What happens to an ACTION bus after it retires?

What happens to an ACTION bus after it retires?

Psst, hey buddy, have you ever wanted to own your own ACTION bus?

A stripped-down former ACTION bus has been put up for sale on social media, missing some of its seats but advertised as a potential holiday home or extra accommodation for the discerning transport enthusiast.

An advertisement for an old ACTION bus posted on Facebook.

An advertisement for an old ACTION bus posted on Facebook.Credit:Facebook

It runs on a diesel Renault engine with six cylinders and four-speed automatic, and the owner is looking for $5000 for someone to take the bus off their hands.

On the Canberra public transport enthusiasts' website, ACT Bus, members keep track of what has happened to the old ACTION fleet, including their new journeys to Hobart, Perth and Adelaide.


A spokesman for the website said he had heard of some buses being used as garden sheds or converted into motorhomes.

"It's great to see them have a second life after being commonplace on our roads for so long," he said.

But if you're looking to buy your own piece of Canberra's transport history any time soon you might be out of luck - the government said it had stopped selling old buses out to the public.

"ACTION used to sell buses via public auction [but] we no longer make decommissioned buses available to the general public," a Territory and Municipal Services spokesman said.

"Mostly as the costs of making the buses ready for public use, such as removing ACTION logos, was too expensive."

The directorate spokesman said there were a number of ways in which ACTION buses were dealt with after they retired.

He said the government always chose the most efficient and economically sound way to get rid of old buses.

"At present ACTION's policy is to sell the vehicles to other bus operators, sell the parts to a scrap metal recycler or donate it to police or emergency service organisations for training purposes," the spokesman said.

"If the bus is to be disposed of for scrap metal ACTION first checks that it has salvageable parts that can be removed and recycled."

The spokesman said $5000 wasn't an unfair price to pay for an old ACTION bus, estimating the value of most retired vehicles to be between $1500 to $5000 depending on their model, age and condition.

He said a number of former articulated buses had been sold to operators on the NSW Central Coast.

Have you seen any ACTION buses around Canberra being reused? Do you have one in your backyard? Email: ben.westcott@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

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