The secret takeaway habits of Canberrans

Online food delivery company Deliveroo is marking its second birthday in Canberra and releasing what it has discovered about Canberrans' takeaway food habits. And it seems we really love Mexican.

MMMMM....Mex-i-can Photo: Fairfax Media

MMMMM....Mex-i-can Photo: Fairfax Media

  1. Grilled Chicken Burrito - Guzman Y Gomez
  2. Chicken Classic Subway Footlong on Italian Herbs and Cheese - Subway
  3.  Greasy Burger - Grease Monkey
  4.  Double Fillet Bondi Burger - Oporto
  5. Satay Chicken Noodles - Wok It Up

And 7.01pm on a Friday is the most popular time to order on Deliveroo. To be exact.

More than 500 restaurants in Canberra have signed up to the platform, with 70 per cent independent outlets.