You thought solving a Rubik's cube with your hands was hard...

You thought solving a Rubik's cube with your hands was hard...

Solving a Rubik's cube with your hands is hard enough, but Jayden McNeill can do it with his feet ... and he can do it fast.

The 15-year-old Weston student recently participated in the World Rubik's Cube Championships in Las Vegas, where more than 600 enthusiasts competed in several divisions over three days.

There were prizes according to the size of the cube - a standard version is 3x3 tiles - and competitions for solving cubes one-handed and even blindfolded.

Mr McNeill made the finals in two divisions and came away with an Australian record for solving a Rubik's cube with his feet, which he managed in a little over two minutes.

Jayden McNeill 'cubes' with his feet.

Jayden McNeill 'cubes' with his feet.Credit:Graham Tidy

Mr McNeill said he started cubing with his feet not long before travelling to Las Vegas, simply for the fun of it.

The principles of how to solve a cube were the same whether hands or feet were used, he said, but he chose different moves to suit the his feet's range of motion.

"If you know how to solve a cube with your hands, solving with you feet is just knowing how to turn it," he said.

Mr McNeill will compete in the Australian National Rubik's Cube Championship in Canberra on the election weekend, September 7-8, at the Statesman Hotel in Curtin, and those looking to escape the politics can register on the day to compete or go along to watch for free.

Mr McNeill said his official average time for solving a standard cube with both hands was 10.9 seconds and he hoped to reduce that time at the national championships.

Mother Lynette Svanosio, who is organising the event, said she encouraged people who had not entered a cubing competition before to give it a go.

Ms Svanosio said people of all ages took part in competitive cubing, although most were aged from their early teens to mid-20s.

"You don't have to be an amazing speed cuber, I think it's really good for anyone that's interested to come along, register, have a go and meet the other guys and girls that do it, because they all help each other out, they give each other tips," she said.

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