Guy Pearce: 'I'm a dickhead'

Guy Pearce: 'I'm a dickhead'

Australian actor Guy Pearce has apologised to Canberra for ‘‘being such a dickhead’’ in the derogatory comments he made about the national capital on an American talk show.

Here's his apology in full:

I'm writing to sincerely apologise for the comments I recently made about Canberra on the USA talk show 'Craig Ferguson'.

I'm such a twit for doing this and feel so embarrassed and mortified at what I said.

I regretted it as soon as I walked off the set. I stupidly ran with a joke which I took too far for no other reason than to get laughs and I know I've offended many Canberrans and Australians in general.


I feel horrible about myself for doing this and I'm truly very sorry.

The thing is, what I said doesn't even reflect my true feelings. I actually really like Canberra, and in the few times I've been I've really enjoyed it and found it to be extremely beautiful, so I'm so sorry for being such a dickhead.

I have no excuse for doing what I did. I'm so proud of Australia and that I get to still WORK AND LIVE here and the last thing I want is alienate anyone or offend them.

Please accept my apology. I give you permission to abuse me in the street and tell me my films are crap………...

Again, my sincerest apologies,

Guy Pearce

A contrite Pearce released a letter to The Canberra Times today via his agent in Australia saying he was ‘‘embarrassed and mortified’’ by the statements he made on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson in Los Angeles this week.

Please accept my apology. I give you permission to abuse me in the street and tell me my films are crap.

A guest on The Late, Late Show on CBS, Pearce was drawn into an anti-Canberra riff started by the host Ferguson and which was continued throughout the show.

It started when two Australians were pulled out of the audience - including ‘‘Mardi from Canberra’’, who is actually Mardi Croke from Queanbeyan.


Later in the show and egged on by Ferguson, Pearce opined ‘‘there’s a lot wrong about Canberra’’, that ‘‘people from Canberra usually deny they are from Canberra’’ and Kylie Minogue would ‘‘hate’’ Ferguson for suggesting she was from Canberra.

It was a remarkable act of humility from a Hollywood star and one that may convince his wounded fans that he really is a nice guy after all.

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