Times Past: June 28, 1977

By Isabella Gillespie
June 27 2022 - 2:00pm
Times Past: June 28, 1977

A brand new playground at Holder Primary School featured on the front page on this day in 1977. It was a playground different to most, and the students wanted to play on it all day despite the fact it taught them about shapes, numbers, distance and general maths. It featured a snake, an elephant, a dinosaur, bees and other assorted animals. The playground was actually a "maths activities" playground in disguise, with hopscotch squares, spirals, ladders, numbers and shapes, painted by teachers who had gone into the school on the weekend to surprise the children with the new playground when they returned on Monday. The teacher behind the idea, Mrs Roslyn Eyles, said that when the children had seen the playground, they had wanted to spend the rest of the day on it. "We had as much fun planning and painting it as the children have in using it," Mrs Eyles said. "The school is now hoping to expand the playground into three dimensions in an activities playground, using logs and ropes, but our backs have to recover from the stint on Saturday first."