • Only available in Australia.

Best for grips inside and out

Picture by Lululemon
Picture by Lululemon

A brand that many fitness enthusiasts will instantly recognise, Lululemon has its own range of grip socks for yoga called the Studio Tabs. We included them in our list due to the uniqueness of having non-slip grips within the socks. We tried them out and it is fairly comfortable but does take time to get used to. The designs are quite unique and stand out quite well, with black and pink colours available.

Our only gripe with the Lululemon socks is the grips on the outside could be better to offer better traction on any surface. The grips on the sole aren't as grippy compared to ALVY's socks but overall are a good fit and very comfortable.


  • Ribbing on the arch to provide additional support.
  • Striking designs in black and pink colours.
  • Feels great on the feet and is very comfortable.


  • The grips on the sole could be better.
  • Colour variation is limited.

Best unisex grip socks

Picture by Amazon.
Picture by Amazon.

Although made of cotton, the Geyoga socks didn't feel as nice as our #1 choice, ALVY's grip socks. But their stretchable nature means they cater to a wide range of foot sizes, ensuring a snug fit for most.

In terms of durability, they won't last the test of time but will suffice as a stop-gap option. Additionally, the common sizing approach might not accommodate all individual fit preferences.

And as is common with online purchases, the colour received could have a slight variation from the advertised images. The other downside is a lack of vibrant colours to choose from.


  • Enhanced traction with dotted grips.
  • Stretchable design for men and women.
  • A reasonable price point.


  • May not be as durable as professional-grade socks.
  • Limited to common sizing.
  • Not as comfortable as I first thought.

Affordable anklet socks

Picture by Amazon.
Picture by Amazon.

The pilates socks from Elutong are incredible, particularly if you're looking for a little more stability on the studio floor. You're less likely to slip because of the non-slip dots, which will boost your confidence as you transition between poses. These socks are made to improve your performance whether you're using them for barre, pilates, or any other type of exercise where you need to have firm footing.

Women's shoe sizes 5 to 8 can be accommodated due to the high elasticity, guaranteeing a snug fit that moulds to your foot. For pilates aficionados who are eager to find a sock that won't distract them by falling off or bunching up during their workout, this is perfect.

Elutong Pilates socks are a great combination of comfort and hygiene. Your feet are kept clean and protected from ugly blisters by the full-coverage design. If you enjoy going barefoot but still want the security of protection in public areas like studios and gyms, this function is especially helpful.

The downside is how thin they are. So if you're worried about durability then go for ALVY's Grip Socks.


  • Enhanced hold with non-slip dots for steadiness.
  • Great elasticity for a pleasant, close fit.
  • Completely covered design to prevent blisters and maintain hygiene.


  • A small size range might not fit everyone.
  • Colder climates might not be suitable for thinner materials.
  • Colour variation is limited by the single-pack choice.

A best-seller on Amazon

Picture by Amazon.
Picture by Amazon.

Gaiam's toeless socks are made to provide an improved sense of balance and comfort during pilates.

The main advantage is a better tactile grip given its toeless design. What does mean? Potentially better balance in more poses. If you are more of a yogi, then the improved tactile function will work great if you forget your yoga mat.

You can use these socks for travel or use them at home; they're not just for Pilates mats. Their silicone grips work wonders to keep you from slipping on a variety of surfaces.

Although a toeless design won't suit everyone and you might prefer a full-foot option, there is a reason why these socks are one of the best sellers on Amazon.


  • Open-toe design improves tactile sense and balance.
  • Protection against foot fungus through hygiene.
  • Flexible usage, both with and without a yoga mat.


  • Available in one size only.
  • Some people might choose classic closed-toe socks.
  • It could take some getting used to toeless design.

Best premium Pilates grip socks

Picture by Amazon.
Picture by Amazon.

When choosing sportswear, comfort is a must-have, and these socks meet this need. Because of their padded soles, which provide an extra layer of comfort, your feet will feel pampered after a pilates or yoga session. The sides are made of breathable mesh fabric which gives them an airy and featherlight feel.

