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Not all doom and gloom: let's celebrate the wins we've seen recently

Ebony Bennett
By Ebony Bennett
May 28 2021 - 7:25pm
Professor Megan Davis, who along with Pat Anderson and Noel Pearson accepted the Sydney Peace Prize on behalf of the authors of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Picture: Getty Images

It's easy to feel like achieving change is impossible. After all, the federal government just delivered another $2.6 billion in post-budget handouts to the fossil fuel industry. Despite promises from the Attorney-General, Australia still has no federal independent anti-corruption commission. The national vaccine rollout is way behind schedule and the Prime Minister isn't in any rush to fix it; and nothing of substance has changed in Federal Parliament since Brittany Higgins first came forward about her alleged rape. It is understandable to feel despondent under such circumstances.


Ebony Bennett

Ebony Bennett

Canberra Times columnist

Ebony Bennett is deputy director for The Australia Institute and a former Greens media advisor and a regular columnist for The Canberra Times.