Women's AFL: GWS Giants talent search hits Canberra

Women's AFL: GWS Giants talent search hits Canberra

Canberra United and Matildas player Caitlin Munoz tried her hand at Australian rules football on Sunday as part of GWS Giants' talent search session.

Munoz is representative of the growth of the rival football code, but she said the increased market of women's sport can only be a good thing.

GWS Giants National Womens League coach Tim Schmidt with Michaeli Carmichael.

GWS Giants National Womens League coach Tim Schmidt with Michaeli Carmichael.Credit:James Hall

"A lot of sports are starting to realise they are going to have to start paying female athletes in general a little bit more, with the AFL there is lots of talk about money being thrown around which is really good for women's sport.

"I think more females playing any sport is good regardless of money or what sport it is, it's nice to see the girls rewarded with some extra cash or just with some recognition that all athletes deserve.


"Other sports are going to have to catch up otherwise we're going to lose players to the AFL."

She said she has always enjoyed Australian rules football and would consider playing at community level if she was not offered a contract with the Giants.

"I would be interested to see what it is all about but I obviously play a different type of football.

"I have got a few friends here that play locally and they always ask me to jump in but I have always had so much soccer so I couldn't, but it would be interesting to see how I would go."

Giants coach Tim Schmidt said the purpose of the talent search is not necessarily about finding players to be in the elite league right away, it is designed to engage with the sporting community and encourage women to play football.

"You might get the one or two that you do pick up in the GWS team but it does just raise awareness for AFL and female footy, and if they decide they love the game and want to play at a community level then that's a win as well."

Each team has been allocated two rookie spots which is set aside for women who have not been registered with a club for the last three years.

The talent search session was a combination of fitness, agility and skills tests, and Schmidt said he was impressed with the quality of athletes across the entire region.

"It's actually been really high, a lot of these girls have participated quite highly in other sports, so they know what the testing is all about and they always give it their all.

"It's all about pushing through to the end, not giving up, working together, and overall it's been absolutely fantastic and, fingers crossed, we can see one or two of them on the list next year."

James is a reporter for The Canberra Times and Chronicle

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