Controversial Canberra play Kill Climate Deniers gets an album

Controversial Canberra play Kill Climate Deniers gets an album

Back in late 2014, Kill Climate Deniers by Canberra-based playwright David Finnigan raised eyebrows and attracted criticism after securing almost $19,000 in funding from the ACT Government.

And now it has a soundtrack.

Canberra playwright David Finnigan, who wrote <i>Kill Climate Deniers</i>.

Canberra playwright David Finnigan, who wrote Kill Climate Deniers.Credit:Sarah Walker

The play tells of an attack on Parliament House by 96 armed eco-warriors during a Fleetwood Mac concert, and the response led by the female environment minister.

Aspen Island Theatre Company was granted the ArtsACT funding to develop the play in 2014. Since then, the project has morphed into an ebook, a short film, a radio play and now an album.


Kill Climate Deniers the album is 35 minutes of dancefloor bangers produced by Canberra musician and producer Reuben Ingall, inspired by house and techno music from the late '80s and early '90s, with recorded samples from the stage-play throughout.

"The album draws on a lot of the tracks that we've come to love," said Finnigan.

"The end result, it sounds like an early Prodigy record or one of those very early Chemical Brothers records or a Black Box album from 1991, with this fictional movie threaded through it."

Right-wing commentator Andrew Bolt, who called the play's funding an "outrage", even gets a nod on the album, in the single Bolted.

And the album has gained a nod from classic '90s dance group EMF - famous for their song Unbelievable, with lead singer James Atkin even remixing one of the album's tracks.

The Kill Climate Deniers album will officially launch on Wednesday September 21 at Smith's Alternative. Tickets are available at

The album is also out now and available on Spotify and iTunes.

Jil Hogan is an food and lifestyle reporter at The Canberra Times.

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