More child pornography charges against former CIT lecturer

More child pornography charges against former CIT lecturer

A Canberra lecturer accused of exploiting children to produce child pornography has been charged with 42 fresh offences.

The man, who cannot be identified, was arrested in September following a tip-off from Canadian authorities investigating a child abuse website.

The Australian Federal Police raided his home, seizing electronic equipment that allegedly contained more than 190,000 child pornography files.

He was charged with offences against two children, who he allegedly used to create child pornography.

Prosecutors allege some of the images were taken while a child appeared to be asleep or unconscious.


The lecturer - who worked at the Canberra Institute of Technology - faced the ACT Magistrates Court again on Monday.

He was charged with a further 42 offences, the majority of which related to the use of a child to create child pornography.

Late last week, the Australian Federal Police revealed details of their participation in a major cross-border investigation into child exploitation.

Operation Thunderer led to the execution of more than 100 search warrants across the country.

Police made 65 arrests and laid 399 charges on men aged between 25 and 72.

The lecturer's case was adjourned until early December.

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