Cyclists told to learn etiquette

Cyclists told to learn etiquette

MORE Canberra bike riders need to learn cycling etiquette, says the ACT's minister in charge of bike paths.

Territory and Municipal Services Minister (TAMS) Shane Rattenbury said some cyclists were using City Walk in Civic like it was a speedway.

The ACT minister in charge of bike paths says Canberrans need to learn better etiquette.

The ACT minister in charge of bike paths says Canberrans need to learn better etiquette.Credit:Mike Bowers

''Some people are using City Walk as a time trial zone - it's not the area to pick up speed,'' Mr Rattenbury said.

''It's the place where you slow down.


''I think cyclists in Canberra need to improve their etiquette.

''I've seen them not slowing down in pedestrian zones and running red lights.''

The Greens MLA made the comments while explaining driver and pedestrian behaviour could also be improved.

He said this could be done by education and by encouraging more people to cycle in Canberra.

''I lived in the Netherlands for 4½ years when I didn't own a car and that's really informed my thinking.

''Even car drivers are cyclists there,'' he said.

''That changes the way they treat cyclists, they know how much room to give cyclists.''

Educational cards will soon be used in Canberra to remind pedestrians about certain rules, such as not walking in dedicated cycle lanes in Civic.

Mr Rattenbury was answering questions put to him by followers of The Lycra Diaries, a community Facebook page set up by The Canberra Times.

After being asked about whether more street sweepers could be sent down Adelaide Avenue, the minister, a cyclist himself, complained about glass being thrown into Canberra's cycle paths.

''There's an extraordinary amount of glass on cycle lanes in Canberra,'' he said.

''It's hard to believe it's not put there deliberately. I won't ride down Northbourne Avenue on a Sunday. Because of the glass I have to change my route.''

Some tweaks will be made to the recently opened Civic Cycle Loop, such as dashed white lines for cyclists at some sets of lights and minor route alterations to avoid jams between pedestrians and bikes.

Mr Rattenbury said every two weeks he asks TAMS staff about the progress of fixing the cycle path next to Morshead Drive, near Duntroon, which was washed away at the start of 2012.

A red bridge from Belconnen will be used to replace the washout, probably by the end of this year, but will be painted grey to fit in with its surroundings.

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