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Ways to get around Canberra during your next visit

Uncover Canberra's public transport options, on your exploration of this spell-binding city. Picture supplied
Uncover Canberra's public transport options, on your exploration of this spell-binding city. Picture supplied

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Australia's beautiful capital city Canberra sits at the junction between history, culture, and nature, with a flow of creative forces that unite into a truly unimaginable prospect. Discover iconic monuments such as the Parliament House, visit beautiful festivals and events, and pamper yourself in the city's cuisine. Canberra guarantees an inspiring experience for all visitors.

In Canberra, getting around the city to delight in its dynamic streets and remarkable focal points is an easy process with many transport systems. Within them, reliable and practical transport services are available; such as light rail, buses, taxis, rideshare options and cycling that allow quick travelling and enjoyable sightseeing.

Uncover the enchantment of its various public transport options, streamlining your exploration of this spell-binding city.

Travelling options when visiting Canberra

Light rail

The light rail in Canberra provides a connected and protected transport service with globally recognised safety. The operation of a light rail system between Gungahlin and the City, coming every five minutes, guarantees many passengers, making their travel efficient.

Since integrated travel over light rail and buses is available with the ease of MyWay cards, passengers get 90 minutes of free travel. The station ticket vending machines enable easy top-ups and paper ticket buying. In T&A, passengers are cautioned to be guided by safety directives, standing behind yellow lines and waiting for alighting customers before boarding.

Moreover, the seats are allocated, and priority areas are provided for mobility aid users and disabled people. Passengers arriving for their trip via bicycle are accommodated with the dedicated biker racks and enjoy their travel.

Leaving the light rail is equally uncomplicated; customers are encouraged to tap off and safely cross tracks at designated crossing points. CMET also provides the facility of a light rail network wherein disability standards for accessible public transport 2002 are particularly given preferences. The CMET Customer Service Officers assist with the physical provision of the customers.


The traffic bus network in Canberra provides a more contemporary and effective means for travelling the city and its suburbs. Important stations are located in strategic areas like the CBD in Civic, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Tuggeranong, and Woden, where commuters can reach important destinations conveniently.

The Blue Rapid and Red Rapid bus lines represent the skeleton of Canberra's bus system and operate at least every 15 minutes between 7am and 7pm on weekends and even more frequently during rush hours. These services also have bicycle carry racks to accommodate cyclists who wish to travel by bus and then cycle off.

The Transport Canberra journey planner simplifies the process of planning the trip, allowing passengers to plan their routes and timings easily. Moreover, the NXTBUS facility gives the actual time of arrival of the bus, minimising the waiting and thus making the process more convenient for the rider.

Canberra's public buses, with a clean and modern fleet equipped with modern service and convenient amenities, provide a comfortable and conserved mode of transportation to the residents and travellers in the entire region and country. Canberra's bus routes relieve commuters, party-goers, and shoppers from the difficulty of travelling on the road.


Booking a Canberra taxi is a simple and obvious mode of travel that especially works for a person going out to shop. Imagine a scenario: if you're planning a trip to the mall, you avoid having to think about traffic or the use of public transit by taking a cab. It is stress-free - when the taxi drops you at the hotel door, you also do not have to worry about carrying your bags because there is plenty of space in it.

Travelling with family? You can book a Canberra taxi as they offer a comfortable and safe atmosphere. We suggest the use of ACT Cabs. As the local taxi provider in Canberra, ACT Cabs places a great emphasis on ensuring safe customer service and providing customers with satisfaction.

Their fleet mainly comprises hybrid and eco-friendly transportation while retaining a five-star green rating. All of their drivers are national police checked on an annual basis for passenger safety and all of their drivers also hold a working with vulnerable people registration (WWVP).

Ordering a cab is easy and straightforward; all you have to do is call the 24-hour call centre at (02) 6280 0077 or book online via the website or via the mobile app. ACT Cabs' commitment to superior quality, safety, and customer satisfaction makes them a reliable option for taxi transportation in Canberra, offering a comfortable and satisfying travel time.


There are various rideshare options available in Canberra including Uber, Didi, Ola and Shebah. Rideshare options are predominantly available in the City and CBD areas and may not be available in outer suburbs such as Tuggernong or Gungahlin.

Rideshare options give the convenience of comparing prices with other platforms and tracking your vehicles as they arrive. If you are looking for a night out in the city, getting around in an Uber may be a convenient way to do so.


If you are travelling to Canberra, combined with an exciting ride on a bicycle track, why not? Many leading cycling stores in Canberra are home to high-performance bikes meant for all riders. Stores such as Pushy's and Cycle City in Fyshwick offer a wide variety of bikes and gear so that you're all set for your trip.

There is something for everyone, from the excitement of an e-bike for $75 to the convenience of a hybrid/city bike for $40 and the joy of a tandem bike starting at $80. Choose your preferred setup and take a fun bicycle ride through the stunning scenery of the beautiful capital city.

Places to visit in Canberra

You can visit some remarkable places in Canberra from your hotel. The places that must be visited include Questacon, the Australian War Memorial, the National Zoo and Aquarium, Lake Burley Griffin and the National Portrait Gallery.


If you travel to Canberra, you will have plenty of options to travel around Canberra, including light rails, buses, taxis, rideshare and cycling.

The vast variety of public transport options make it easy to get around town and visit historic places in Canberra that give an outlook about Australian history and culture.