Police raid illegal brothel at Kingston apartment block

A 65-year-old woman was arrested on Thursday and charged with operating a commercial brothel in a Kingston apartment block, police said.

In a media release published Friday, ACT Policing also said the Australian Border Force was looking into the immigration status of two other women following the raid.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said the operation followed information received from the public.

“The result of this operation demonstrates how important information from the public can be,” Superintendent Moller said.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for information about this illegal brothel and emphasise that information such as this assists police greatly, allowing us to shape investigations and target criminal activity in our community.”

Acting Superintendent Kari Ellis, from the Australian Border Force, said this was the second such activity in the last two months and the border force will continue to work with ACT Policing to identify potential migration offences and protect vulnerable foreign workers.

“Cracking down on businesses employing foreign workers is an operational priority for the ABF, including through compliance activity and its work under Taskforce Cadena.

“As part of our ongoing work to protect the integrity of the visa system, we actively target those individuals in our community who prey on foreign workers and who attempt to profit by underpaying and generally mistreating them.

"The welfare of these victims is our primary concern when conducting these operations."