One possible drawback could be the sizing since some reviews indicate they could not be comfortable for larger shoe sizes. It might be risky for people whose feet are larger than extra-large.

Those who like a pop of colour in their exercise gear may be disappointed by the limited selection of colours, which is restricted to neutral tones and some rather unique vibrancy.


  • Geometric grip pattern.
  • Cushioned soles and mesh zones for breathability.
  • Versatile design is suitable for various activities.


  • May not fit larger shoe sizes as expected.
  • Limited colour options are available.
  • Could be less durable than some users require.

Reliable and affordable grip socks

Picture by Amazon.
Picture by Amazon.

If you're on the lookout for a reliable pair of grip socks for your next Pilates or yoga class, then these might be the ones for you. The socks provide significant traction with a sticky silicone grip pattern on the bottom, which is essential for preserving balance and posture during exercise.

They are also surprisingly warm and were appreciated in the cool air-conditioned classroom. A thoughtful combination of fabrics provides warmth and breathability, perfectly balancing the demands of an intense Pilates class.

These Pilates grip socks are also machine washable and dry really quickly. However, just be aware that its grip might start to degrade over multiple washes. Having said that, they come at a great price point and should be considered because of this.


  • Superior traction with anti-slip silicone grips.
  • Arch support.
  • Composed of 70 per cent cotton for breathability and warmth.


  • Limited sizing options.
  • Only available in multicoloured four packs.

Cheapest pilates grip socks

Picture by Amazon
Picture by Amazon

If cost is the most important thing for you then you can't go wrong with the FitSox Grip Socks that only cost $8.99 for a pair.

With a 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent elastane composition, these socks fit snugly and comfortably whilst letting air circulate around your feet. Not bad for an incredibly cheap option.

FitSox comes in a variety of sizes, and their flexible fabric may be adjusted to comfortably fit most feet falling into the designated size range.

Although most people believe the sizing to be accurate, there have been reports of minor differences. If your fit tends to be on the edge of the size range, it might be better to shop elsewhere. Reviews on the comfort and grip are generally positive, although there has been conflicting criticism regarding the durability, which is something to keep an eye on.


  • Made of a blend of breathable cotton and elastane.
  • Fits a variety of foot sizes.
  • One of the cheapest grip socks you will find.


  • Not the best quality.

Why you should wear grip socks over normal socks

Compared to conventional socks, grip socks provide the following benefits when used for Pilates:

  • They provide better stability - The soles of grip socks, such as those on a Pilates reformer or mat, are usually rubberized or siliconeized to offer traction and grip. This lessens the chance of slipping, particularly when performing balance or one-footed activities.
  • Better grip means better safety - By minimising unintentional slips or falls, which can happen when practising Pilates exercises on smooth surfaces, the additional traction that grip socks give lowers the chance of harm.
  • More hygienic - During a Pilates practice, grip socks can assist keep your feet dry by wicking away moisture. This can be especially helpful for keeping shared studio conditions hygienic.
  • Comfort - Designed with features like arch support and seamless construction to improve comfort throughout movements, grip socks are ideal for exercises like Pilates. They also give your feet some protection and padding.
  • Focus on form - Rather than worrying about slipping or losing your balance, you can concentrate more on the exact motions and form needed for Pilates exercises thanks to the extra stability that grip socks provide.

Frequently asked questions

What characteristics define high-quality Pilates socks in Australia?

Australia's top-notch Pilates socks are characterised by their supportive fit, comfort, and non-slip grip. They frequently have padded soles for enhanced comfort during exercises and breathable fabric.

Can grip socks enhance performance in Pilates exercises?

Yes, grip socks can improve performance in Pilates greatly by lowering the chance of falling, increasing stability, and enhancing proprioception for better control over movements.

How do Pilates socks differ from regular athletic socks?

Unlike conventional sports socks, which might not have these specialist qualities, Pilates socks are designed to give the necessary hold on Pilates apparatus through focused traction and a snug fit.

What should I consider when choosing Pilates socks for both comfort and functionality?

For a balance between comfort and functionality, take into account the kind of material, the thickness of the sole, the breathability of the sock, and the grip pattern when selecting Pilates socks.

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