Father on incest charges admitted to 'disgusting urges'

A Canberra father who admitted he had "disgusting sexual urges" has been charged with multiple sexual offences against his own children aged three and five.

The man, who cannot be named because it would identify his children, was refused bail when he appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday.

Picture: Jamila Toderas

Picture: Jamila Toderas

The conduct alleged is of the most abhorrent and depraved kind, prosecutor Morgan Howe told the court as he opposed bail. Mr Howe said the man, by his own admission, suffered from an uncontrollable sexual urge towards his own children.

He said no bail conditions would address uncontrollable behaviour.

A Legal Aid duty lawyer said the man would abide by conditions not to have any contact with his or any other children.

She also invited the court to make a family violence order - which carries criminal charges for a breach - with similar conditions.

A police document tendered in court said the 37-year-old shares custody of the two children with his ex-partner.

On May 4, the children were staying at his Wanniassa home. The document says the man practises nudism at home and was naked in bed when woken by his children that morning.

The children will often walk around the home naked, too.

It's alleged the man touched the childrens' genitals. One alleged act of indecency happened while the boy was sitting on the man's lap and both were naked.

The conduct alleged is of the most abhorrent and depraved kind.

Prosecutor Morgan Howe

For the rest of the weekend, the man noticed the children's behaviour change dramatically, the documents say.

He assumed it was because of the sexual contact.

When he returned the children to his ex-partner, the man said the girl told him that she had been touched by a friend of the woman.

The woman thought that odd and went to question the children though the man tried to dissuade her.

The children said it was their dad who had touched them.

Later when interviewed by police he allegedly said: "I love my children but I have urges."

Magistrate James Lawton refused bail, saying it was almost inevitable the man would face jail over the allegations and he was not satisfied the man would appear in court.

The man was charged with three counts of an act of indecency on a child under 10, sexual intercourse with a child under 10, and incest.

He did not enter pleas and is due in the family violence list on June 13.